Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pig on the loose

 There is a  Pig on the loose! There is a mega filthy lowlife on the loose and it is critical that you stay away from this piece of rubbish

מילך לייפער a self pronounced psychologist is roaming the streets and plundering on young couples. He supposedly is there to “help them” in their marriages, and before you know it he rapes them and abuses them in the name of love and training.
Scumbag Elimelech Leifer

Rapist and abuser מילך לייפער (Elimelech Leifer) was born in 1959 in Montreal Canada, and as a small boy moved to Antwerp Belgium. This scum bag has been a fraud and a swindler all his life, hurt hundreds of people on the way, stole thousands of dollars and has a despicable record of preying on the unfortunate and milking them out of money and everything else possible.

In the teen years his parents sent him to a local Rabbi as a live-in student, in order to salvage his life, but were quickly released when he tried to rape the Rabbis daughter.

This skunk is a danger to society and a menace to humanity! Stay far far away from this animal or you will pay bitter consequences. This dirt is a shrewd man and his victims are plenty! I have spoken to some of them and it is incredible how sneaky this low life is and how he was able to get away with it.

The local authorities are finally on to him, and are finally being monitored and it seems that some of the victim are slowly starting to tell the abuse he put them through!

This picture on the left is of last year purim, he was dressed up as a hipi! this is how he should really look all year around and the above picture is what he should look on Purim, since he is a fraud all year round.

This scumbag also opened a hotel / whorehouse on the 87 in New York. There was terrible abuse there. He had undercover cameras in the rooms and did terrible stuff. But the State police finally caught up to him within the past 2 weeks and the hotel/ brothel is temporary closed.

Here is a sample of his “one on one” sessions with a future victim! Discretion is advised, since this sewer is spewing filth and soil!

Admins note: We did editing on this audio tape and muted the voice of the victim - but did not alter his part at all

Emergency Update:

In only 2 hours this article has been up, we have gotten astonishing emails regarding this scumbag. It seems, his victims are all over the world!

Listen up you fertilizer! After Yom Tov we will get on your case and  destroy your rape and sodomy business. We will put a big lock on it, and put a stop to your games!


  1. This pure Menuvelos!!!

  2. How naive are people to think that this guy is a real psychologist? This guy asks such perverted questions that he should be shot on the spot! But no! Don’t worry about him Rabbis, rather concentrate on R’ Nuchem. What a bunch of hogwash these Rabbis are. What hypocrisy. R’ Nuchem can’t walk into any shul, but this menivel sits oivenun.

    I give up

  3. I have the right solution for making this DREK into a saint. Set up a BeisDin of 3, the Kosover Chazer as RoshBesdin, Skulener and Rachmistrivker as Dayonim, the psak will be: collect the seforim in Kosov, say Tehillim in Skulen, and come learn every night in Rachmistrivke. And how dare you besmirch him? He is a Rebbe's son so he is a REBBE and rebbes are allowed to do whatever they want, just say KODOSH KODOSH KODOSH.

  4. You have good cause, but why use "scumbag words""???

  5. why cant i listen to the audio? nothing happens when i push the play button....

  6. something wrong on YOUR end, its perfectly fine.

  7. This guy should be locked up. he is a serious bull shitter and does not even talk like a pro.

  8. ve azu hut er geshpritzit nechten nacht LMAO tell lebowitz to save him a bed

  9. He is a much smaller booll-shitter than Nuchesh Rozenbarg. Nuchem talks to an open hotline to any age about anything and much more explicit! Nuchem explain all the parts and all the "isirim" openly and grossly.

    And we all know that YOU NUCHEM is running THIS website. You shtik drek. Soon your day will come.

  10. how is it that this Drek is getting to most respect from the Munkacher Rebbi he spent all the yumim tovim there and probebly siting oven un.

    did the munkatcher rebbi listen to this recording ?

    what will he say now ?

  11. i don't believe that any one went to this guy with such type of issues, cuz he is divorced.

  12. huray he is out of munkats he was sent packing

  13. I think nuchem is absolutly right, nobody speaks about these issues, only he sticks up for the young inoccent and confused children, no matter how grossly he speaks, as long as every jewish boy knows that there are alot of rapists around and that he has to wach himself from every yungerman that wants to speak to him, as long as it is so, I think nuchem is totaly right and anyone who tries to stop his hotline or tries to do anything against him is a MURDERER coz without his hotline, those pigs like m.l. and b.m.l. would KILL away thousand of more children and make their lives unhappy and then come in to shull like a shayne yeed and sit oivenun but one thing they should make sure, that their zipper is closed and their hands are wiped from their "COIACH"*(*for whoever heard the rocording above) anyway nuchem, full credit to you. keep up with your great work!!!!

  14. As one who has been personally hurt by this filth Elimelech Leifer, it comforts me somewhat to know he is finally exposed as truly malvolent and vile. Keep up the good work Mr. Rosenberg!