Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sex offender list.

It is very important for the public to know that unfortunately the “NY State Sex offender list” should not be used a s a measuring stick or a guide to know who is an offender or who isn’t. Most of the times, an offender will negotiate with the courts NOT to be on the list. Baruch Lebowitz is not on the list; Yehuda Kolko made special arrangements not to be on the list, and many many more, let alone the people that beat the system all together and were not found guilty due to the fact that rabbies threatened the victims family not to cooparate with the Law, or else.

It is very frustrating that these molesters and rapists get away with it, but these are the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with the law, good attorneys and many loop holes in the system.

Due to the protection of the victims (little children), the courts and the victims family will agree to lesser charges and to demands of the abusers, in order not to have these little victims endure hell yet again and to avoid that the victim should have to testify and replay the whole abuse again and again.

The following is a perfect example of a recent case in NY, it is an article from the local “Times Union” in Albany.

ALBANY -- A Loudonville rabbi was sentenced to 60 days in the Albany County jail this morning for endangering the welfare of a child.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss, 30, founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School was handcuffed and led out by sheriff's deputies to start his sentence. "You have utterly failed to accept responsibility for your actions," County Judge Stephen Herrick told Weiss, who’s family and supporters sat in the courtroom. "You are not the victim here. The boys were the victims."
In pleading guilty to the misdemeanor in January, Weiss admitted he had "inappropriate physical contact" with two, 13-year-old naked boys in 2007 inside a small pool known as a mikveh on  Whitehall Road

in Albany. Weiss, a married father of three, also admitted to telling one boy not to tell the police about what happened.

"I want to apologize to everyone that's been hurt," Weiss said. Herrick noted that Weiss was charged with four misdemeanor counts and pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child.
In addition to the 60 days in jail, Herrick sentenced Weiss to three years probation, issued two orders of protection to keep him away from the two boys and ordered him to undergo sex offender counseling even though he is not classified as a sex offender.

Assistant District Attorney Shannon Sarfoh read a victim-impact statement from the mother of one boy in which she urged the judge to sentence Weiss to the maximum of 60 days in jail.

"I toss and turn all night. I have a nagging pain in my head constantly," the mother said. "Sixty days in the scheme of things is not very long. But the 60 days might just let me have a full night's sleep and relax my jaw."

Sarfoh said the guilty plea was accepted so the victim would not have to testify.

The above is just a 1% example of the politics and the deals that these abusers can get away with. Why should a guy like this not be on a sex offender list? Why should he be roaming the streets after only 2 months of jail time, without people having the opportunity to see him on a sex offender list?

There are dozens of people in our communities that worked out the same deal and similar arrangements which spares them the “sex offender lists” and it is us the people that suffer the consequences.

Don’t fool yourselves by the mere fact that someone is not on the “list” thinking that he is a legit or a non-molester. I have in my possession close to 20 names that I can not put up on my “wall of shame” due to legal ramifications.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Critical Thinking

I got a lot of Email from my readers, and even from my readers that support me and they questioned my post that I previously wrote on the topic of the way we "Frum chassidish people"  think and go about things. Some of them thought I crossed the line and was wrong.

Some of you thought that I am anti Semitic, anti Chassidim. Let me make this very clear and let me say this for the record.
I myself am a chassidisher yingerman from Williamsburg, my kids are chasidish, my grandchildren are chasidish and nothing hurts me more when there is negative of chassidsh people in the press. And that’s why, I need you to understand my motive for this post and my cause for this discussion and why I absolutely believe what I said and more importantly, why thinks have to change immediately.

Overall, our crowd happens to be very bright, business minded, smart and sharp. That is why there is a lot of success in our community, a lot of charity in our community and many accomplishments among us. The one thing we ARE missing though, is “Education” and that is the cause of many problems in the community and the cause why some issues are shoved under the rug.

Every one who ever took a college semester or graduated with any kind of degree will know that he or she received a couple of credits for “critical thinking”! Critical thinking or Thinking outside the box is a very big part of education and is something that is very vital to an education and to properly diagnose any issue.

I will give you a couple of examples on how the average chassidish man or woman thinks and on the same topic, how an average educated man thinks

Example #1

The daily news and the NY Post published the following articles:

Hasidic Father Of 7 Busted By FBI In Plan To Murder Business Ally

A Hasidic father of seven was charged Tuesday with plotting to kill a business associate with an overdose of sleeping pills in his coffee.

Jacob Vizel, 54, was the beneficiary of a life insurance policy for the intended victim and had been making payments for several years, according to court papers filed yesterday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

"I'm tired of paying," Vizel told an informant who was secretly taping the conversation for the FBI.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said the defendant had been the target of a $12 million mortgage fraud when investigators recently learned of the murder-for-hire scheme from the informant.

The informant, wearing a hidden wire, taped several conversations this month with Vizel discussing how to get rid of the man, identified in court papers only as Joey.

Vizel said a man he knew had offered to kill Joey for money. "[H]e tells me, 'Give me $500 and I'll leave him in the basement'.... He choke him," Vizel said, according to the complaint.

Later Vizel mentioned that Joey used sleeping pills and suggested a different plan of attack. "When you want to bring him for coffee, you tell me and I give [sleeping pills] to you," Vizel said. "Insurance not going to do nothing. He took his own tablet."

The complaint said Vizel offered to pay the informant for putting the sleeping pills in the victim's coffee.

Vizel, an Israeli citizen who has lived in Brooklyn for 25 years, was ordered held without bail.

He has not yet been charged in the mortgage fraud scheme

As you know there are many media news outlets on the internet that cater to different communities. There is a local news media on the internet called which serves our community, and they (rightfully so) reported on this story, and is their policy when reporting on a “Heimisher yid” they don’t publish the name .

At the same time feel free to goggle this story and you will find approximately 10-15 other internet news venues that linked this article. Now look at (some of) the comments by the readers of VIN and some of the others, and you will understand what I am talking about.

On VIN you will find comments to the effect of. He is innocent! A Jew can’t do things like that! He is not a Chussid! It’s only an allegation! The media is blowing it out of proportions! Anti-Semitic, etc. On the other side look at the comments OF ALL other links and you will see people discussing the issue. What was he thinking! Why would he do it! What did he have to gain! How did they catch him! Etc.

Example #2

There was a story in Queens, NY this week that a child molester attempted to grab a child and molest. Within 24 Hours, Young Israel released an official letter alerting the community and took action.

Years ago, Joel Engelmann came forward and pointed the finger at Rabbi Reichmann, which abused him and molested him. What did Satmar Yeshiva do? They fired him and made him step-down. But as soon as the statue of limitation expired, they hired him back to his previous position and they denied everything.

Now lets take a look how these two stories were handled, the thinking behind their actions and the total results, and you will hopefully (if you are open-minded) understand exactly what I am talking about.

What they were thinking
Satmar Yeshiva kicked out Rabbi Reichmann after learning about his abuse. After the statue of limitation ran out they hired him back and in their mind they just proved to the whole world that the allegations are false and that’s why they took him back and at the same time “They” are not guilty either, hence they took him back and “investigated” and came to the conclusion that its all  false.

What they think we are thinking
In their perverted way of thinking, they feel that they proved to the public that it is not true otherwise they would never take rabbi Reichmann back! They pulled a quick one over us!

What we are really thinking
How dumb do you think we are? How gullible do you assume we are? If you diagnose what just happened it’s a no brainier!  You tried to cover your ass but you made it even dirtier. Now its clear that you knew about it, can live with the fact that kids were molested, and it is far more important to you the “name” of your yeshiva then the welfare of a child. BUT MORON! You failed! If you would do what Young Isreal did, you would’ve looked much better. Everyone knows that Young Israel had nothing to do with it, they protested it, they stood up against it, and they took action by letting the community know “We will not stand for it” – You, however, made it worst. You thought by taking Rabbi Reichmann back, people will think that you had nothing to do with it, and nothing happened! We are not stupid, we saw you held him back until the victim was 23 years old, and the following day you hired him back. Not only did you stand up for the abuser, but you also allied yourself with him by protecting him and promoting him.

Part of your crooked thinking is as follows! You think when rabbi Nuchem exposes the molesters in our community; he bad mouths the Chassidic community. WRONG! He boosts their value, he shows the whole world “We are better than you” we are not protecting anyone and if we have some bad apples. We will expose them and isolate them. Just like you should have done with rabbi Reichmann and send a strong message to the world We will not stand for it! But in your crooked way of thinking, you thought that this would put a bad eye on YOU! No, it would’ve risen your stock and it would've showed the world that this one bad apple does not reflect the community and we deal with it when we have a couple of rotten fruits.

When I came forward and exposed my former Teacher R’ Chaim Arye Braver of molesting me, I was called a liar and a cheater and every name in the book. there is always that first response You are a liar! It’s impossible he did that.

Why is this always the first response? Because we think that when you accuse a fellow frum yid of doing something bad, it automatically weakens my position as a frum yid! IT DOESN’T! It makes us stronger.

This is where your uneducated way of thinking shines through in bright red colors. If you would distance yourselves from these bad apples and tell the whole world we don’t tolerate such behavior, people would say Good for you! You are doing right by our children. However with your way of thinking, you thought OMG people will say we have molesters, so I will bring him back and deny that he ever did wrong and at the same time people will know I am clean. Wrong! People know that you are dirty now and you are whitewashing it and you made a bigger fool out of yourself while putting your school in danger of molestation.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Speech of Rabbi Nuchem

Here you can watch the complete speech (Part 1 and 2) of Rabbi Nuchem as he was honored the past Sunday in Boro park

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The last man standing!

The tide is shifting, the demeanor is changing, the attitudes are altering and the walls of silence are buckling. There is an old saying “if you can sweat it out till the end, you will reap the benefits”.

The last five years have been very difficult, dreadful and horrible. The Rabbi has been spit on, been shot at, been yelled at, been put to shame, been threatened and been embarrassed and humiliated. But to his credit he stood there like a soldier and did not back down an inch. Stood there like a general of an army and went deeper and deeper into enemy’s territory.  He stood like the “Tzaddikim” of the older generations and kept plugging away, educating the public, educating the kids, supporting the victims, taking the subway to the court rooms every day for months upon months, preaching the truth on his hotlines every single week and standing his ground despite all the vicious and brutal abuse against him.

Why? Why did he do it? What gave him the energy to go on? How do you stay strong when seemingly the whole world is against you? Where do you get the energy to absorb all the abuse? How come he didn’t say after five-or-six months, I had enough! I have done my part! After all he is only human! He is only a creature of flesh and blood! Where do you get all this oomph to just let the bullets bounce off you and rush forward with full force?

Well my dear friends, there is a simple answer for all these questions and it is one word! TRUTH! When you speak the truth, you know it’s the truth, and even your opponents know it’s the truth but don’t have the guts and spirit to admit it and stand up like a man for it, then you have no issues in plucking away. Because you know and believe that at the end of the day you will be the last man standing!

You probably wonder: how is it possible? How does one man take on hundreds of Rabbis and he is the last man standing? Talmud teaches us כל מחלוקת שהיא לשם שמיים, סופה להתקיים; ושאינה לשם שמיים, אין סופה להתקיים (Any controversy waged in the service of God shall in the end be of lasting worth, but any that is not shall in the end lead to no permanent result). And we witnessed this in full view! Rabbi Nuchem waged a war against pedophilia, against crime, against abusers and against their protectors and that’s why he had G-d on his side and after all the hard work, people see who is right and who is full of it. And on the same note, this is why the Rabbis are the laughing stock of the community. Every one knows that they were in the wrong, and those who didn’t know then definitely know by now and they see straight through them and their fake behavior.

I am sure people in our community will respond and repeat the same rubbish again and again “Nuchem is not winning – He has no support – he is dreaming” and all these other expected baloney we constantly hear. Well, let me tell you something. Rabbi Nuchem is very much winning! which translates "WE ARE WINNING” “The children are winning” and I don’t expects a chassidisher guy to admit that the Rabbi is winning as I mentioned in a previous post. Chassidim don’t know how to give credit to someone else! They don’t know how to say the words I AM SORRY - I MADE A MISTAKE its not in their dictionary (If only Baruch Lebowitz could’ve pronounced these three words, he would probably be home by now). And when the time comes and they learn how to say it, life will be much better for them and for everyone else but until then Rabbi Nuchem will just keep plucking away and teaching the children how to protect themselves, teaching the parents how to not be afraid and speak out and educating the community one person at a time.

In closing I want to tell and WARN the Rabbunim that signed the letter against Rabbi Nuchem. Plenty of you have already acknowledged publicly that you made a bitter mistake, Plenty of you didn’t have the guts to acknowledge publicly but have said privately to people that you goofed up, some of you believe that you are bigger than G-d and could not bring yourself to admit it, and in return G-d gave you some very bad signs recently and punishing you for your bad deeds.

But let me say this. Do the right thing and retrieve this letter. Do it any way you want. Claim that it’s enough time, claim that you never knew this, claim you never intended to be so harsh, use any method that should still keep your pride in tact (which is after all the most important thing in your lives). But, know this fact. There are major Rabbis and Rosh Yeshivas outside of NY and some from NY that are working on a project to expose you and to show how you signed such a letter unrightfully and without knowing the story and without investigating what Yitzchok Sterns motive was! And at the end of the day you will look like a fool. Just remember I gave you a heads-up!

Never mind the fact that most of the rabbis signed on that piece of toilet paper is very weak and very not respectable EVEN in our community, let alone in the circles outside our community.

Once again. Thank you Rabbi nuchem for what you have accomplished in these past 5 years. The community is with you, The parents are with you, The righteous people are with you, the G-d Fearing people are with you and most of all HASHEM is with you and as you proclaimed from the very beginning “WE will win” and indeed you did.

"אשריך", בעולם הזה; "וטוב לך", לעולם הבא

Monday, October 25, 2010

The one and only!

 הָדָר הוּא לְכָל-חֲסִידָיו:

The following is a video clip of our HERO and Rabbi getting a well deserved plaque for his tireless work to stand up for the kids in the community.

Everyone with a little bit of brains can see the work that Rabbi Nuchem invests every single day! Rabbi you deserve it! We owe our lives for you for taking it on the chin for us. For taking a bullet for us. For never backing down one inch against people who don’t have the guts to do right.

There will soon be a time where everyone will realizes what you do for us and our children (They know already now – but its not politically correct to admit it), and the LAG LAG Rabbis will be the one embarrassed to walk the streets of our community.
יְהַלְלוּ שְׁמוֹ בְמָחוֹל;    בְּתף וְכִנּוֹר, יְזַמְּרוּ-לוֹ

(We will have the video of the  full speech shortly)

Sundays event - וְתִשְׁמְרֵנוּ מִן הַפְּנִיּות וְהַגֵּאוּת

For those of you that were not able to attend yesterday’s conference, here are some video bytes of the event.

Let me first say that it is an embarrassment and humiliation that we didn’t see any heimishe chassidishe people at the event. There is no excuse for that! We have the same problems as every one else, but we are not willing to admit it and the joke is on us, the joke is on our kids and the unfortunate results are on our kids as well.

I believe it all comes back to the root problem, and that’s the “Big shot” problem. And its not only when it comes to pedophilia, it’s on all the other fights and the dirty laundry this community airs in public and in the court systems.

"OUR PEOPLE" are too proud and too full of themselves to take advice from another person. “Who are we to listen to Dov Hikind?” “Who are we to listen to Mark Appel?” “Who are we to listen to professionals telling us how to fight this problem; we don’t even have a problem!”

This has been the problem all along. Lets take an average Satmar boy and see what his believes are. From day one he was brought up that the klausenberger rabbi is a sheigats, the belzer rabbi is a low life, and every other rabbi is nothing! Only we have a real rabbi, the rest is all garbage. Forget about Chabad, they are “gentiles”. Every one is a joke. If there was ever a protest or a gathering that Satmar did not initiate, one of the following happened: 1. You were not allowed to join that group, it was not “Derech hatorrah” 2. Satmar got involved and they grabbed the power and they took all the credit.

Under normal circumstances I could not care less what satmar does or what any other chassiddus does. If they want to live that way, fine by me. But unfortunately they took it a step further. We have major pedophilia problems in our schools (Just like every other group has) and we all know it, however since Rabbi Nuchem is the one that blew the whistle, then it is a major problem. How can we give credit to someone else? We are the ones that are in charge? How can we listen to an “Outsider” like Dr. Lipner or Mark Appel or any other educated professional, when we are suppose to be the best in everything?

It bites us back in the ass, and it hunts us back big time! Don’t fool yourself saying that we will work internally, because you are fooling no one but yourself. You are not even fooling yourself; you are just putting your head in the sand and not looking, while thousands of kids struggle painfully for the rest of their lives. Keep up that attitude and see how many ruined kids you will raise. But nevertheless, we will stand up to you and fight for the cause whether you like it or not.

Now watch a couple of videos and educate yourselves.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emergency Campaign

We have an opportunity to save a New Jersey Boy in Lakewood from abuse and suffering. We need money for a lawyer and some minor expenses. We are talking approximately 3,500 – 4,000 dollars.

I am reaching out to ANYONE in our audience who is willing to help out with the full amount of partial, to please contact me at You can use your credit card as well.

The Talmud, (Senhadrin 37a) states:

Ladies and gentleman. You have an opportunity to save a Jewish boy from a terrible situation and it does not take much. We have lined up a lawyer that will handle it at pennies on the dollar, and we will solve an issue that MUST be solved.

May hashem help you with health and nachas from your family and may he repay you 100 times fold for this big Mitzvah you are doing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It hits home, very hard (Part 2)

I usually write an article, I take a break for two days and then write another article. Since that last one I wrote on Friday, I could not close my eyes the whole Shabbos! Every time I closed my eyes, I saw this picture in my head and jumped up a mile. If you think, I am joking, think again. I promise you that I did not sleep 15 minutes at one time this whole Shabbos! I tried to forget about it, but it did not work! I tried to sit by my table with my grand children and sing the Shabbos songs, I tried to play with them, I tried to do everything BUT to think about this boy, but I failed!

Every time I looked at my two grandchildren by the Shabbos table, my mind wandered to the picture of this 16-year-old boy from Canada. Every time I closed my eyes trying to fall asleep, my mind wandered to the picture of this 16-year-old boy from Canada. Every time I looked into the siddur or chumish in shul, my mind wandered to the picture of this 16-year-old boy from Canada. Every conversation I tried having with my friends in shul, somehow ended up discussing this 16-year-old boy from Canada.

At 3 am on Friday night as I was tossing and turning, I got out of bed and went outside on the porch to cool off and try to calm down. I was sure I was going to see 300 other people on the porches standing there the same way I did, crying and  painfully thinking about this pure little shefeleh Berish . Of course it was quiet out there it was just me and the black sky and some chirping of the birds. I sat there for 30 minutes with tears flowing down my cheek for this innocent victim, for the pain he went through, for the pain he is in now as we speak, and of course, for the painful journey that awaits his life ahead.

Ladies and Gentleman. Let us be frank here and let us talk to each other. Why do you think I am writing all this? Why do you think I am busy with this blog 24-7? What do I gain out of all this conversations and blogs?  Money? No I don’t make a penny out of this, it only costs me. Fame? No way, I am under anonymous and unidentified name, and am worried everyday, that I should not be discovered “for now”. So what is it? Why am I putting my life out there for this blog?

I will tell you why! Because I know the pain that, a victim endures. I know the pain that is there for eternity! I know the feelings you have when you feel helpless and powerless. I know the feeling of being violated feels like! I know the suicidal thoughts! I know the angry thoughts! I know how crying yourself to sleep every night feels like! I know it all. And most of all, I KNOW THAT WE CAN STOP THIS!

I beg you with everything I got in my heart and soul! Take it upon yourself to look out for your kids. Take it upon yourself to protect your kids! Take it upon yourself to make an effort!  I know friends of mine that go on business trips for 10 days overseas, hoping that something will develop. Is your kid not worth a 15-minute trip to his school? Is your kid not worth a little effort on your part to see if everything is ok? Is your kid not worth that his father should stop saying “Nuchem just talks out of his stomach” and see what Nuchem is really talking about? Is that picture of this 16-year-old boy not a good enough Wake-up-call for you to jump and see what the hell is going on in this community? The fact that there are over a dozen heimishe people sitting in jail for child molestation, not strong enough for you to say I will fight for my kid? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? What else do you need to light a fire under your skin to push you into action?

You are doing it for yourself! Not for anyone else! Ask the father of Lebowitses victims, of Mondrowitses victims, Reichmans victims, Greenfeld victims, and Brauners victims. Ask them what hell they are suffering every single day?  Ask them if they knew then what they know now if they would still be quiet?

The Torah places tremendous importance on "tinokot shel beit rabban"  The talmud teaches, "The world only exists because of the learning of tinokot shel beit rabban," and it also states: "one does not cancel the study sessions of tinokot shel beit rabban even for the building of the Bais hamikdash” (Shabbat 119b). However, fathers and mothers, I ask you? What value does "tinokot shel beit rabban” have if they are being molested and raped? What can these little kinderlach accomplish under these terrible circumstances?  Who will protect them if not their own parents? 

I will end this article with a prayer to hashem, that he should put in our heart a special big dose of strength and health that we should be able to fight this cancerous disease. He should give the right brains in to every parents that they should open their eyes to this great problem and have the strength to fight it. And most of all he should keep an eye out for our little treasures, our little jewels, our tinokot shel beit rabban which the whole world only stands on their behalf.

G-d is my only witness that I have no side agenda with this blog except to see an end to child rape and molestation. I want to see a clean community for my children, grand children and future generations. In addition, I believe that YOU should have the same agenda for your family, and there should be NOTHING holding you back from fighting this sick disease and the terrible people that are the abusers.

I ask every mother to discuss it with their husbands and force them to take action and help us clean the streets, the community and give our kids a better chance of growing up normal and continuing a family free of pain and sorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It hits home, very hard

There is an old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words" it refers to the idea that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly.

Yesterday Rabbi Nuchem posted a picture of the abused child from Kiryas Tosh, Canada (it was done after strategically, discussing it with professionals that advised to post the picture. Usually, the victims are not disclosed, but this is an isolated case that demanded different action). Once I saw this picture, it gave me such a “Shtech” in my heart, such a knock-out punch to my soul and it gave me that numb feeling that I had 40 years ago when I was abused.

Ladies and gentleman. For those fortunate enough that were not abused, you have no clue what that feeling is and I am very happy for you, but let me try to put it on paper as best I can.

Take a look at this 16-year-old picture of this boy. Seems like your average go-happy boy minding his own business and in his head he has that same silly thought that an average 16 year old has (i.e. when will I get married? How many pages of torah can i learn?,When can I play with my friends on the computer, etc.)  Sounds innocent enough!  But now that you know what actually happened to him and you get a little bit of an idea of the hell this pure shefeleh, innocent kid endured over the past 5 years, it shakes every part of your body and it actually gives you a face to the pain! It gives you a picture of sorrow! It gives you a hit in the heart to stare at this kid and his pain hidden in his face.

If this picture did not shake you up, you must not have a heart! If this picture didn’t make you think “hey, he looks like my 15 year old, just with a different nose, why can this not happen to me kid or my nephew or my neighbor” then check if you have a pulse at all.  To me, it tied it all together, and all the stories you hear its always “someone else” ”a broken home”  “must be a nebech case”. Well, here he is! A picture of innocence, a picture of a normal healthy good little boy, a picture of what rabbi nuchem has been preaching for years, a picture of Joel Engelman, Joe diangello, and many other little kinderlech from our community that were not caught in time.

Are you still comfortable that I am not talking to you? Did this picture not hit home at all? Do you still think it only happens in “other” communities? Please tell me what you think? Do you think that Baruch Lebowits went for other type of kids? NO! That’s exactly what he ruined and molested on a daily basis! That is exactly what Rabbi Nuchem is fighting for every minute of the day! That is exactly what the rabbis are trying to whitewash and hide! That is exactly whom rabbi Greenfield of Bovbov abused for 15 years! That’s exactly who Scumbag Daskalowitz went after.

Open your nose holes and smell the coffee! These are the kids, which the abusers are going after! These are the kids, which are at risk! These are the kids, that the rabbis in school abuse! These are the kids, which the kosover chasir, the tinefer rabbi, and many more lowlifes are not willing to protect.

Take this picture and remember it well! This is the “Before“ picture and we all have pictures like this that we love in our homes that we send out onto the streets of our community every single day. But the “after” picture is not such a pretty site! And its even uglier when you know you could’ve done something about it!

It’s sickening that we still have to talk about this, instead of the parents flocking to the schools, courts and demanding that these abusers are locked up!

There is a meeting this Sunday in Boro Park, and make sure you come and hear the facts! Make sure you gave your kids every possible weapon and protection he deserves, OR DON’T COMPLAIN LATER!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Death Penalty for Child Molesters?

There has been a fierce battle and debate over the issue of “Cruel punishment” for child molesters. Both sides arguing back and forth, if they should have the same laws applied to them as a murderer, or the death penalty is too harsh of a punishment.

Oklahoma has recently become the 5th state in the country to approve the “Death penalty” for child molesters. Under the measure signed by Gov. Brad Henry, anyone convicted twice for rape, sodomy or lewd molestation involving children under 14 can face the death penalty.
South Carolina's governor signed a similar law, allowing the death penalty for offenders convicted twice of raping children younger than 11. Louisiana, Florida and Montana also have laws allowing the death penalty for certain sex crimes.

Defense attorneys and death penalty experts said the laws defy recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have scaled back the death penalty's application. Barbara Bergman, president of the Washington-based National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said Supreme Court decisions have made it clear that the death penalty is reserved for someone who has taken another life.

"I'm not saying that raping a child is not a horrible crime, but no one has died," said Bergman, who was part of the defense team that avoided the death penalty for Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols following his 2004 conviction on 161 murder counts.

(Blogs note: What an absolute crazy quote! Shame on you Miss Bergman!)

David Brook, a law professor at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., said the measure might actually put a child rape victim's life at risk. "The last message you want to give an offender who has the life of a child in his hands is you might as well kill the child because he's already got the death penalty," said Brook, who runs the Virginia Capital Case Clearing House, which assists lawyers in death penalty cases. "This is a very stupid message."

No one convicted of a sex offense has been executed since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment 30 years ago, though one inmate is on death row in Louisiana following his 2003 conviction for raping an 8-year-old girl.

The following is an article written in TIME magazine, debating the pros and cons.

In the state that is the nation's undisputed death penalty leader, Texas, you might think there is no such thing as a punishment considered too harsh. But as legislators there consider joining the small but growing number of states making certain convicted pedophiles eligible for the death penalty, a surprisingly vocal group of critics has emerged, arguing that the measure is shortsighted, counterproductive and probably unconstitutional.
"There's tough. And then there's Texas tough," Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst declared at his January inauguration as he pledged to press for mandatory 25-year sentences and a two-strikes death-penalty provision for convicted child predators. The proposal is a more extreme version of the so-called " Jessica's Law " passed by the Florida legislature in the wake of the February 2005 rape and murder of nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford. That landmark statute imposed mandatory 25-year prison terms and life electronic monitoring for sex offenders, and since its passage in May 2005 42 states and Congress have implemented or are considering their own very similar laws.

Dewhurst's stance made headlines and has won him kudos from national backers of Jessica's Law such as Fox News's Bill O'Reilly and John Walsh, producer of America's Most Wanted. But it also sparked the formation of an unexpected coalition of opponents, featuring some of the state's toughest prosecutors as well as victims' rights groups, both of whom worry that the measure could backfire and result in fewer convictions.

"We saw the tsunami wave coming to Texas," said Shannon Edmonds, state lobbyist for the Texas District and County Attorneys Association. Last year, South Carolina adopted the death penalty for the second offense of raping a child under age 11. Oklahoma followed, passing Jessica's Law with a death penalty provision for raping a child under age 14. Texas already had some of the toughest child predator laws on the books with its two-strikes rule that sends child predators to jail for life. But the push for even harsher punishment was coming from the state leadership, rather than from the grass roots, as tightening of criminal laws often does. "Prosecutors will tell you these are the most difficult cases to get a guilty verdict on," Edmonds said. "Prosecutors lose more of these cases than any other."

The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault also voiced its concerns about "unintended consequences" of Jessica's Laws. The mandatory sentences can backfire, said TAASA spokeswoman Karen Amacher, as prosecutors lose the flexibility to seek lesser sentences in cases where a jury trial may prove too taxing for a child witness, or a jury or judge may not feel a 25-year sentence is warranted. Since an estimated 80% of child sexual assaults are committed by family members, groups like Amacher's are concerned that mandatory sentence laws, not to mention the death penalty, might dissuade certain people from reporting abuse to authorities. "With sex offenders we want to say let's lock them up and throw away the key — these folks are just awful, after all — but it's just not realistic," Amacher said.
Even avowed supporters of the death penalty in murder cases think the Texas proposal would be a bad idea. "If you give the same sentence for molesting a little girl as for molesting and killing a little girl, it seems an incentive to go ahead and kill her," said Michael Rushford, head of the pro-death penalty Criminal Justice Legal Foundation in Sacramento, Calif.

Legal scholars from both sides of the political spectrum have warned Texas legislators the death penalty for repeat sex offenders would likely be declared unconstitutional. In 1977 the Supreme Court ruled in Coker vs. Georgia that the death penalty in rape cases was cruel and unusual punishment. Nevertheless, several states have retained old laws providing the death penalty for rape of minors — including Florida, Montana and Louisiana. Only one state, Louisiana, currently has someone on death row charged with raping a child: Patrick O. Kennedy, who faces the death penalty after being convicted in 2003 of raping an eight-year-old. His case is being appealed and could make its way to the Supreme Court, according to Richard Dieter, head of the Death Penalty Information Center.
Even so, prosecutors aren't willing to sit and wait for the highest court in the land to sort it all out. Instead, district attorneys around the state told the legislature that what they really needed were more tools to win cases, not limits on their choices. Working in committee, prosecutors and victims' rights groups managed to include evidence rule changes that would give them more flexibility in presenting child witnesses. The 25-year mandatory-minimum requirement was fine-tuned to apply only to egregious cases such as those involving children under the age of 6 or the use of a deadly weapon. But while it is optional in the bill adopted by the Texas senate, the death penalty remains mandatory for a second offense in the House version. With overwhelming support in both houses for at least a death penalty option, it is likely some kind of capital punishment provision will survive in the final bill that is passed.

Still, if the mandatory death penalty provision for a second offense survives in the Texas bill, it would be 25 years before anyone could face that punishment. They would have to be found guilty of the first offense under the new law initially and serve the mandatory 25 years. If the Senate version with the optional death penalty survives, the politicians will surely trumpet it, but it is unlikely prosecutors would use that new tool, given the time and resources that would have to be poured into a case that would almost certainly be appealed. "I think prosecutors would wait for guidance from the Supreme Court first," Edmonds said.
Just two weeks before the Senate passed its version of Jessica's Law, two men freed on DNA testing after serving 27 years in prison between them for adult sexual assault visited the state capitol. The lone senator to vote against the bill reminded his colleagues of their visit. "At some point we have to decide where do we draw the line on something that's politically right but morally wrong," State Senator Rodney Ellis, a Houston Democrat, said as he cast his vote. "I'm for the death penalty, but I think it would be nice if we had a system where we got the right one."

I would like to get feedback from my readers. Please write me your take on it, and explain why you think it’s pro or con. I agree with the death penalty for child Rapist. But unlike some who say that you have to be a repeat offender, i believe a "First timer" should be under the law as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Agree to disagree

It is with great pleasure, with a smile on my face and my honor, to announce the good news. Ms. Vicki Pollin has been named a Semi Finalist in the “Jewish Hero Awards”.

You are probably wondering why I am so happy? Why do I really care about this award? There are a few reasons for that, but here is the most important one. It shows a sign of change. It shows a sign of momentum. It shows a signal of education. It shows – most of all – that people care and people appreciate the work that is done for the children.

Let me be the first one to admit and to confess that I might not be 100% in agreement on everything Vicki Pollin stands for. I will actually take it a step further, there might be some of her believes or standings that don’t agree with at all. There are also some items that I don’t necessarily agree with Rabbi Nuchem, but all that is even a bigger reason why I support these people when they are fighting a good cause.

See, if we will start looking for a negative in every person and will not befriend a man or a woman due to one specific item they stand for, you will find yourself isolated on an island in Africa. The biggest Rabbis years ago disagreed on Major issues  but still had the respect, admiration and mutual understanding that they “Agree to disagree” on this one issue, and then move ahead with the rest.

Rest assured that we are not talking about these rabbis disagreeing on Minor issues. We are talking about the foundation of Judaism (i.e. Birth Control. Mikvahs, Zmanim, Zionist, etc.). And that is what I am trying to instill in each and every one of you.

You don’t have to endorse Rabbi Nuchem to be your Rabbi. You don’t have to follow his way of thinking, learning or anything you might not like about him or you disagree with. However, when it comes to the issue of protecting children, and history has proven us again, again and again that he is THE ONLY ONE with courage, guts and will to fight this terrible disease, then I tell you, YOU MUST follow him and respect his opinion and support him all the way.  

Anyways, thank you all who voted for Vicki Pollin and showing that this problem is something you care about and willing to fight for. Congrats Vicki!

Emergency Bulletin – Boro Park Community.

The individual pictured here would at first glance give an impression of pure holiness in motion.  He is dressed to the nines with his "platchige beiber hit","ripsene bekiche" and "shvartze zuken".  He walks briskly with a stern look on his face, carrying his oversized "talis battel".  You would think that the only reason he walks uncomfortably close to strange women and girls when he strides down the street is because he gazes down all the time and is oblivious to their very existence.   The fact, though, is quite different.  This person is a vile low-life predator. He preys on innocent girls walking alone on the street in broad daylight.  His MO is to follow the girl and slowly close in on her.  When he gets alongside her he walks together with her making believe like he is on his cell-phone and oblivious to her presence.  If at this point the girl doesn't run away, he takes this as a cue that she is 'interested' in him and he starts making lewd comments to her and propositioning her to come with him and that he would show then "nice things".  His comments get viler as time goes on.  He does not relent even if the girl starts walking briskly away.  He slowly inches the girl closer to the houses and then waits for the opportunity to shove her into an alley.............

Do you know this man?
This perpetrator was last seen in Boro Park on
18th Avenue
in the area of
52nd Street
stalking a young girl.  Thankfully the girl had the presence of mind to veer into a heimishe store and alert the storekeeper who immediately alerted Shomrim and gave chase after the pervert.  He managed to get away, but not before he was picked up by several security cameras.

The accompanying photo is a screenshot of the surveillance footage.  The actual high quality footage is being retrieved from the security system and will be handed over to authorities.

In the meantime we are reaching out to the community to help identify this creep and help in getting him off the streets.

 The animal is in his mid-twenties, of medium height, medium to slightly-heavy build, blond/brown hair with long peyos, wears glasses, and is dressed in the full rebbishe regalia.  It is though that he does not reside in the area of the incident since no one recognized him after extensive canvassing in the area.  He is most likely a "kollel Yingerman" since he was carrying his talis/teffilin at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

If you know the individual pictured here please contact us by email so that we may pass the information to the authorities.

In the meantime please educate your children and keep them safe.

P.S. We hope to post by tomorrow a Video recording we obtained from a local security camera.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dear parents,

Next week on Oct 24th there will be a seminar by professionals and doctors, teaching us how to protect our kids from molesters, how to see the early warning signs, etc.

Give 60 minutes of your time, for good 70 years of your kids' life
Now lets cut to the chase. I know that in our community, if Satmar is not the one that orchestrated this event, they will not show up there, it’s not good for their mighty reputation and prestige. But I think that this one event, everyone should leave their egos at home and join this important and “must” event.

Furthermore, I would ask every parent to make a phone call to their kids’ school and demand to know, which person will represent their school or yeshiva! It’s about time to stop with the nonsense and put your priorities on the table. Who cares which organization started it? The fact is, there are multiple yeshivas and rabbinical organizations that are behind it, and it’s the right thing to do, and it is the correct thing to attend it.

We all know that there is a problem in the community, and deep down in our hearts we are thankful for the people that are out there to protect us as much as possible. So lets go out in bunches and do what is right and support the people who are supporting us.

I know of a couple surprise events that will take place there, and a couple of topics you would NOT want to miss. I will be there IY”H with as many people I can possibly convince to be there.  Its two hours of your time, but these two hours might save 70 years of your children’s life. I don’t think its asking too much!  

On the same note. Isn’t it a big shame that whenever you go to these events, people ask where the Chassidic schools are, and I don’t have an answer for that! Forget the fact, that you should attend these workshops and speeches just for the education and importance of the issues, but added to that is the fact that the whole world sees that by “us”  we don’t really care about sexual predators. Lets prove them wrong!

Lets start fresh and make this a priority for us, for our children and for the safety of our future generations and for a healthy environment on our streets.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am releasing a public a warning to the 3 individuals in Europe who are making threats on behalf of scumbag, rapist and abuser
 מילך לייפער (Milech Leifer).

"Di bist a yigermam darftsti dich raben" (quote from a 45 minute filthy speech giving to a girl how the men's mindset works)
They are putting pressure on his victims and trying to keep them hush and shush.
If this does not stop immediately, I will be posting a new audio tape of this menuvel every week. I have in my possession plenty more recordings, and I will publicize all of them, and put pressure on the European government to prosecute him.
Shame on you for protecting him and faking it like you are trying to protect the youth in your area. I will not fall for your garbage and I will fight to decimate this filth just like anyone else.

Final warning, next step is action!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

אַשְׁרֶיךָ, וְטוֹב לָךְ

I did not plan to write this article today, since I just posted one earlier today. But I felt the urge and significance to write it before I even go to sleep.

When you look at Rabbi Nuchem and you step back for a second and think what this man has accomplished in the last 3-4 years, you become anesthetized and overwhelming to the fact on what these Rabbis did to him, or rather TRIED to do to him. Because as we all know by now, He won and won big time and even better WE WON. Klal Yisroel won by having a holy man like this that speaks for us and represents us.

Why am I telling you all this?  What am I trying to convince you?  I am really just talking to myself but whispering loud enough that you can listen in as well.

I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of victims in our community over the past two months and I thought I figured out Rabbi Nuchem. I thought I knew what he is all about, I thought this is a man that decided to fight pedophilia and has the guts to stand up to the Rabbis and that’s all. I have found out a much holier and sensitive side to this man. This is a man that not only stands up for what he believes, not only took a bullet in his forehead for the children’s sake, but this is a man that is committed to do what is right.

This man gives his time for free to build Mikvahs all over the USA, so Jewish mothers could keep up with Halacha! This man does not know how to say NO when you ask him any kind of favor at any time of the night! This man not only listens to victims of sexual abuse but stays with them and counsels them for years and years, and sometimes even pays the bills for it, and supports the family surrounding the victim. This HOLY MAN has a heart of gold, is a kind man and I believe in the depth of my heart that this man is a special gift from G-d to us in these dark days.

Ladies and Gentleman! I am not on the Rabbis payroll, I am not associated with him other than taking his advice, suggestions and leadership and I do not gain anything by writing this post. I am writing strictly, because I believe it and I feel humbly honored that I am in a position to be in the shadow of this great man. I will admit , its heart breaking for me to watch him endure the hell from the outside world, when in essence we should raise him on a golden platter for doing a job no one is capable of doing and for protecting OUR children, but it truthfully seems to bother me more than the rabbi himself. He is taking it in stride and just keeps doing what he believes in, and does it with all his energy.

I have also discovered a sensitive side in rabbi Nuchem that no one can imagine. He is sensitive to his cause, sensitive to victims of abuse, sensitive to not bad-mouth anyone unless he has beyond-a –shadow-of-a-doubt proof and is sensitive to say “thank you” all the time and respect people half his age and so on and so on. Now, when it comes to fighting pedophilia, he does a 360 quicker than a US Air force jet! And we are the ones that profit out of that fire in his eyes and we are the ones that reap the benefits of his holy work.

There are many of you that constantly email me with words of support and encouragement. To you I ask, next time you see Rabbi Nuchem on the street, don’t be shy, walk by him and say “Thank you Rabbi” “Keep up the good work Rabbi” show him that we appreciate his work, and show him appreciation for the hard work he does for US.

 כִּי-רוֹצֶה יְהוָה בְּעַמּוֹ;  יְפָאֵר עֲנָוִים, בִּישׁוּעָה- For the LORD takes pleasure in His people; He bejeweled the humble with salvation. May Hashem give you energy, health and strength so you can continue your great work and your tremendous effort you do for us. May these other Rabbis come to their senses, realize how wrong they are, and do teshuva. May G-d watch over you כִּי מַלְאָכָיו, יְצַוֶּה-לָּךְ;    לִשְׁמָרְךָ, בְּכָל-דְּרָכֶיךָ and protect you from all evil, and bless you with Nachas and happiness. Amen

צַדִּיק, כַּתָּמָר יִפְרָח;    כְּאֶרֶז בַּלְּבָנוֹן יִשְׂגֶּה

Its a numbers game!

I was by a wedding this week and was sitting and talking with the boys and Rabbi nuchem‘s hotline came up for discussion. We were discussing his website, his speech and his way of battling this terrible plague in our community.

They of course don’t know that I am the author of this blog, so the conversation was just flowing among friends, and it was open, honest and from the heart. I noticed a very interesting mutual opinion that every one shared over that one-hour discussion we had. At one point or another, all of them said something to the following effect. “Oh boy is he right, but he is crazy” Or “Unfortunately he is 100 percent right, but he is too dirty” and every single one of these guys had a similar reaction to Rabbi Nuchem’s program.

Before I get to my point, I also want to share this with you. When I decided to go public with this blog, I was ready to receive hate mail, death threats and all the other substance that goes along with this. To my surprise, I was amazed on how little of hate mail I get. (I do get on a daily basis hate mail and “bruchas” – but it’s from the same 5 people that are angry with the Judge and feel it’s my fault or Rabbi nuchem’s fault) To my surprise, I get encouragement e-mails, and hundreds of stories of abuse that people in our community endured and I cant believe the pain that people have concealed in their souls.

My question today, is the same question I ask all these people when they write to me. Forget the fact that we took a hero like Rabbi Nuchem and destroyed his reputation for no good reason. Forget the fact that we all know how corrupt these Rabbis are, and yet we still look the other side and even worst, we want to protect them. Forget the fact that there is not a home with out a casualty of molestation, yet no one has the guts to stand up for it. Forget all that. Just tell me , how you live with yourself being a father and mother of a precious little child, knowing in your heart that he has no one in these world at this little age but you, and you knowingly look away and are not willing to stand up for him! Explain that to me!

My daughters always tell me cute little stories, how they make little snacks for their little kids to take to Yeshiva every day, and sometimes they put in a little “Surprise” in the lunch box (i.e. a special cookie, a sticker, etc.). Other mothers, go out of their way and even though they might struggle financially, they will make a surprise birthday  party for their “little boy” or buy them a special game, and they do it with the utmost love and good intentions, because they want their little boy to grow up happy, joyful and to have great childhood memories.

I wonder how many 10 year old kids smile when they receive their special cookie, but deep inside their heart they are thinking “Mommy, its not the cookies I want, I want you to protect me from uncle yankel or my Teacher R’ Moshe”. How many little kids can’t fall asleep at night because they know tomorrow morning his loving father will drop him off in cheder where his rabbi is waiting for him yet again? How many little kinderlach  dread shabbas because their favorite uncle Yankel is coming  and visits his Friday Night 1 AM in his room and then smiles by the meal the next day as if nothing happened?

In this week’s hotline, Rabbi nuchem said a very funny but important one-liner. “You should not invite in your sukkah any guest, except for the ushpizen”.

I know some of you are thinking here he goes again. The same old BS, the same old overreaction and the same old hallucinating on Rabbi nuchems part. Well, I wonder if the family on 47th street that warmly invited a  guest  named Simon Benisti (check our wall of shame section – scroll to the bottom) also think that this is hallucinating by Rabbi Nuchem. They invited a guest for a couple of days, and in return he raped two little children in that house (ages 8 and 10) as a “thank you” note!

I know some of you are thinking here he goes again. The same old BS, the same old overreaction and the same old hallucinating on Rabbi Nuchems part. Well, I wonder yet again how the father of Daskalowits’s victim feels. I will bet he does not feel that I am over doing it! I will bet that the multiple victims of Lebowits don’t feel I am over doing it! I will bet that the multiple victims of reichman don’t feel I am chewing over the same thing too many times and I  will bet that G-D forbid, when you found out that your child has been molested by your best friend, cousin, or rabbi YOU will not think I am over doing it!

I have a question to you. You go to the grocery every single day and buy food off the shelves. Why do you that? Aren’t you afraid that those ingredients might kill you? Aren’t you afraid that there is poison in there that has not been verified that its ok to digest? Well, of course not! There is a Government in America and they have  a food and drug administration and they over look the plants and manufacturing and make sure it is safe for you and your family, and tats how you are comfortable enough to feed your little kids this food.

NEWS FLASH!! That same government that you trust so dearly for your kids food, is the same government that tells you “one out of five BOYS are molested” and its usually by someone they know or trust! If I remember right, not too long ago there was a blog (which is long closed down) that claimed that Rabbi Nuchem is a “Pick and choose” rabbi! It seems that these is the biggest “pick and choose” issue possible! On one hand you are injecting food in to your baby because the Government said its ok and you trust them, but on the other hand you are ignoring them on the most vital issues regarding your son!

Let’s take even a closer look at these numbers. If you are a mother of 8 kids, there is a 40 percent chance tat TWO of your kids are being abused, or an 80% chance that ONE of your boys are being abused, or only a 20 percent chance that THREE of your boys are being abused. Would you feed your kid a snack that is only 10 percent chance of poison? Would you give your little boy milk that only smells 1 percent not so fresh?

I beg you, don’t wait till its too late! I can tell you for a 100 PERCENT FACT. Once you find out that one of your kids were molested or just touched or not even full rape, your life will turn upside down and IT WILL NEVER NEVER be the same! You can laugh me off, you can ignore Rabbi Rosenberg and you can go on with your routine, but don’t blame anyone but yourself afterwards! Its not a very good feeling to stomach the fact “I could’ve prevented it” it’s a sickening feeling that keeps you up at night! And a sickening feeling that messes up your kid for a lifetime of pain.

Stop buying him one more cookie until you had the chance to check out his safety and surroundings first! Then you will know you are a good parent and a good roll model, not by throwing him a birthday bash!

 Let me finish by saying this! If you don’t always listen to rabbi Nuchem’s hotline every week, or if you don’t listen to it in full, this week would be a good time to listen to every word of it, as it is powerful and a must for every parent. And to you Lebowits family, you should also listen to it, because the Rabbi is offering you a deal that your biggest appeal lawyers cant negotiate and he has it in his power to make it work. You guys already conceded that the attitude of deny, deny, deny wont work! Everyone in the community knows he is a molester, everyone always knew he was a molester and he is finally a convicted molester rotting in hell where he cant slaughter more victims. But here is an opportunity for you to get him out and you can do it simply by following the Rabbis advice and it won’t cost you a million dollars in lawyers fees.

I think its time that you guys see the situation and adjust properly and have the brains like the Brauner family and say sorry, and he will be home in 3 years. See what happened to Weingarten, he did not want to say sorry and also got 30 years. You are not dealing wit Itsu Glick, you are dealing with the Justice System they are not scared when you yell or say “sheigets arois”

מָרוֹם מִמְּרוֹמִים. רַחֵם עַל עֲגוּמִים. וְעַל זֶרַע רְחוּמִים. יְלִידֵי יְדִידֶיךָ