Thursday, December 30, 2010


For the record:

People have asked me , why I don’t post so much lately, and if I have a rift with Rabbi Nuchem. The answer is NO! I have the same respect I always had for the Rabbi, I love him like my own father. I just changed jobs and I am not so accessible to computers as I used to be; my hours are also different, and its hard for me to post as often, but I will try to post at least once a week (New Year resolution).

I have the most admiration to rabbi Nuchem, and when I write that he is a hero and a נחשון בן עמינדב

i really mean it from the heart



Please take time-out from your busy day, and watch this flick. its 90 minutes but well worth it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

נחשון בן עמינדב

The following video is a speech of the Holy Rabbi Rosenberg to Charles Hynes and his staff. it is very important that you view it. The video is also viewable on Rabbi Rosenberg’s blog, but I have also put it on my blog, for the following reason.

For those of you who think that rabbi Rosenberg only takes on the Rabbis because he is not scared of them or because he needs attention, this video will show you once and for all what this holy man is all about, and how legit his fight is. He is taking on one of the strongest politically powers in the State of NY. He is going after the strongest office in NY and after a man who is in high-power position for the longest time. Why is he doing it? Because rabbi Nuchem does whatever is necessary to keep our community clean.

I was amazed to see that rabbi Rosenberg, - which also happens to be in close contact with Charles Hynes, and has accomplished a lot over the years - realized that he is not helping the cause, and without hesitation, he dropped him like a hot potato and told him to stop the whitewashing. This is what I call a man with a mission! Rabbi Nuchem has one thing on his mind, and that is to give us a clean community.

It is very unfortunate that some of us (Most of us already see the truth) still don’t realize that this man is holy, pure and dedicated to the kids of our community. As the saying goes, once he will not be here with us (after 120 years) we will then understand what we missed and what we had.

THANK YOU RABBI - You are truly a HERO!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Again, Again and Again

An unbelievable cycle of abuse has been occurring in our community’s schools and as shocking as it sounds some people still are trying to hush-hush it

Before we get into this “again”, let’s get some facts straight. If you are one of those that still believe that the problem is “minor” or “rare”, please call a car service and immediately check yourself in to the nearest mental center. Every single day, a new story appears of abuse in the schools. And as the story comes out in the open, the Beard and the hat of the abuser is bigger, whiter and longer.

Ladies and gentleman! these are not allegations! These are not stories that only Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg could come up with! These are not fantasies or fiction! These are abusive happenings that the abusers are being arrested for, and the abusers (Teachers – Melamdim) confess to in the police stations, The children come forward to parents and government agencies.

Somehow, once the abuser is released on bail, the case falls apart. Why? Because of the cover ups and I will explain why it happens, how it happens and what we are doing that this will stop from happening by going after the people that obstruct justice!

Let me clarify the law to all of you! When you go to a person and warn him not to press charges because the community wont like it, or your kids will be thrown out of school. Even if you don’t mention it exactly like that, but you’re just saying something: “you don’t want to put your kids in a situation that kids will yell at them, and you wont be able to do a shidduch” or any kind of nonsense like that, That’s called obstruction of justice, and it id a very hard crime in America.

Besides for the fact that it is totally acceptable, permissible and actually a “mitzvah” to get rid of trash like that from our community. Youa re playing with fire when you do that and it won’t be tolerated.

For the record: Everyone that threatened the victim of rapist Daskalowitz, will have to answer to the DA’s office. You might have noticed, that Charles Hynes backed down, and he wont protect you anymore, because he does not care much about you and wont put his career ahead of your well-being. You know whom I am talking too, and your case is already on file at a “different” district attorney. Remember, threading or tempering with a witness, is not just a state crime, but also a Federal crime, even on a state case.

Under the leadership of rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, -our savior-, we have made tremendous progress and we wont stop until every corner of our community is safe and every class room is under surveillance.

Let this be a  reminder to everyone (shame on us that we still have to remind you, and you don’t understand on your own to do what is expected from us to protect our shefelech), that tempering with a witness or threaten a victim, is punishable by the harshest guidelines possible.

We will go after the helpers of the abusers, just like the abusers themselves. And we will go after you, even though you are a good friend with a captain, DA or any other government agency. We will involve the media and take you down along with the man on the inside helping you out, if necessary.

No one is above justice. Not the abusers, not the helpers of the abusers and certainly not government officials. This is America and it will be justice for all.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Parshas Va’yechi

Parshas Va’yechi brings out my worst memories of my childhood. It still puts a shiver up my spine every year at this time.

Do you think because Chaim Arye Braver hit me on the nails when I did not hold my tune when I sang Va’Ani? NO!  Do you think because I slipped on the snow outside? No!

I will tell you what it is! Parshas Va’yechi was the first time Cahim Arye Braver abused me and may I add, he “violently abused me” It all started with a hogwash story that I was a “bad boy” he pulled down my pants and spanked me up and took a turn for the worst.

Let me say something to my readers. This post will probably get 5 million comments accusing me of lying, and distortion and I am telling you right now, I will not let one negative comment on “this” post. Why? Why do I always allow it but not on this one? I will tell you why. This post is about ME, about healing and about me talking aloud and moving ahead with my life. I could not care less if you believe me or if you think I am full of it, or anything else you want to think.

In essence, you have no idea what you know, you were not there, I WAS! But by you writing a negative comment you feel better about yourself and convince yourself that I am not telling the truth, and the community is doing fine, and I will not allow it on this one post.

For your information, those “old days” are almost gone. There is very little resistance left in the community and as the young generation grows uo, they know the truth, some of them are victims, and they will not allow it to go silent. For the record, the minkatcher Ruv would love to have 10% the amount of Chassidim rabbi Nuchem has. So don’t fool yourself, and rest assured  that the public is with us and it high time that  everyone finnaly knows that we are in the right and the rabbis are in the wrong.

Mr. Braver, you are now in the “oilem H’ames”  you cant bull shit there, and you cant put up this fake behavior. I demand that you pay for your action up there. I  Know you are paying for your actions up there, there are no free passes up there.

 I have a family member that through marriage is also your family member, and we spoke and I asked him about different issues, and he told me straight out. Your son Nusen Shie who was also a teacher in satmar and has many victims, has been so quite through all this, because he does not want any movement or investigations on his behalf. I personally was not abused by him, but I was in Naponeck-Satmar camp when he abused this poor 8 year old child (he was a “Shluf Rabbi”) that the child ended up in the Ellenville hospital the next morning. I remember vividly how Nucsen Shie’s wife came running when she heard the abuse and he yelled at her in front of the whole bunk!

Let this be a lesson to every molester out there. Eventually you get caught and someone pays the consequences. Sometimes you are still alive to see it, and sometimes it is even worst, your children  have to burden your shit.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fight Fight and Fight!

My Dear Friends. I am posting a flyer that was already posted by Rabbi Nuchem on HIS blog, but I feel the urge to post it here as well.

It is dishonorable, shameful, pathetic, appalling and dreadful that in the year of 2010 when the whole world knows already what’s happening with our youth. and yet there is a men in his 30’s amongst us that has abused kids for the longest time, has been caught, has admitted to it, he killed not only the child but his whole family. And all said, he still has people fighting for him to keep him out of jail and let him get off with probation!

Ladies and gentleman, I am here to tell you today that something smells here. This is not a common occurrence and it does not make sense. There is something that is being hidden here or someone that is being protected and it’s high time to investigate it.

Let make this public promise to the District Attorney and to the people involved. We will find out what’s the reason behind the madness, and why there are these same 3 people fighting for him and if there is any miscarriage of justice, illegal activities, or unethical dealings behind the scenes, that we will demand justice and we will not back off until its thoroughly investigated!

Mr. Daskalowitz is a known abuser, a self-admitted rapist, the community knows about it, his family knows about it and the government knows about it. This man belongs in prison or he will rape and abuse again and again!

I urge you to join the movement in demanding justice for his victims! I am sure if it would be your kid you would want the publics support as well, a victim should get all the support possible, and we are not doing enough. We will find out the truth and we will demand answers no matter what it takes, how long it takes, how far it takes us and no matter who will get exposed along the way.

Stand up for the children

We will not tolerate pedophilia in our community with the rabbis support or with out! With a “Cheirem” or without! with your approval or without! The battle has just begun and we will use every method possible, every media outlet and every thing possible to demand justice and to keep our streets safe.

You people still wonder, why rabbi Nuchem does not give up? People always ask me Why is he still busy we got the message? NO NO NO you didn’t get the message, there are still people out there trying to silence this dreadful disease and we will make noise until our last breath on this earth

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sorry for the 2 weeks time off!


I did not post close to two weeks, due to a simcha in the family! I am very sorry to the hundreds of people that wrote me via email wondering what happened. Not going into much details, I will tell you that I am here and everything is ok, I just had a simach B”H in the family and was tied up.

I will NEVER stop posting because this is a life and death issue. Here is a little speech that is very worthwhile for everyone to watch: