Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two-way street ahead.

Does anyone remember when 14th Ave. in Boro Park used to be a two-way street and then the Government changed it into a One-Way street, to help traffic flowing? Well, we are now doing a reverse move in Williamsburg.
Once upon a time the whole system in Williamsburg was a ONE-WAY street, and this is how it worked. There were two people in charge of the community. You had to follow the stream, or else….. 
There was a threats and abuse if you didn’t follow the movement of the 5 scumbags in Williamsburg, on any particular issue. For example:
You had a problem with a school teacher (Rabbi) and you complained, you were warned to shut up or else…….
The government had programs and gave storm-windows, toilets, window screens, etc. for you apartment, but the community leaders decided to SELL it to you, instead of GIVING it to you… you was helpless, because you were threatened with many defenseless empty threats.
Well, the tide is shifting – the roads are now a two-way street – The phone calls and the Emails are coming in with record-breaking numbers. People are finally starting to realize that there is nothing to be scared off, and there is no reason to take abuse from these so called “Community leaders” and no one is in charge of your well-being.
There are laws in this country and no one can force you or tell you how you should raise your kids and whom to protect. Your kids are protected by law; your well-being is protected by the USA government: and this is truly a FREE COUNTRY. There are record-breaking phone calls that are starting to expose these so called leaders and the jig is up.
Let it be known that these days are over and payback is about to begin – Responsibility is about to be picked up – accountability is about to be served and justice for our kids is in full swing.
Thanks to the bravery of rabbi Nuchem and to the countless years of abuse he took for us, the bullets he took for us, the mistreatment he endured for us, We are now the beneficiaries of his hard work and finally finally the community is starting to see the light and are not following these “leaders” blindly.
Abuse should not be tolerated on any level! No one can tell you what to do – how to do it – when to do it. No one controls you – your wife – your kids – your family and your well-being.
And to these so called leaders, I am telling you and warning you. Your time is up and the game is over. Stop protecting the abusers and the molesters, or you will be harshly punish alongside them.
 Like President Bush once said: You’re either with us or against us. There is no middle ground.
There is now terrible news coming from the NYCfamily Courts, and there is hard evidence that a father abused his kids for a long period of time. The father took the biggest lawyers (Shame on these 2 scumbags from Monroe and Flatbush that paid for it – coming soon) and lost in the court and must stay away from the kids. The criminal court system just announced that they are pursuing charges against him and will punish him for his abuse.
We are not ready to break this case open yet, due to the well-being of minors, but we will expose this scumbag shortly.
To make matters worse, this abuser is now working on damage-control and trying to blame shift. Beware, it’s not going to work and we will be alongside every step of the way to make sure about that and to bring you the truth.
Stay tuned!

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  1. You are so busy with the Law is the Law.
    Last time I checked in the USA you are innocent until proven guilty., and Every person is entitled to the best legal Defense they can pay for.
    Wouldn't you want your friends to be there for you if you were charged with a crime.
    just because it is a sex crime the charge does not prove your GUILT

  2. Well said, but in this case the Family Court Judge found him guilty of abusing children and ordered him to stay away from kids.

    The point was that even with all the big help and big lawyers he still was found guilty. That was the point