Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shomrim – for whom?

There are rumors that the Shomrim patrol of Boro Park knows the identification of the pervert that molested two boys (separate incidents) at the Belzer synagogue in Boro Park.

I hope and pray to God that it is not true, because if the facts come out that they knew and withheld it on purpose, then I will write a letter to the Federal Government and make it my life’s-mission to have this group investigated, and dismantled.

If you want to be a watchdog of a particular community, and you make yearly luncheons and dinners to ask financial support from the community, then you must serve the community in every aspect. Its not just about having a special license plate and 25 sirens and lights on your car! It’s not just having the privilege of parking by a hydrant or Bus-stop! It’s not just about enjoying the fun part of being a member! It’s all about doing the right thing! It’s all about protecting the community in every aspect!

We have supporters that are Shomrim members, and I plan on interviewing them today and get to the bottom of it.

I urge you with the strongest plea to do right for the victim and its community. At the same time, I also warn you that should the facts reveal at a later date that you withheld information, I will leave no stone unturned to investigate every move this organization did over the past 5 years.

We will find out if any illegal acts were done, if any under-the-table deals were done, we will bring up stories that we know were not 100% kosher, but were overlooked due to the prestige post you hold. We will bring in the media and have them comb through every inch of your history.

Let me also say: I am not a “Shomrim hater” even though there is some action that I don’t agree with them. But on an overall picture I respect this organization and am willing to look aside for “minor” infractions.  However, if the facts will reveal that they were willing to hide a molesters name from the NYPD, then I will do everything in my power to dismantle this group, and believe me when I say it: There is plenty to do, and there is enough out there to get the media involved and put pressure on government to cut off with this organizations and perhaps even investigate criminal behavior.

Do the right thing, before it’s too late!  You are already in your eleventh-hour as it is.

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