Friday, April 22, 2011

Rabbi Lebowitz – Rabbi Rosenberg – Rabbi Lebowitz

During these 1st days of Yom Tov, you heard people all over the community saying. Hey Nuchem – Lebowitz is out or Rabbi Rosenberg – You are next, and some similar brilliant statements.
Let’s get the record straight for a second and then let’s review the typical response of our people.
For the record: Lebowitz was sentenced to 32 years for one reason and one reason only He was a convicted molester AND he showed no remorse. That’s the end of the story for that.
Now, why were we finally to get a man like this in to the court systems after years of whitewashing in the community? This is where Holy Rabbi Rosenberg comes into the picture. We did it due to the diligence and amazing work that Rabbi Rosenberg has been preaching the last couple of years, we did it due to the bravery of rabbi Rosenberg and the uninterrupted holy mission that the Rabbi took upon himself and all those were a contributing factor to the end result.
Jerry Brauner is 10x the molester that Lebowits was and he got only 3 years, because of the fact he showed remorse in the court system (no one can vouch that it was from the heart – but at least he put up a face for the Judge). Many others got the same type of sentencing due to the same reason that Brauner did, they asked for forgiveness and showed remorse. On the other hand Mr. Webberman seems to think that Lebowitz’ way of doing business will suit him better, that’s his prerogative and it’s a roulette game he is willing to take.
However all these cases have one thing in common. Victims came forward and contacted the DA and the molesters were arrested. So before you start pointing fingers and feeling good about yourself, step back, relax and know who the evil is here, it’s strictly on the molesters and abusers.
Just for clarification, Rabbi kelners accusation is strictly that -“Accusation” - and there are still many facts that I know, that has not reached the community and the court systems. There is already heavy action within the Federal Govt on many aspects of this case that is very very “Fishy” and we’re following up with it.
But back to my original point. Lebowits and Rosenberg are totally not connected in the least! Lebowitz is a convicted molester with no sign of remorse, that’s why he got 32 years in jail. And Rabbi Rosenberg is a community activist that helps abused victims and done mix these two things up.
Lebowitz can have 200 people davsening Yom Tov byhim and it still wont change the fact that he is a molester. Remember back when he was originally sentenced, the community a s awhole said: Yes we know he is a menivel, but 32 years is way too much! That was the overall agreement by everyone who knows him. I got some news for you! Rabbi Rosenberg also thinks it’s a bit too much, however if the man has no brains to say “I am sorry”  he will feel the consequences.
As Jewish people, we hope that he wont have to be in prison for 32 years but rather be able to lead a normal life as long as the Govt. has some kind of program to watch him that he stays away from innocent youngsters.
Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner roamed the community for 35 years and has molested thousands (Not hundreds) of kids and no one ever said Boo. It’s a sickness in our community that we love abuse AND FOR THAT we thank Rabbi Nuchem for speaking up , educating us, and teaching us how to deal with this filth. But the reason these guys end up injail is one reason only- They are convicted molesters!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apples with Apples

Let’s get straight to the point.
Last night Mr. Kellner was arrested by the FBI for allegedly bribing a man to testify in the case of convicted child molester Baruch Lebowitz. Mr. kellner is accused of bribing a 2nd party to testify against Molester Lebowitz.
The “Lebowitz klan” are jumping of joy all over  the streets of Brooklyn, with the notion that this will free their Hero lebowitz.
Let’s break down what happened and let’s not get too excited just yet. If Kellner indeed bribed a 2nd party, than he will have his day in court and will pay the price for it, because this is against the law, but let’s take an in-depth look on what happened here.
You have two individuals - Kellner and the 2nd party- that had family members molested by molester Lebowits. Two people that decided to break the code of the “Chassidic wall” and get justice for their kids.  Mr. Rubenstein didn’t have the guts to become a public figure (as the end-result proofed all the abuse he took for his action) and needed a boost from Mr. Kellner to do the right thing.
Kellner did wrong by “allegedly offering him a bribe, but he was in pain and knew that he has to do everything in his power to get Rubinstein to testify.
BUT THE FACTS did not change either way “Two wrongs doesn’t make a right” and indeed this alleged action speaks volume for Mr. kellner  that he was committed to stick up for his abused kid and was doing at all cost.
Recently, a man in Nashville, TN found his 7-year old boy murdered and when they caught the killer, the father of the boy waited outside of court and shot the killer. Now, just because the father took revenge that does not get the killer off the hook. The father did something very wrong but his passion and emotional distress got him to act out. And this is exactly what happened here.  Mr. Kellner was passionate for justice and committed to take this CONVICETED MOLESTER off the streets, and he succeeded.
Convicted molester Lebowits is still where he belongs and Mr. kellner if indeed broke the law will pay the consequences but let’s not confuse apples with oranges.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The danger of being “Extreme”

It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist, being extreme is very dangerous.  When someone decided on his own that he wants to take it to the next level  or as the famous saying goes “Holier than thou”, the end result will be something bad  .
When Muslims take their religion and decide to kill every Jew in sight, that’s taking it to the extreme. On the other hand when community leaders decide to hide things and cover up abuse, that’s another way of being extreme and that’s very dangerous.
Let alone when 3-4 scumbags “Kolel Yingeleit” that decide to be the boss in  Williamsburg and decide which store can be open and which  can’t be open, that is extremely dangerous for the residence of the neighborhood.
By the way, these are the same scumbags that want to push their stupid crazy ideology on you all year round. These are the same people that tell you Lipa Shmeltcer should not be listened too; your skirt is too short; Women should not talk on cell phones and they want to totally control and run your life.
Oh ! and these are the same guys that have nothing to do with their empty time and walk the streets of LEE Ave. and look at all the women and come up with new ways on how to undermine and to embarrass Jewish women and blame them for everything  bitter and wrong in their miserable lives.
So this woman Iris that has been serving our community for 10 years decided to make life easier for our wives, mothers and sisters (Since Williamsburg women as a whole, don’t drive) and opened up a store on Lee Ave. there are no pictures of women, no see-through of any kind. The windows are surrounded and covered with brown paper and it is done with the utmost respect this community ever could imagine.  (If not for these scum, 90% of us would not even know that the store is there)
However these 3-4 bums, low-lifes-womanizers are not happy! 
The chillul hashem they make is unbearable! The abuse they put on this community is destructible. Don’t fool yourself for one second that these bums have anything in mind other than self-gratification. THEY DON’T!  These are the biggest lowlifes, fakes and frauds out there. These are the fruits of our great education we instilled in them. These are guys that are bored with their empty lives and LIVE ON being abusive.
Where the hell does a woman have to go to comb her shaitel? Why not have the store in our area instead of making them take a 20 minute bus ride  out to Crown Heights?
These are the same people who would ask you not to wear a shaitel! These are the same people who declared themselves the guards of our community.
The hypocrisy is so big, and as is always the case in this community, we just follow these ass holes blindly!
Who the hell are they? Who made them for our representatives? Who asked their silly opinions?  How dare they speak for us?
I started looking into some of these guy’s past history, and it’s not so kosher! These are the guys that represent us? These are the guys who will tell us what we can wear and what we can’t? These are the guys that we follow like blind sheep?
What is wrong with us? Are we really that naïve and dumb that every idiot can just do whatever they want in this community? Are we that gullible? Are we that stupid?
Wake up people! This abuse has been going on for the longest time in every way possible, and we just follow the blind. It is so embarrassing and humiliated. What a disgrace we are that we are an absolute uncontrolled bunch and every tom-dick and harry just does to us whatever they want!
This is the same reason why our children are abused - We are abused and everything in this community is so bitterly controlled! Don’t fool yourself that it is not, because it is!  It comes back to the same problem. 2-3 guys decide they are “Mishmeres hatznius” -  2 more guys decide they will sell the windows for money  - When in essence it is  distributed by the USA Government for free – 2 more guys decided you are not allowed to carry in the Eiruv – 2 more guys decide that Lipa Shmeltser is not allowed to sing and now 2 more guys decide that this store is not allowed here.
Do you guys see the pattern? Are you guys blind or can you finally wake up and speak for yourself and not have other people dictate what and how you should live your life!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you

I had the privilege of joining Rabbi Nuchem recently to two court cases and I must say the following:
I was extremely  tired and cranky after spending two days in court, it took  a toll on me and was too tired to join him for the 3rd session, and it got me thinking.
Here is a holy man that has dedicated his life to pure charity, volunteering and the good of other people. He gets nothing for it except bullets, isolations, segregations, and all kind of abuse. Does not get paid one single cent from anyone and keeps going at it every single day! Neither, rain, snow, cold or heat can stop this man. Neither bullets, threats, isolations nor any intimidating factor gets to this man.
How lucky are we to have him in our generation! How blessed are we that there is one man with courage to stand up to this corrupt system! How fortunate are we to have a voice for us and our children.
Ladies and gentleman, I know many of you share the same feeling and appreciation for this holy Rabbi, but have no guts or courage to admit it in public, since unfortunately the mainstream community is led blindly against him.
Show some courage! Show some decency! Show some appreciation and next time you see the Rabbi on the street say Thank You! Say Thank you Rabbi for doing this holy work! Thank you Rabbi for taking a bullet for me! Thank you Rabbi for educating our children for the past 10 years under the worst conditions.
This man will no doubt sit next to “Yosef Hatzadik” and next to all our holy sages in Oilem Habu! This is a man that was given to us by God as a gift to save us and to save our children. This is a man who we don’t have the brains to appreciate and the courage to be thankfull.
When you see him on the street next time, just know that this is the man that might have saved your child abnd all the generations to follow.
My admiration for this holy man has risen by the minute, and I myself also wants to say it loud: Thank you Rabbi Nuchem for the unbelievable hard work you took upon yourself. Thank you Rabbi Nuchem  for speaking out for  a fearful and silent community. Thank you Rabbi Nuchem for publicly taking on the biggest sharks in our community. And mostly Rabbi, Keep up the great holy work and accomplish everything you possibly can, because god only knows if we will ever be lucky to have a voice like this again.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Breaking news – With details

Ladies and gentleman, as you recalled we posted an article last week and we removed it shortly after as we needed to serve the victims request of protection and understanding.
As we did some investigative work, we have discovered the complete story of the abuse and it’s not pretty.
Gabe (Gavriel) Webber (He is the guy that married his mistress not too long ago after his ex-wife caught him with her) was found guilty in “Family Court” of molesting a family member for a period of time when the kid was a minor.  
Despite showing up in court with strong lawyers and an All-Star legal team, he was found guilty of the charges. Furthermore, the Criminal court system is now taking up the case and will continue indicting him on the above mentioned charges.
There is still a whole “Side-Bar” to this story as the Monroe “Tznius” police were trying to protect this guy due to financial benefits.  (Stay tuned for Rabbi Nuchem’s hotline for full details)
Raboisai! It is very unfortunate that we can’t disclose more details, as we need to protect the victim and its family but Gabe the least you can do, is stop running around and saying that A Porto Rican guy did it and the school is blaming you because they don’t want  a lawsuit on their hand.
Are you for real? Is this how you’re going to defend you despicable action? This is your way of taking responsibility? Is this what the million dollar lawyers were able to come up with best? Is this “Vitriol’s” brain storm of an idea?
No one ever looked at you while you were breaking up marriages and marrying  girls you had extra marriage affairs with, but when it comes to sexually molesting minors, there is no looking away there.
Rabbi Nuchem has said numerous times on the hotlines. He will never, and never did expose someone JUST for having affairs with hookers and shiksas, but to when it comes to abusing little children, there is no letting-up!
Plenty more details on the horizon….. It has just begun

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two-way street ahead.

Does anyone remember when 14th Ave. in Boro Park used to be a two-way street and then the Government changed it into a One-Way street, to help traffic flowing? Well, we are now doing a reverse move in Williamsburg.
Once upon a time the whole system in Williamsburg was a ONE-WAY street, and this is how it worked. There were two people in charge of the community. You had to follow the stream, or else….. 
There was a threats and abuse if you didn’t follow the movement of the 5 scumbags in Williamsburg, on any particular issue. For example:
You had a problem with a school teacher (Rabbi) and you complained, you were warned to shut up or else…….
The government had programs and gave storm-windows, toilets, window screens, etc. for you apartment, but the community leaders decided to SELL it to you, instead of GIVING it to you… you was helpless, because you were threatened with many defenseless empty threats.
Well, the tide is shifting – the roads are now a two-way street – The phone calls and the Emails are coming in with record-breaking numbers. People are finally starting to realize that there is nothing to be scared off, and there is no reason to take abuse from these so called “Community leaders” and no one is in charge of your well-being.
There are laws in this country and no one can force you or tell you how you should raise your kids and whom to protect. Your kids are protected by law; your well-being is protected by the USA government: and this is truly a FREE COUNTRY. There are record-breaking phone calls that are starting to expose these so called leaders and the jig is up.
Let it be known that these days are over and payback is about to begin – Responsibility is about to be picked up – accountability is about to be served and justice for our kids is in full swing.
Thanks to the bravery of rabbi Nuchem and to the countless years of abuse he took for us, the bullets he took for us, the mistreatment he endured for us, We are now the beneficiaries of his hard work and finally finally the community is starting to see the light and are not following these “leaders” blindly.
Abuse should not be tolerated on any level! No one can tell you what to do – how to do it – when to do it. No one controls you – your wife – your kids – your family and your well-being.
And to these so called leaders, I am telling you and warning you. Your time is up and the game is over. Stop protecting the abusers and the molesters, or you will be harshly punish alongside them.
 Like President Bush once said: You’re either with us or against us. There is no middle ground.
There is now terrible news coming from the NYCfamily Courts, and there is hard evidence that a father abused his kids for a long period of time. The father took the biggest lawyers (Shame on these 2 scumbags from Monroe and Flatbush that paid for it – coming soon) and lost in the court and must stay away from the kids. The criminal court system just announced that they are pursuing charges against him and will punish him for his abuse.
We are not ready to break this case open yet, due to the well-being of minors, but we will expose this scumbag shortly.
To make matters worse, this abuser is now working on damage-control and trying to blame shift. Beware, it’s not going to work and we will be alongside every step of the way to make sure about that and to bring you the truth.
Stay tuned!

This story has been updated here Breaking news