Sunday, September 5, 2010

Prevention vs. counseling

Our kinderlech in our community are overall smart kids, bright kids and above average well-groomed and street smart. You ask any parent in our circles, and they will tell you that people in the outside world will always comment “How bright my child is” “How smart they are” most of our kids are bilingual at the age of 6 and know how to learn Torah and know how to daven.
Most of our children are brought up in a household of 2 parents. There are very few single moms or single dads in our community, and the overall family life structure in our communities, are solid and strong.

What I am wondering though, is how come your average kid in the secular world is bright enough to learn about sex education at the age of 7 or 8 (depending which state you live in), and our kids are being sheltered until the age of 18? Statistics show that the earlier you teach children today about sexual molesters and predators, the better it is! The more you educate them, the safer they are. The more you tell them, the chances are better that they should live a happy childhood and a molester-free youth. So why do we stay away from educating the children in our communities? Why don’t we educate them to come forward to their parents, when they are inappropriately touched or bothered? When a old man tries to make a conversation with them, or when a teacher is keeping them in school after hours, they should speak up! Is that so much to ask?

After all we are smarter than your average kid! We are healthier than your average kid! We are capable of understanding better than your average kid! So why not educate them?

What is it that these schools are scared off? What is it that’s holding back the teachers, principals, and educators from openly conversing sexual behavior patterns with our kids? Didn’t you ever wonder about this? And if you see that the school does not do it, why don’t you as a parent go ahead and do your job and educate your child? What are you waiting for?

Why not do “Prevention before hand, rather than “a lifetime of counseling” after the fact! How many more victims do we need before we open our eyes? How many lost souls do we need before we get involved? How many more lifetime of suffering and pain does this community need before it deals with the issues? How many more children are we willing to “push under the rug” just so the neighbors think we are a “normal” family? When will we put about our “real priorities” ahead of what will “the street talk about my family”?

I think it’s about time that we put our kids first, not just by buying them nice clothing but rather by giving them the best upbringing and the best life ahead.

Amazingly Shlomo Weiss had the strength and the will to come out and confront his father after 20 years, and look what they are doing to him. First they posted his video on you tube under the title of “What a chilul hashem shlomo weiss did” and then they took it off the site.

Are you kidding me? He made the chilul hashem? He made the BIGGEST Kiddush hashem by speaking out, and people in the community without hesitation labeled him every name in the book and put him out there, as a loser and a s a fabricator and as someone who just did it for the fun of it!

Shame on you guys!


  1. NO you are wrong
    Its not the kids who are at fault, who are pure neshomos and the longer they stay that way the better.
    Its the fault of these rabbonim who shelter them. For whatever reason because of his wife children parents and the whole mishpacha. Dont they realise that for each one they shelter extra ones who see no 'harm done to them' come up.
    The sheltering has to STOP.

  2. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 5, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    Yes it is the evil Ra-bonim and idiotic followers.
    Look at the comment some idiot writes and what R' Nuchem answers him.
    The holy Satmar Rebbe was of the opinion that you have to teach all children about these things, according to their age level.