Friday, August 26, 2011

New York Attitude – New York Chickens

I just got off the phone with a heimishe woman in Australia, and got a pin-point report on Rabbi Nuchem’s trip.

Let me quote this woman’s exact quote “Rabbi Nuchem was treated like a rock-star”

Rabbi Nuchem made an historic trip to Australia and the crowds went wild, they engaged in conversation, they listened to his speeches and they enjoyed a spiritual week they won’t forget for a while.

I am not here to repeat every little detail, you can hear that on the Rabbis blog and you can hear the details from the Rabbi himself. But I do want to educate the NY rabbis (Yes, I said educate) and expose the attitude and bluff we are surrounded with in New York.

The community there is just as bright as we are, just as smart as we are and just as educated as we are, never the less, they all came together and listened to the Rabbi and to his speeches. Why did they come? because they have the same problems we do, and they want to know how to deal with it and they want to better themselves and they want to have a clean community.

They don’t have the attitude “who is nuchem to listen to” Who needs this American rabbi. They knew that they are willing to do anything they can, to protect their kids, their streets, their schools and their community.

The same scene repeats itself everywhere in the Jewish communities all over the USA where the Rabbi preaches his heart-felt speeches and educates communities all through the USA.. The Rabbi Has attracted crowds in almost every USA State over the years and been invited to come back again and again
The only place where the Rabbi is not welcomed is the “Chassidishe crowd” in NYC. Why IS that? Why don’t we want to listen to him? What are we afraid of? Why are we so scared of this isolated man? Why not just ignore this silly man?

It’s all in the attitude! Its all in the fear these rabbis throw on the community, and let me explain.

The Rabbis here ( I crinch every time I must call David Eichenstein or Mendel Teitelbaum and similar garbage “Rabbi”) have two things going for them.

1. They got the worst attitude in the world. They will never listen to someone other than them. Because they are holy people, they are the best-of-the-best, and who are they to listen to little Nuchem Rosenberg?

The funny part is, that they are so full of it, that they are actually convincing themselves that they are actually good people. David Eichenstien actually thinks that he is one of the Tzadikkim of this generation. How deep in hell are we!

This rabbunim are so crooked and so off the real path, that it is so scary. It is so sad that we as people in the community let them get away with it and are scared to open our mouths. In Australia, no one cared that Rabbi Beck was not happy that Rabbi Nuchem was there, they laughed at him and decided to show up so they can learn something. But here in NY we don’t have the guts they have, obviously!

2. The Rabbis lead the cast of pedophiles in our community, so they will do everything in their power to shut Rabbi nuchem up!

They cannot afford to let the community hear what Rabbi Nuchem is saying, because they are done and exposed. Little do they know that everyone listens to rabbi Nuchem, and the hotlines have more phone calls every week that all these Rabunnims synagogue members combined.

Raboisai, I will say it until I am blue in my face. MAKE A STAND FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR KIDS! Take action or your kid might be the next Leiby Kletzky. Everything Rabbi Nuchem has been telling us, happened in the community. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What can i add?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The new season is here

Remeber him? there are plenty more on our
streets and we do nothing about it. SHAME ON US!
When the unfortunate “Leiby Kletzky” saga happened, the community was outraged and crowds were in heated discussions on how we must change and we must educate and we must we must and we must.

Well, ladies and gentleman the new winter season is almost here, the kids are starting to come home from the camps, the streets are slowly starting to fill up. 

I would like to know which yeshiva hired counselors or brought in a professional to get going and start educating the students, the Rabbis and the principals of the schools.  Which Talmid torah is still in the mode we were 6 weeks ago at the time of the tragedy and will do what we all said will be done when Kletzky was murdered.

Raboisai. We must demand from our schools that they follow up on this tragedy and do something about it. Remember how we felt that day, remember how we were sure that day that things will finally change.  WE MUST follow up and we must make a stand and make sure that this brutal killing does not go to waste.

As things look right now, this innocent little boy’s killing did nothing but lined the pockets of some con artist’s opportunist that worked on our emotions and got us to donate money. We don’t know where the money went, we don’t know what it accomplished and we really don’t care. All we want is that this does not happen again, and as of right now, nothing is done about it.
Since the days of this terrible murder, the news has been full of stories with molesters, abusers and pedophiles. Now its starting to be standard news, just like when you see in the papers that a man was stabbed on the subway, you just read it, shake your head and move on. Rape, incest and abuse is starting to be the same reaction in our community, you read it, you shake your head and just go on.

Where is the outrage we felt the day Kletzky was cut up in pieces? Where is the outrage we promised ourselves to finally change? Where is the promises we said “NO MORE!? Where are our standards of protecting our little kinderlach? Mostly, where are the Rabbis to do something?

It’s been 6 weeks and other than the internet, cell phones and clingy clothing, we have not heard anything. Is this a joke? Are we really living in the Bronx zoo? Do we really don’t give a shit about our kids? Have we no guts to stand up for our 10 year old little kids?

WHAT AM I MISSING? WHAT DON’T I GET?  WAKE UP EVERYONE! There is a new season up and coming now and we are right where we were last year.

You wonder why I keep praising Rabbi Nuchem. Believe me I am tired of it as well, but I am thirsting to find a new rabbi that I can hang on to! I am looking to align myself with a Chassidus that looks out for my little grandchildren but can’t find one.

Please don’t let this brutal murder go to waste. Act on it and demand protection for your kids. Is this asking much?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Times are changing

It seems as the work of Rabbi Nuchem is finally making a dent in our community and the word “Molestation” or “rape” is finally a word that people pay attention to.

I was excited to see that the two most popular Jewish news sites in our community are reporting incidents and breaking news of these cases. Both, VIN news ( ) and TLJ news ( have shifted and started reporting these despicable stories and they both deserve credit.

I am referring to the story of a Teaneck, NJ Rabbi that was just arrested for molestation with kids from Israel that lived by him. This kind of molestation is the worst mistrust possible. Parents send their kids to a Rabbi and put the trust in a man that is supposed to be on a higher and better level than us, and have their hearts broken by a scumbag like that. That is the worst pain for a parent and the biggest mental breakdown for the victim.
How do you trust a human after the Rabbi molested you? How do you move ahead in life? How do you continue with anything when every teacher will bring out the worst memories in you?
Rabbi Nuchem has always put the biggest focus and attention on the Rabbis in our schools, and for good reason. The only Difference between our community and Teaneck NJ is, that they ionvolved the authorities while we let our rabbis go on forever.

Rabbi Unger from Bobov refuses to get rid of David Greenfield. This teacher is still in charge of 30 kids every single day, while he has molested tens of kids in the past. Even now while he is waiting his punishment from the US courts, he is still receiving a pay check and teaching in the Bobov School
SHAME ON YOU, Rabbi Unger!

The rest of the schools are not too far behind, as they are still not willing to take every measure of protection against our jewels, our future, our “everything”.

Thank God we have Rabbi Nuchem that fights for us, thank God that we have a man that somehow never gives up, Thank God that we have a voice and a man of courage that just keeps going.

Let us count our blessing, God help us what we would do without him.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good reasons

As I set Tisha Ba’av in shul saying the Kinos, I was schmoozing with the guys between Kinos and Mincha and we had an amazing discussion.

The two most powerful disasters in the Jewish history was The “Chorban bais Hamikdahs” and the “Dor Hamabil”. They were both destroyed for 2 reasons. One was for “Sinas chinam” hating people for no reason and the 2nd one was, Znis (Adultry, pedophilia, rape, etc.)

So I immediately wondered and came to the conclusion that there were no cell phones back then and the women didn’t wear robes. Otherwise these 2 disasters would’ve happened for those 2 reasons. Since I have lived in Brooklyn, these were the only 2 reasons that the community was hit with bad news. Someone gets killed: The women speak on the cell phones. Someone gets robbed: the women wear their robes to tight. Leiby Kletzky: We are not observant enough with the internet.

So the big question is, back in those days when the Bais hamikdash was burned, and they had to blame it on Sinas chinam, was it due to the fact that the women didn’t wear robes, or did they find an even worst sin than wearing tight robes? Because in today’s world this is the worst sin! The facts that The Rabbis are garbage, the rabbis are being sold for money, the rabbis are the biggest abusers and molesters, those are not the reason why kletzky was killed. Its only because we use the cell phone too much, the internet too often and because Weingarten was given over to the authorities after repeatedly raping his daughter.

The above comments were supposed to be a joke, but it is unfortunately not! These people that have the galls and blame all the tragedies on klal yisroel on these poor excuses, are not only sick in the head, they do it to stir away blame from themselves.
These people that are busy with Lipa Shmeltser, Rabbi Nuchem, and everything but the real issues, are getting away with shifting the blame and no one calls them out.

It is pretty sad to see  that with the education we get today and the overwhelming evidence of these molester-protectors, that these rabbis still feel they can get away with shifting the blame and no one dares challenging them?

I truly believe that we are smarter than that and would like to think that we are brighter than to take these peoples garbage and not respond! WAKE UP

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rabbi Nuchem at his best

Ladies and Gentleman, I had the opportunity and the privileges to join hundreds of community members at the hearing of butcher Levi Aaron earlier today. It was an amazing show of unity and harmony for the whole world to see. Among the people that were there was Rabbi Nuchem, as he is a regular by hearings of all molesters and abusers, and this one was no different.

Rabbi Nuchem also attracted the media as he so eloquently explained to them the issues and problems our community endures from. I stood there for about an hour and absorbed two amazing things.

Number one: I watched for awhile how the media was interacting with Rabbi Nuchem, they asked the questions, they wanted answers and they understood his points. They did not just listened and reported, they actually challenged him and the Rabbi answered them and they had follow-up questions and it went back and forth until they understood the mission of the Rabbi, his outrage, his point of view and the battle he fights for us.

As the Rabbi spoke to the media there was an individual from our community that tried to interrupt him, and the media asked him why he was against this Rabbi? Of course he could not answer except to say  “he tell lie”  “He lie” “He wrong” and basically made a fool out of himself.

It was no big deal, because the Rabbis in our community also don’t know the reason why Rabbi Nuchem is wrong. They cant give you a straight answer, They cant give you a reason why he is in isolation and not one of them is willing to speak out about it. I challenged almost every single Rabbi that signed against Rabbi Nuchem to debate me with Rabbi Nuchem, to debate me without Rabbi Nuchem, to make a statement on what their stance is on molestation in our community and of course I am still waiting for a straight answer (To the credit of two Rabbis, they told me that they feel bad that they signed it without investigating it first and they were pressured to do so - But are still scared to publicly acknowledge it).

What I do wonder however, is how everyone behind these cameras understood and all the reporters understood and comprehended the problem we have in our community, while our Rabbis refuse to acknowledge that they are lost and have no clue what’s going on here. Furthermore, the rabbis know exactly the issues in our community, they know exactly that the molesters are roaming our streets uncontested, but they wear their blinders with pride!

Number Two: I observed people walking over to Rabbi Nuchem and saying Thank you. I saw men and women from different communities walk by the Rabbi and shake his hand. I still have hope that we will have a clean community one day! I still have hope that the hard work Rabbi Nuchem has been doing for close to 10 years, will pay off! I still believe that very soon, the community will stand up and tell the Rabbis to jump in the lake and take back the streets themselves!

I urge each and every one of you to call Rabbi Nuchem’s hotline at 951 – 262 – 3714 #25 and you will hear from the Rabbi himself a recap of today’s action.
My message to all our “Rabbis” Shape up or ship out!  The community is waking up and the tide is shifting! Your bluff is exposed and your Bull Shit is open to see!

By the way: I still didn’t get an answer what did Levy Aaron do much worst than Baruch Lebowitz, Jerry Brauner, The Dym Brothers, Mondrowitz, Kolko, Daskalowitz, Abramson, Sabo and all these other scumbags?   Feel free to educate me…. I am waiting!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock

This time we’re doing something!  This was the final nail in the coffin! We will not rest until we are a clean community! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah! 

It was only 2 weeks ago when the community was in a panic, in a state of shock and vowing to do everything possible to bring up the molestation and pedophilia issue. But as I predicted then, it will take 4 weeks and no one will even remember the name Kletzky (Except those that are making money of him).

I didn’t expect it then, I don’t expect it now, I don’t see any change in our system, I don’t see the community doing something to change the status quo!

What it will take for this community to put their kids first?, I truly don’t know! An arrest of molesters does nothing for us! A bunch of school Rabbis and teachers being exposed does zilch for us! A murdered body of a nine-year-old cut up into little pieces obviously does not do it either! I really don’t see a point to attempt to figure out what will do it, instead let’s just wait and see what time will bring us.

The clock is ticking, Time is flying, the molesters are having a free-roll in in our communities, and our kids are roaming the streets and are for the taking! As Rabbi Nuchem so eloquently says it “We live in a Congo”

I will be brutally honest with you guys. My kids are grown up and I have nothing to worry about them. My grandchildren are my kids’ problem. So I will sit back and see what this new season in the schools will bring! As of now I am convinced that 200 Leiby kletzky murders still won't do the trick.

What I have a problem understanding is the following: The rabbis I understand, why would they change? They have no opposition to their terrible behavior; they have no protests in front of their houses demanding a clean community, so why would they be dumb enough to change anything? But my question is where are the outraged parents? Where are the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles and community members? Why is there not people storming the streets and begging for a clean community? Why does not every man walk in this shabbas to shul and ask his Rabbi how come he did not speak up when Kletzky was murdered and discussed the issue?

It has become custom in our community, that in order to question your Rabbi, you have to get off the “Derech” first. and then people whisper "He was nebech abused" we don't do any prevention in this community, we rather cry over splled millk. Why can’t you address your concerns to the Rabbi? Why can’t you demand answers to these important issues? Why do we have to live in fear of our kids, why can’t we demand to see the qualifications of our Rabbis in the schools? Why does a Public School teacher have to show her credentials and qualifications, while our schools don’t have that? Why are we being treated like 2nd-class citizens?

Why is there an organization for every kind of help / support / Gemach, but the children can’t have a bit protection? Why do I even have to tell you about it, why is it not burning in your soul on your own? Why is Rabbi Nuchem in isolation for speaking the truth? Why don't you demand an answer from your rabbi that signed it, he should explain to you why he signed it!

Let me leave you with this thought! Leiby Kletzke was murdered and dismantled into the freezer and into garbage cans all over Brooklyn, and it's 2 weeks later and no one even remembers that it happened. Are you happy about it? Is this what you wanted after this tragedy? This is what you call ”Community outrage”?  What a joke and an embarrassment this is!