Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Community Service

Ladies and gentleman,

Due to the financial strain and the bad economy these days and due to the discovery of dead people that were abusers, I have decided to team up with a big non-for-profit organization  to offer “A tombstone exchange program” for any one needed, or for people who cant afford it.

For example. This beautiful stone is usually 2495.00 but we offer it for free as a service for the truth. Otherwise they will write all different kind of lies and dishonesty praise on him, so we offer to write the truth and we will pay for it.

Here we offer our exchange program. This guy got already a tombstone and was erected on its place, but it is very costly to change it. So here we come again and offer a free service for the truth,  so his real memoirs are remembered for ever.

We also have a program for the less fortunate that were killed in the line of fire. We will help you as well and make sure you are remembered the right way forever!

We also have many different items that might be interested for you! Here are some examples. Feel free to request a free catalog from us!

We will customize it for your mikvah, school or any other venue you want.

Finally we have also put one aside for our Hero Rabbi Nuchem, and we will remember him as well for all the good he did in this world!


  1. lol
    can we get these on t-shirts and hats too?

  2. Great work. Combining humor with action i love it! keep it up, and you will end up on the top! dont pay attention to the molester supporters, just keep going strong.

  3. yamach shmo vazicroi laolim voad i am putting you into chareim and all the curses should befall you and your supporters immediately.

  4. shame to post that you are now in chareim, please leave klal yisroel jews like yourself apikorsim we don't need.

  5. Great work anonymous! your brilliance shines through the computer!