Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you

I had the privilege of joining Rabbi Nuchem recently to two court cases and I must say the following:
I was extremely  tired and cranky after spending two days in court, it took  a toll on me and was too tired to join him for the 3rd session, and it got me thinking.
Here is a holy man that has dedicated his life to pure charity, volunteering and the good of other people. He gets nothing for it except bullets, isolations, segregations, and all kind of abuse. Does not get paid one single cent from anyone and keeps going at it every single day! Neither, rain, snow, cold or heat can stop this man. Neither bullets, threats, isolations nor any intimidating factor gets to this man.
How lucky are we to have him in our generation! How blessed are we that there is one man with courage to stand up to this corrupt system! How fortunate are we to have a voice for us and our children.
Ladies and gentleman, I know many of you share the same feeling and appreciation for this holy Rabbi, but have no guts or courage to admit it in public, since unfortunately the mainstream community is led blindly against him.
Show some courage! Show some decency! Show some appreciation and next time you see the Rabbi on the street say Thank You! Say Thank you Rabbi for doing this holy work! Thank you Rabbi for taking a bullet for me! Thank you Rabbi for educating our children for the past 10 years under the worst conditions.
This man will no doubt sit next to “Yosef Hatzadik” and next to all our holy sages in Oilem Habu! This is a man that was given to us by God as a gift to save us and to save our children. This is a man who we don’t have the brains to appreciate and the courage to be thankfull.
When you see him on the street next time, just know that this is the man that might have saved your child abnd all the generations to follow.
My admiration for this holy man has risen by the minute, and I myself also wants to say it loud: Thank you Rabbi Nuchem for the unbelievable hard work you took upon yourself. Thank you Rabbi Nuchem  for speaking out for  a fearful and silent community. Thank you Rabbi Nuchem for publicly taking on the biggest sharks in our community. And mostly Rabbi, Keep up the great holy work and accomplish everything you possibly can, because god only knows if we will ever be lucky to have a voice like this again.


  1. Great post. My feelings exactly. Reb Nuchem, thank you for your mesirus nefesh for us and our children. You are responsible for the kedusha and the yiddishkeit of many generations to come.

  2. why do i have this strong feeling,that the author of this blog,is none other than our own reb nuchem,i guess evey human being wants and needs recognition and praise,so being that reb nuchem does not get any,he decided he might as well do it himself,nuchem you realy are pathetic.
    i know you will not print this,but at least you will get the message,that not all of us are fooled by your meshigasen