Tuesday, June 28, 2011


“Deny! Deny! Deny!” That’s was the message that President Clinton told to his secretary Monica Lewinski when the scandal broke, years ago.

“Don’t talk about it, and it will go away” That was the message that Congressman Weiner told his internet partner in crime when the scandal broke, weeks ago.

“I will put my head in the sand, and they won’t see me” that’s what the “Baas-Hyena” (type of bird)” does when she sees the hunter aiming his bow and arrow at her. She figures if she can’t see him, he can’t see her either.

“Don’t listen to Nuchem’s hotline” that’s what the Rabbi’s say today in order to convince you that the streets are clean.

Ladies and Gentleman, as the facts of this Belz-molesting-story is coming to light and the picture is developing, it is starting to become clear that the local community and rabbis’ WERE trying to hide it and whitewash it. Only the fact that the victims’ father alerted Rabbi Nuchem, is what kept this story alive and was made public.

I have a question for everyone. In the secular world, all over the USA, there is a law that any sex offender, molester or rapist has to be registered with the USA government and its public record for the entire neighborhood to see, so they can watch him and shield their children from him. So why don’t the yiddisher community deserve the same courtesy that we should know who the molesters are? Where they live? When the last time they molested? Where he davens, etc?

How many lives would’ve been saved if we knew Yechiel brauner would’ve been exposed 20 years ago? How many Jewish souls would’ve been in a nice normal marriage, if not for the fact that they were raped, molested, abused by some pervert that the Skuelener rabbi decided to protect?

How many Joel-Engelmann’s of the world would we avoid if the Rabbis would’ve taken care on the students and do a background-check on the school teachers and workers? How many Yiddishe neshumes would we have saved if we were not so busy protecting the name of the perverts, molesters and rapists?

Why is it, that there is not a group of fathers and mothers taking action and demanding complete protection for their own kids?  Why is it that we even need a Rabbi Nuchem to make you aware of this?  Before you buy a bike for your kid, you should rather check if his classroom is safe? If his neighbors are not sex-offenders?

When will we make the protection of our kids a bigger priority than Nuchem Rosenberg? When will we just say enough is enough, and these Rabbis can’t just fool us every day with a different story?

Let’s check out this numbers! Let’s see who the true leaders are. These are the average numbers of Chassidim these rabbis have in their shuls, compared to the verified (Counter) number that Rabbi Nuchem has.

Satmar            3,000 (both beheimes together)     
Munkatch       150 (only 14 of them are shomer shabbas)
Pupa               299 (Dasklowitz is gone already)
Dinev                 13 (When it rains Friday night)

Rabbi Nuchem has double that amount of hits on a plain Tuesday! You know why? Because the regular public knows who is right and who is fake, but they can’t fight the powers of the yeshivas and community leaders. They are being oppressed by city hall… But it’s a matter of time before the public will explode and tell the Rabbis to take a hike.

But Raboisai, every day we wait, another Jewish soul is violated and ruined for life.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucky Break?

We are Yiddisher people and we believe that everything that happens in the world has a goal and an objective. Everything is done from the one-above and nothing happens by mistake.

The story that happened in Belz and the major “Siyata D’shmaya” we had in capturing this guy and finding out his info was amazing. To the naked eye, it seems as this was an easy one: He molested, they caught him, and he surrendered. No No No! It was much more complicated than that and a lot of hard work went in to this case to apprehend this sick scumbag and there was a lot of “inside” action before you saw the end result.

We will still discuss the whole “back-and-forth” that happened here, at a later time. But now I want to concentrate on the overall picture.

The story that happened in Belz is NOT an isolated story. It is not a “shocking” story that happens once in ten years and we are shocked about it. Unfortunately it happens on a daily basis and for the most part it never comes out in the public. We had a major break, when the father of the victim immediately called Rabbi Nuchem and told him about the incident (By the way: The father got pressure from HIS community for that, and we will still discuss that part at a later date, we won’t let it go). We also had had great “Siyata D’shmaya” that a couple of things went our way and put this case on the front burners. We are also very appreciative to the NEW YORK POST that worked very closely with us and helped out with tremendous information.

There still were people that tried to WHITEWASH this story, that pressured and scolded the father for making it public, and as thankful as I am to the head of the belz community, it was done more due to the fact that they had “No choice” it was going to be out there anyways. However, its still a giant step in the right direction and I give them full credit for them.

Let’s concentrate for one second on this poor victim. This little kid went through hell this past week. He was abused for almost an hour, was questioned by the NYPD, was taken to the hospital for testing and evidence retrieval, and this is still the easy part. Now comes the emotional stress, the long-term effect (i.e. depression, aggression, etc.) and the long road of recovery. (we wish this poor victim a full recovery along with a productive, healthy, normal life ahead IY”H).

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why are there still people in our circles that want to whitewash this? Why are there still people in in our community that don’t get it? Why are there still people in this area that still think it’s an isolated story? Why do our Rabbis’ turning a blind eye to this terrible disease? Why do we need to have more victims in order to tackle this problem? Why does your kid need to be raped and molested before YOU get involved in this fight? Why are we ignoring Rabbi Nuchem for 5 years when it’s crystal clear by now that we have a MAJOR problem on our hands?

Nuchem Rosenberg is Meshiga, he is a whacko,  he loves attention, He fantasizes, he fabricates stories, he is a low life, he himself is a molester, he never made one mikvah in his life, and he is a big Am ha-urets! Fine! Agreed!  But he is not asking you that you should come with a kvitel to him! He is not asking you to give him money! He is not asking you for your first-born, he is not asking you to do anything but to watch your children and to report molesters, abusers and rapist! Is that too much? Is that so hard to do? Every single day a new story develops in our community (that we know off) and you still think he makes it up? Do you know how close it was that this story was never made public? God knows that the Shomrim cover it up, God knows that the Rabbis cover it up and God knows that if not for the hard work of rabbi Nuchem all of these would’ve been hidden and whitewashed!

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why don’t we deserve a clean community? Why don’t we demand a clean community? Why does every school in the USA have background checks on every school employee, and we don’t? Why are we so blind and reluctant to protect our young precious kids? Why are we so scared to come forwards? Why are we inflicting pain on ourselves for the sake of nothing? Why are there 25 comments on VIN and Failed Messiah, defending this guy when he himself turned himself in? Why are we so naïve and dumb the way we think? Why are we still denying the problem we have? And last but not least WHY IS rabbi Nuchem still in Cheirem?

Mendele Teitelbaum is one of the dirty-38 that signed against Rabbi Nuchem – He himself was the biggest Mishkav-Zuchernik in Monroe yeshiva, and you wonder why?

Moshe green, Chaim Shie Halberstam and many more said Weingarten is a Tzadik, after the Antwerp community released black-on-white evidence of the horror and rape he submitted on his own daughter and they still defended him, and you wonder why?

Rabbis that admit today they never investigated this story, or “looked into it” but believed one chazir Stern that’s why they signed, and regret it a million times, and you wonder why?

The dinever chazir knows the names of the molesters that happened by his shul and refuses to give it to the NYPD, and you wonder why?

Except for one of the undersigned, no one granted me an interview over the past 6 months to explain to me why they signed it, their basis to the cheirem, and the one that did, cried with tears to me on his big mistake, and you wonder why?

You heard the tapes of New Square where management says it in simple Yiddish “ You are scared of the molesters, move away” They don’t deny it, they just tell you get out!  And we are all sitting like lame ducks and just make believe we didn’t hear it.  Ignore it and live life  as nothing happened, and you wonder why?

You wonder why our youth are sliding off the derech in record numbers? You wonder why our generation X crowds (20s and 30s) don’t step into a shul to daven for weeks and months. You wonder why?  There is not one Rabbi with the guts to say Rabbi Nuchem you are right and we must step in to stop this disaster!

The bottom line is very simple! This Is YOUR kids we are talking about and if you think it only happens to HIS kids, you are in for a shock. This poor belzer family, could not see this coming, A day before the inicident he did not dream of this nightmare that will plague him for the rest of his life. The poor kid just walked by a shul and an hour later he was raped! He did nothing, he did not go to Manhattan, he did not go on the subway , he did not go to the mikvah, he did not go into an elevator with a shvartze, he simply walked through the street in front of a shul.

So you think you are safe? It only happens to “other” people?   Keep dreaming, wishing, whitewashing, and when you wake up with a problem, blame no one but yourself

Sunday, June 26, 2011


דער מנובל וואס האט מאלעסטעט לעצטע וואך 2 קינדער אין בעלזער בית המדרש אויף 15טע עוועניו איז שוין ארעסטירט - איינער פון די בעלזער דיינים מיט א לויער האבען עהם איבער געגעבען צו די פאליציי זיין נאמען איז: מנחם דייטש, 19 יאר אלט,ער וואינט אויף 15טע עוועניו  

The Molester of 2 boys in Belz Shul last week is under arrest A Belz dayan and a lawyer turned him in
His name is: Menachem Deutsch, age 19 He lives on 15th Avenue
Rabbi Nuchem was very instrumental in this quick arrest of this scumbag and in the process that led to it.

There was major communication with the Belz authorities of Eretz Yisroel, and to the credit of the Belzer Rabbi, he made sure that the right thing was done.

There will still be major announcement on how it all happened,  and exactly what the process was.
And let this be a warning to all you molesters out there and to all white-washers out there.

The jig is up and we have made the move to phase two. Rabbi Nuchem is being consulted with every case, the youth of today love him and respect his work and most of kllal Yisroel realizes by now that he is the one responsible for the cleaner community we are living in and for the awareness that is happening out there.

We are also aware of the couple individuals that tried to white wash this story as well, and shame to you all.  Your day will come!

And to the satmar, New Square, Vizhnitz, Pupa, Etc. community, I urge you: Join the wagon and hop on it. You guys are always a day late and a penny short, and then you get in the front of the line and take credit for it (been like this with satmar since the 1950’s). BELZER Rabbi should be applauded for his stance and for his strong position to make sure that this story won’t be whitewashed.

There is plenty of small details that transpired here (And we will release it with due time) but the truth prevailed, the strong stance of Rabbi Nuchem triumphed and the hard work that Rabbi Nuchem has invested into our hearts shined thorugh with flying colors.

May God watch over us and give Rabbi Nuchem the strength to continue with his holy war and the tireless work he brings to our community.

Shomrim – for whom?

There are rumors that the Shomrim patrol of Boro Park knows the identification of the pervert that molested two boys (separate incidents) at the Belzer synagogue in Boro Park.

I hope and pray to God that it is not true, because if the facts come out that they knew and withheld it on purpose, then I will write a letter to the Federal Government and make it my life’s-mission to have this group investigated, and dismantled.

If you want to be a watchdog of a particular community, and you make yearly luncheons and dinners to ask financial support from the community, then you must serve the community in every aspect. Its not just about having a special license plate and 25 sirens and lights on your car! It’s not just having the privilege of parking by a hydrant or Bus-stop! It’s not just about enjoying the fun part of being a member! It’s all about doing the right thing! It’s all about protecting the community in every aspect!

We have supporters that are Shomrim members, and I plan on interviewing them today and get to the bottom of it.

I urge you with the strongest plea to do right for the victim and its community. At the same time, I also warn you that should the facts reveal at a later date that you withheld information, I will leave no stone unturned to investigate every move this organization did over the past 5 years.

We will find out if any illegal acts were done, if any under-the-table deals were done, we will bring up stories that we know were not 100% kosher, but were overlooked due to the prestige post you hold. We will bring in the media and have them comb through every inch of your history.

Let me also say: I am not a “Shomrim hater” even though there is some action that I don’t agree with them. But on an overall picture I respect this organization and am willing to look aside for “minor” infractions.  However, if the facts will reveal that they were willing to hide a molesters name from the NYPD, then I will do everything in my power to dismantle this group, and believe me when I say it: There is plenty to do, and there is enough out there to get the media involved and put pressure on government to cut off with this organizations and perhaps even investigate criminal behavior.

Do the right thing, before it’s too late!  You are already in your eleventh-hour as it is.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Square at its best

So you are wondering how the New-Square Nazi regime is working? Check out this video and then I will show you how deep the corruption goes.

The man you saw on the video is Ken Gribetz the Lawyer for Shaul Spitzer. And all he is busy saying is that Rabbi Twersky had nothing to do with it. Now, when any lawyer in the world represents a felon or an alleged murderer, he will say everything in the world to make his client look good and take the blame away from him. In worst case scenario he will leave all his options open and not comment too much so he has different options at trial.

However, here you got a lawyer who is only busy saying that Rabbi Twersky is not involved and his client did it on his own. WHAT A JOKE! A lawyer is supposed to have ONLY his clients’ interest in a case, and this lawyer clearly is more interest in protecting Rabbi Twersky, do you smell a rat? Of course you do!

The community paid for the lawyer and they did it for many reasons

1. They knew all along what’s cooking! They are behind Spritzer’ attempted murder, so they have to supply him with a lawyer (just like they came up with $300,000 hard cash)

2. They don’t give a shit about spritzer taking the fall, they are more concerned with clearing the name of Twersky.

So my question is, even a low-life like Spitzer deserves a fair trial under the law, but how can Spritzer receive a fair trial when his own lawyer is paid by Twersky’s henchmen and the main concern is to clear Twersky? The answer is, they don’t want a fair trial for him! They want him to take the fall for the Rabbi and clear the rabbi.

You still wondering if that town is corrupt? You still speculating how molesters live in that community? You still shocked that within two days the local DA found that the Rabbi was not involved? You still doubt for one second that there are no Under-the-table deals with the local Ramapo government agencies?

Wonder no more, its crystal clear and this will stop! The feds have NOT spoken yet and we will be on top of them that they speak the truth!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


An eleven-year-old boy was just raped (Not molested – I said raped) in a shul in Boro park by a heimishe yingerman. Police are on scene and so is the DA.  Details to come very shortly!

History repeats itself

Despite all that has been happening over the past years in the Chassidic world, despite all the terror, all the molestations and the entire daily-routine in our lives, it is time to take a look at ourselves and fairly review our life style and see if this is what the Baal Shem tov had in mind when he founded Chassidism and if this is what you believe is right. Let’s also see why he felt then, that we need a chsiddus movement.
Rabbi Nuchem has been preaching for years now, begging us to live a safer life style, a holier life, a secure school cycle and a safe street. I believe the problem is even deeper, as New-Square proved to us, as Satmar has been proving to us for the longest time, as Bobov and Vizhnitz all are showing true colors of our values today.

The Baal Shem Tov is known as the Rabbi of Chassidus, but history tells us that he was actually the second man that joined the movement and he spread it like a wild fire. The actual founder of the movement was a man name R’ Yakkov Shesport (Author of Avnei Yaakov) and he is also mentioned a couple of times in the sefer V’Yoel Moshe, authored by the late Satmar Rabbi and many more places.
Shabsi Tzvi’s beginning years were as holy as it can get. Shabzi Tzvi was a holy man, a god-fearing man and had hundreds of thousands of followers, among them the biggest rabbis of his times. As we all know Shabsi tzvi went off in his later years (There are many famous stories why and how it happened) and the first one to notice it was R’ Yakkov Shesport.  To give you an idea, on what level Shabsi Tzvi was, You must see the sefer Avnei Yakkov where R’ Yakkov actually says that when Shabsi Tzvi came out of the Mikvah on Friday afternoon, everyone around him was able to smell the Gan Eden right there and then. And this is the same man that was the first one to come out against him. R’ Yakkov saw how he slipped and was the first one to come out in public and warned everyone that this man is sliding away from Jewish believes, he is involved with terrible opinions and klal Israel is in great danger.
As you can imagine, there was an uproar on R’ Yakkov and the bottom line was that after a year or so, R’ Yakkov was put into Cheirem (isolation) by the rabbis of that generation, and his life was in danger and had to leave town. He ran to Amsterdam, where he lived the rest of his life and he is buried there.
A generation later the Ba’al Shem tov joined the mission  along with many Rabunnim, by then it was crystal clear that Shabzi Tzvi was off and wrong, and went after the followers of Shatz (Caat Shatz) and with his movement he totally destroyed them and Chassidism-lifestyle  was born and made into dynasties.
And now……
I believe history is repeating itself to the tea. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is a man with guts and conviction and stands up for what’s right just like the Avnei Yaakov did, and of course he is paying the same price the he did.
Let’s take a close-up look at this picture and let’s put all politics aside and examine what’s happening in our communities, how the blind are leading the blind and how we just sit here and take it, knowing full well that we are led down the wrong path.
Interestingly enough, I will speak to the same people in public and in private and they will tell me in private that Rabbi Nuchem is one million percent right. This further proves us that we have no value of what we believe in, we are following the so called leaders and we are scared to speak our own mind. This man (Just like the Avnei Yaakov) should be taken on a golden platter through the streets of Brooklyn and held in the highest esteem possible.
No one in our recent history was put in cheirem by any rabbi. It must make you think, why is that? Why was only Rabbi Nuchem picked out as the men to be put in cheirem? There are convicted molesters, convicted murderers, convicted con artist and rapists, etc. and no one got that special treatment of being put into isolation? Do you know why? Very simple, cause the others don’t cause a threat to the rabbis. The rabbis don’t care if you are a molester or a rapist they only care that their prestige and honor should be on top of the list.
Since they know full well that Rabbi Nuchem is right and Rabbi Nuchem speaks the truth and their bull shit will be exposed by Rabbi Nuchem they did everything in their power to shut him down.  Little did they know that it won’t work, and many regret that move but this was their intention and that is the only reason they put him into cheirem.
I further believe, that just like in the times by R’ Yaakov Shesport it took a generation before the rest of the world realized that he was right and unjustified put into cheirem, Our generation as well will eventually realize that this man was done wrong and the rabbis acted as self-defense. ( I actually believe we are a step ahead, because the community ALREADY knows that he was done wrong, but they don’t have the guts YET to go against this so called leaders, but times are a changing and it won’t take long).

Molestation – New Square
People have been asking me, how come Rabbi Nuchem is busy with New Square, since it is a matter nothing to do with molestation? Well I think a six-year old can figure out the connection, but never the less I will explain it to you haters that can’t handle the truth.
Molestation is a plague in our community for one reason and one reason only! The molesters know that they have an open field and can get away with it, since no rabbi will do anything about it for the obvious reason: Most of them are molesters themselves and they want to keep this whole issue quiet.  
New Square in particular has one of the highest molestation and rape episodes in our community and the last two weeks gave you the perfect picture for it. It’s a community run by henchmen by a Rabbi with his kids that decide what goes and what does not! Now when the rabbis family members are part of the molesters it automatically creates an open field for the rest of its villagers.
Rabbi Rothenberg was torched to near death for the same reason: To show the rest of the village that they have their own rules and no one dare mess with the Rabbi. It all comes back to the core of the problem. This molesters have an open forum because the Rabbis allow it and they know they are protected.
The bottom line…..
It’s very simple! Even when a man with status of Shabzi tzvi went off the roots, there was aman with conviction that stood up against him and said: Yesterday he was a good man, but he changed to the worst! Multiply it one million times to the rabbis of today that were never in such a prestige status, that deserved to be ostrocised when they fuck up! David Twerskey was never a holy man in the first place, he always surrounded his movement with terror and as a teen ager in the Tsalime cheider he was a mishkav zucher’nik ( I spoke this week to the man that he did this horrible sins with), so his record speaks for itself that he is unqualified and unworthy of being a rabbi let alone a community liaison.
GOD BLESS RABBI NUCHEM for his courage, his brave stance, his valor, his strong connection to the Torah and his unselfishness to speak for the truth, speak for the children; speak for the majority of our community and for the sacrifices he makes for the Jewish nation.
It is also worthwhile to notice that Rabbi Rosenberg did a mikvah in Amsterdam by the synagogue of the Avnei Yaakov and also donated 20,000 for its upkeep. The charity and handouts this man does, is beyond believe and beyond comprehension.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hear this one!

Hear ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT evidence from the horse’s mouth (Mendy Berger YM”S) that the Rabbi told him to get rid of the minyan in Freewald. And look how cold-hearted he speaks to this poor woman

Mr. Sussman you have a slam-dunk case against this red-hitler!

Family of New Square arson victim files $18 million lawsuit against grand rebbe and suspect

It’s unreal what’s going in our community and for once it’s a good thing.  The garbage is finally going to stop and the perpetrators will pay!
The lawsuits has started, and the clean-up of our rotten leaders, is in full-force!

from http://www.lohud.com/

NEW SQUARE — The family of Aron Rottenberg, who was seriously burned in an arson attack on his home last month, is seeking $18 million in a lawsuit filed Monday against the village's grand rebbe.

In a similar lawsuit also filed Monday, a group of dissidents from the Orange County village of Kiryas Joel is seeking the dissolution of the village's government, which the plaintiffs' attorney described as a theocracy that has for decades ruled its people through religious intolerance and violence.
Rottenberg's lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court in New City, maintains that a pattern of vandalism and intimidation against him occurred in the six to seven months leading up to the May 22 arson attack that left him with severe burns over nearly 60 percent of his body. That attack, the lawsuit alleges, was endorsed by Grand Rebbe David Twersky, head of the ultrainsular Hasidic enclave.
The alleged intimidation, which began in September 2010, included the expulsion of Rottenberg's 15-year-old daughter from a yeshiva in the village, the lawsuit claims. The lawsuit also notes the family had car windows smashed and received numerous threatening telephone calls — the result of Rottenberg's opting to pray at Friedwald Nursing Home instead of at the synagogue in New Square where Twersky presides.
Also named in the lawsuit as a co-defendant is the primary suspect in the attack, Shaul Spitzer.
In a news conference Monday at his office in Goshen, Rottenberg's attorney, Michael Sussman, accused Spitzer of having perpetrated the attack on Rottenberg's home in order to "set on fire a private home, kill those who were in that home and send a message to everyone else in that community that what the rabbi says, rules."
Rottenberg, 43, was injured after encountering a man approaching his home at 4 a.m. with an incendiary device. Spitzer, 18, has been charged with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree attempted arson and first-degree assault in connection to the attack. He is free on $300,000 bail.

Sussman said that though Spitzer, who had lived in Twersky's home for more than a year before the fire, is the only one to be charged in connection with the arson attack, the culture of the village dictates that he likely acted under orders from a higher authority.

"He was living with (Twersky), and an 18-year-old boy in that community does not act independently," Sussman said. "Anyone who knows anything about the community knows that there's no way he would have done this on his own."
Spitzer is being treated in a New York City hospital for burns suffered in the attack.
Sussman said Monday that the Rottenberg family had continued to receive harassing telephone calls since the May 22 attack.
The $18 million figure noted in the lawsuit was selected to ease Rottenberg's situation and for its meaning in Judaism, Sussman said. Giving money in multiples of 18 is common during special occasions like births and bar mitzvahs. The figure is symbolic of giving life.
"I know the suffering that Mr. Rottenberg is going through," Sussman said.
Rottenberg has been hospitalized with third-degree burns over half his body, injuries he suffered while disrupting the attack. He was scheduled for a major procedure Monday at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla to remove dressings that cover skin grafts over much of his body. The results of that procedure were not disclosed Monday afternoon.
Twersky, 70, has served as the head of the Skyer Hasidic village of New Square since 1968. He rarely speaks publicly and did not comment on the arson attack until four days later. His legal representation was not known Monday.
Sussman said he intends to file additional lawsuits against village and county officials but provided no timeline for such actions.
Sussman also is representing a group of dissidents from Kiryas Joel who are suing the Satmar Hasidic village's majority leadership, alleging decades of religious discrimination and violence.
That lawsuit, a nearly 60-page document filed Monday in federal court, describes Kiryas Joel's government as a theocracy in which the laws of the state are secondary to the laws of the religious leadership.
"We contend in that lawsuit that (Kiryas Joel's) government inherently violates the First Amendment because it inherently trespasses upon the separation of church and state," Sussman said, later adding: "Religion is wonderful, but it cannot dominate the state and that's what's been going on in Kiryas Joel."

Rabbi Nuchem, stop making a chillul hashem already! You are constantly making a chilul hashem with your hotline and ruining our image

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The good – the bad – the ugly

Just a little video to see how different people react to a situation.

In the first video, you will see Rabbi Aaron Rothenberg, thanking hashem for his health, thanking the people that prayed for him, and asking for forgiveness for those who hurt him.

In the 2nd video you will see the pictured and videos of the whole terror group and all involved

Well, rabbi Rothenberg, you are a noble man and you are a forgiving man, but the rest of us demand Justice and we demand accountability. Five years of torture will not go for none! Ten years of molesting children will not go for none! Twenty years of fooling the public will not be tolerated!
May hashem grant you a speedy recovery and may he grant you nachas of your family, and rest assured that the majority of Klal yisroel feels for you and prays for you and understand the pain and suffering you are enduring.

חיים אהרן בן חי' שרה לרפו"ש בקרוב בתושח"י

Monday, June 6, 2011

סוף גנב לתליה

The pain and agony of the New Square trauma is still boiling in me, and it should be boiling in every Jewish soul. I believe that every Jewish Chasidic and non-Chasidic Jew must listen to the audio of Mr. Fromowits (a former resident of the New Square town) and the Dayan of the New-Square village. It is mind-boggling, heart-breaking, eye-opening, cold-blooded, full of lies, and blatant abuse, oppression, control and full of incest, rape and unlawful – unTorah living.
I want to discuss the conversation taking place. You will hear how Mr. fromowitz bitterly and tearfully complains about the molestation in the synagogue, about the sexual tension in the town, about torture he received, about the pain he got and about the torture the community threw upon his kids in order to torture their father.
NOT ONCE did this dayan  deny any of the accusations, NOT ONCE did he admit to the wrong doing other than the words “It’s more complicated than that”, NOT ONCE did he try to help this poor father in tears and it is so obvious that this guy’s hands are tied and controlled by the town officials.
In this second tape, you will hear how the number-one henchmen of the rabbi, the number-one terror monger, the Rushe Mendel Berger, does not even flinch when Mr. fromowitz discusses the sexual abuse in the rabbis Synagogue, he merely advises him what to do, in order to make the community happy (Not to pray in the freewald synagogue, rather walk to Monsey or drive away before the Sabbath).
These people would like you to believe that they are the holy ones, and the victims are indeed the “Trouble-makers”! They would like you to believe that the community is not even involved in any action; it’s literally done by a couple of wild and out-of-control teenagers.
How dare they? Everything is recorded, everything is on record, and every move in that town is masterminded all the way from the top. 
How dare this filthy community mess with the minds of 9 and 10 year olds? How dare they dismiss everything the Torah stand for and push their own laws upon a community? Hitler put a bullet into our kids; New Square tortures them first and then burns them alive!
Did you ever wonder why new Square has the most scandals in the Chassidic community? Did you ever think how does it add up that per capita this community releases the most Off-The-Derech boys and girls than any other Chassidic or Jewish community?  You just saw a perfect example how a Jewish soul means nothing to them! You just saw a perfect example of what their priorities are! You just got a glimpse of the pain and cruelty they inflict on their own community. You heard the little-ten-year-old repeats that his teacher told him not to come back to school or they will give him a beating! Was that also a wild teenager that told him that, or was it a principal and an official of the town? How shameful! Hear how this scumbag Mendel Berger admits there was a meeting on Sunday and he talks in the name of the leadership! He says that the Rabbi personally told him to make sure that Freewald is not happening, Listen how he says to Mr. Fromowits and does a 180 degree on him and blames him for sending his kids to school and that why the community discusses all the pain they did on him. It’s Mr. Fromowits fault that it happened to him, he brought it on himself! THE NAZIS WORKED THAT WAY!
I have spoken to a man that lives in New Square, and told me “Off the record” That the FBI has heard these tapes and many more (Some of the tapes are being withheld from the public on the advice of the attorney). He gave me the opportunity to listen over the phone to a recording that shows Black-on-white that David Twerskey YM”S and his henchmen were involved in every single terror act in that community.
Ladies and gentleman, there is a silver lining to this madness! Judgment day is just around the corner and not a minute too soon! May all this people get the punishment they deserve and may the whole world see who was behind all these terror acts! Get ready for a wake-up call and for a dose of reality.
Now let’s sum up what we heard on these tapes and see the daily-routine of this community.
Mr. Fromowitz tells Mendel Berger that he can’t pray in the main synagogue because there are known molesters praying there (he mentions them by name) and Berger answers him.. Just Pray at home, or go away for the Shabbat. ARE YOU FOR REAL?  He does not tell him, we will get rid of these molesters, he does not tell him, you are wrong, we don’t have molesters, he does not tell him we will throw out these molesters, he tells him Go away for the weekend.
Mr.  Fromowitz tells the Dayan of New-Square that he is being abused and his kids are being abused and demands to know why the Torah laws are being ignored and why the community leaders are overpowering the villagers, and the Dayan just keeps saying “We must sit down and talk more”
You hear on these tapes that everything was approved by meetings and everything done is approved and endorsed by the top-level leaders in this community including the big terror himself David “The henchmen” Twersky, and they will continue to do so until they get him out of town (which they accomplished, as Mr. Fromowitz left town last week).
Everything Rabbi Nuchem has been telling us that’s going on over there is slowly-but-surley coming out to be true! Ladies and gentleman, I am the first one to tell you that I wish that everything Rabbi Nuchem is telling us would be fantasies, but the unfortunate truth is that it is reality and the ill-fated reality is, that it is even worst than that. There is still a lot of garbage that has not leaked yet and has not been made public record yet. New-Square is a town of abuse, incest, S’dom and Amorah, and it has been going on under to governance and guidance of its grand Rabbi David “The henchmen” Twersky!
I know it is very painful for a Jewish man to all of a sudden realize and admit that a rabbi they believed in was found to be a gangster and scumbag! It is agonizing to face the reality that Rabbi Nuchem was right all these years and we ignored him and didn’t believe him and every day we find out that he was ONE MILLION PERCENT right! It is heart-breaking to see that a town that was created to get away from all the filth on the streets, makes Manhattan look like a shrine! But ladies and gentleman we must face reality and we must tackle the problem! We cannot sit back and let this go on for one more day! The only way to get rid of a problem, is to fix it and make sure its healed, not by looking away and make believe it’s not there! We have looked away for way too long and the time has come to repent and fix what we are guilty off!
Thank you again Rabbi Nuchem for all your hard work, for your non-stop effort, for giving your life away for this great cause and for not being afraid to speak the truth!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shame on you, New-Square.

After listening the latest audio of the New Square regime and the heart-wrenching cries of a father and cries of the two little children that were torched and abused in the schools of New Square, you can’t help yourself but get emotionally charged up and feel the pain of these poor victims in new Square.

It is mind boggling to listen to how the New-Square-Nazi-regime and their PR propaganda firm are trying to make us believe that they are innocent, and the Self-hating-Jews are trying to make them look bad, while the Dayan and leaders of this filthy town is heard on tape how they could not care less about anything but to make sure you are a slave for this regime.
Listen to these two tapes how the official Dayan of the town is lying trough his teeth and trying to whitewash everything about this town. Listen to this filthy Dayan who is lost and knows that he is wrong but is scared to speak out against the regime. PHONY FAKE FRAUD!
How shameful this town is! How Nazi-style of justice is this town dishing out to its members! How full of murderous and incest this town is busy with! This town with their Rabbi does not care about anything except that you should follow them the way they want it. They don’t care about the Torah they don’t care about the laws they don’t care about the women, the children, the souls of members. They are NAZIS! They are murderers! They are garbage and filth and they deserve to be exterminated!
They embarrass our religion they embarrass our lifestyle they shame the Torah and they humiliate every single Jew in the world! It’s high time that David Twersky YM”S and his group of loons should be fully investigated by the FBI and get the punishment they deserve.

My blood is boiling and so should every person with a soul! The scum and dirt that this regime has been pushing upon its members is stuff that the Jewish nation never endured! These are tactics that the worst enemies of the Jewish people never thought about. These are the worst of the worst and the lowest of the low!
Please, ladies and gentleman. Don’t get suckered in by the New-Square PR firm and feel bad for them. This is their trick and this is their Bull-Shit at its best! They will do anything and everything to act like a victim. They are guilty as charged and then some. Every single day, more and more of their Nazi-style work is being exposed, and more of their inhumane treatment of their villagers are being uncovered.

We are not allowed to sit back and just watch this terror go on and on and on! If you expect that the USA government should step in and support Israel when they are being bombarded, then you are required to do the same thing now! Don’t sit back while your brothers and sisters are being killed, tortured, abused, raped, burned and being stripped of everything humane!
Stand up and demand justice, stand up and demand accountability, stand up and say Enough is enough, stand up and petition for a full investigation into these abusive patterns that have been going on for years, Stand up and demand an investigation into this whitewashing by the local Rockland county officials, Stand up and don’t sit back down until you did your part in making a difference.
Every Jewish man and woman should be outraged about this village, Every single Jew with a soul and heart should demand an end to this terror regime, Every single man should go out and do their part to make a difference and not wait for the Rabbis to do it, because it will never happen. As you heard from that so-called Dayan in new Square, how gutless he is, how fake he is, how scared he is of the regime and what a liar he is (By the way, this is the same dayan that signed against Rabbi Nuchem  and out him in Cheirem – Just to give you an idea who these scumbags are and what their signature means -  NOTHING)
If this New-Square debacle does not change, we might as well convert to Islam and give up everything we stand for, because we are worthless! If we can sit back and just say The Rabbi is good, then we have no guts, no Soul, no business practicing Judaism.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Are the Chassidim even real Jews?

I must admit that day in and day out I question myself if I am at the right side and the right track being a Chassidic Jew in Williamsburg.

Am I wasting my days being frum? Am I torching myself wearing my long garb, long pious and all other things that I give up by being a Chassidic Jew?

You are probably thinking, here we go, we are finally seeing his true colors and this blog author is an anti-Semite and hates Jews. Well, you could not have been more wrong and further from the truth. But while we are on the subject let’s get a dialogue going, and see what we are doing here, what we are following, what drives us as Chassidim, what are our priorities as Chassidim, do we live for ourselves or for our neighbors? And do we really follow the Torah, or is the Rabbi and politics more important than the Torah?

Let’s look at our behavior and let’s see how we are thought to raise our children, what our values are, what are standards are, what our priorities are, and most of all how we think that we are better than anyone else.

For starters, let me knock this bull shit out of your head. We are NOT better than anyone else, we are NOT smarter than anyone else, and don’t think for a second that we are fooling anyone. The whole universe knows that chassidim have no manners, no education, no priorities and nothing to make you think that you are somehow better and more efficient than any non-chusid. We are raised with this attitude that our way is the only way, the right way and Hashem’s way. All others are noting. That is our main and number one problem.

Somehow we deserve everything, we know everything and it’s our way or the highway. Well whom are we fooling? Look at yourself and to try to convince yourself that you live the life you want to live! You don’t! you live the life that your community leaders and neighbors want you to live, you live the life that should make you look a certain way so you are not an outcast. The sad part about it, is the guy whom you are trying to impress and you are suffering inside of yourself, is in the same position! He is faking it because he wants you to embrace him. So what kind of vicious cycle do we have over here? What kind of unhealthy living style are we all involved in?

Before you start twisting my words, let me clarify. I am not talking or discussing a liufe style that leaves the Torah way of living. CHAS V’Shalom! I am merely conferring the “Chassidishe” lifestyle that we have and somehow think that this is the way and nothing else does it! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

We all know what happened in New Square this past 2 weeks, where they attempted to murder a family for not following a Self-proclaimed, Non-Qualified, Worst-of-the-worst, empty-head man. We are now 2 weeks later and there still is not a clear response from that community. They have tried every angle and failed misrabely.

But ladies and gentleman, its not all about New Square. Satmar has been doing the same thing now for 25 years, on the same low level and on the same format. Vizshnitz has been right there, Bobov (they always tried to convince us – NOT BY US) is right there, and so is everyone else. Chassidim have their own rules when they need it.
Now comes a terrible Video from Israel where the GER Chassidim, physically burned a house, dismantled it and almost killed a one-year-old kid ( watch the following You Tube and then Click here for the full video and story).
The bottom line is, when it comes to chassidim they do what they want and justify it as if nothing happened. But here is the catch: We are fooling no one but ourselves. We are not pulling a quick one on anyone, we are a laughable stock in the world, whether be it the Jewish (Non-Chassidic) world or in the rest of the world. We have no manners (Because we are the chosen ones), we have no morals (Because we are the better ones), we have no self-control (cause we are smarter than the rest), and we laugh at everyone else (Very funny).

Let’s take a look on how many kids are leaving our ways lately. The number has never been this high, and you wonder why? The bigger question is Why Not? They see how we live, they see the corruption, they see the Bull Shit, they see the fake face we put out there.

Just recently there was a new best seller written by a RN (Registered Nurse) from NYU. She was assigned to people that were on their death-beds, people that the doctors gave up hope and were just waiting for last breath. This RN interviewed over 1200 dying patience over a long span and asked them what is biggest regret in life? (Mind you, this is a question that people will answer truthfully and honest as they are aware that their life is over) and the number one answer was: We lived someone else’s life. We lived a life to fit in to other people and we forced ourselves to make them happy, not ourselves.
Enough said!

There is one solution here. Either the Rabbis get together and start concentrating on the problems and adjust it to a normal, law-abiding, truthful, honest, respectful life or we have to make a serious decision if this is what we are wasting our years on this earth and whom are we impressing and whom are we fooling.
I can already see the email this one will get me, but I really don’t care

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It’s not funny

There is an old Yiddish saying  ווען דער נאר וואלט נישט געווען מיינער, וואלט איך אויכעט געלאכט which translates: If the fool would not be my problem, I would‘ve laughed myself. In other words the situation is so sad; that it is not laughable.
The debacle that transpired the past 10 days in the Jewland town of New Square is sad, bitter, nasty and gloomy. The after-effects might hurt the Jewish nation far more than the mind can comprehend. The after-effects of this terrible Chillul Hashem that the New Square regime created, denied, took responsibility, denied again, hired a PR firm, had no comment, condemned, not-really condemned and  made it into the JOKE of the century, the Chilul Hashem of the century, will hurt us for many generations to come.
Your average religious Jew that followed the rabbinical authority and followed Rabbis the way they were thought to do, and continued that tradition to their future generations,  kids and grandchildren, finally woke up. For the first time ever they paused and said: Hold on a second! What am I doing with my life! Whom am I following! Are these really people that I am associated with and believe in them!
Don’t get me wrong, this is not the first time in our history that a rabbi did something wrong, but I will explain to you the difference. David Twersky is considered today one of the top-5 rabbis in the world, he is one of the older ones, one of the bigger ones, one of the smarter ones, one of the only Chassidic  groups that has a non-Chassidic following and now his true colors finally came shining through. Rabbi Nuchem has told us a very long time ago, who this guy is and what kind of fraud he is, but the majority said: It can’t be! He is the Squarer rabbi! He is a good man! Etc. etc.
As much as everyone is busy with the politics, busy with all the great one-liners and enjoys the hoopla action that this story created, we forget and stop to think for a second the disastrous long-term effect this just did to us and the long-term embarrassments and shame this will be on us. This will hurt us outside the community and even stronger inside the community.
The respect of “Religious Jew” just took its final nail in the coffin and we don’t receive an inch of respect for being a Jewish man and we get no commiseration and admiration for our status quo. 
You can thank Rabbi Twersky for that.
The respect of a Rabbi in any community and the respect of any “Real” community leader, just went out the window since everyone sees the true colors of Square
You can thank Rabbi Twersky for that.
The respect we had in the Federal government and the leniency we got as a “respected Jewish man” is gone – It all started when New Square did that in 1998, but was just reconfirmed stronger.
You can thank Rabbi Twersky for that.
But instead of coming out and apologizing to klal Yisroel, they chose a different route. First they went to: phase 1 - they ignored.
They made believe like they don’t know what we are talking about – that didn’t work, so they went to: phase 2 - They denied.
They don’t know anything about it and people are just talking, but of course the public didn’t buy it and rightfully so demanded answers. So no big problem, they went to: Phase 3 – Attack.
Let’s attack Mr. Rothenberg, lets uncover his private life, his children, he is a low life and garbage. But this didn’t hold long, as people realized that it is false and he is a respected man and good-standing individual, so New Square went to: phase 4 – Condemn.
The rabbi of New Square (Jewland) went in front of a couple of 18-year-old-boys and condemned violence in the community. (This skunk did not mention anyone by name and didn’t have the heart to say out in public PRAY FOR Mr. Rothenberg. The back lash was fierce; people demanded a true apology and denouncement, so they went to Phase 5 – The media
They gave the worst possible interview to AMNI magazine and answered all the “Soft-ball-questions” to their advantage and did it with full cooperation from the editors of the magazine and did not get one tough question whatsoever. The public laughed at this interview and saw the Bull Shit and fake garabage this was, so they went to the final Phase, phase 6 – outrage
“How dare they hire that self-hating-Jew lawyer”?  “How dare they go to the government”?
The bottom line, the community finally came to their senses and realizing the fake, fraud and phony he is and they are not willing to white-wash it again. It’s about time that we are here; it’s about time that the feds are involved. Rabbi Nuchem has been crying on his hotlines for 5 years for this, and every one ignored it.
Raboisai it’s our duty to keep the pressure going, the investigations on the forefront, and it is our obligation to make sure that we uncover the filth, rape, incest, molesting, black mailing, Nazi-style torture and Germany-ways of control and make sure that the innocent victims the residents of JewLand get to live a life that every human is entitled to. We have to make sure that every Jewish man can pray at 8 AM on Shabbos if he wants to. We have to make sure that fathers, mothers and little infants should not live in fear of a Taliban regime. And I promise you today that I will do my part to help this cause, and so will Rabbi Nuchem. It is vital that you show Rabbi Nuchem the support that he needs and we show the federal government that the majority of Klal Yisroel is not corrupt and we DO want to get rid of the bad apples.