Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apples with Apples

Let’s get straight to the point.
Last night Mr. Kellner was arrested by the FBI for allegedly bribing a man to testify in the case of convicted child molester Baruch Lebowitz. Mr. kellner is accused of bribing a 2nd party to testify against Molester Lebowitz.
The “Lebowitz klan” are jumping of joy all over  the streets of Brooklyn, with the notion that this will free their Hero lebowitz.
Let’s break down what happened and let’s not get too excited just yet. If Kellner indeed bribed a 2nd party, than he will have his day in court and will pay the price for it, because this is against the law, but let’s take an in-depth look on what happened here.
You have two individuals - Kellner and the 2nd party- that had family members molested by molester Lebowits. Two people that decided to break the code of the “Chassidic wall” and get justice for their kids.  Mr. Rubenstein didn’t have the guts to become a public figure (as the end-result proofed all the abuse he took for his action) and needed a boost from Mr. Kellner to do the right thing.
Kellner did wrong by “allegedly offering him a bribe, but he was in pain and knew that he has to do everything in his power to get Rubinstein to testify.
BUT THE FACTS did not change either way “Two wrongs doesn’t make a right” and indeed this alleged action speaks volume for Mr. kellner  that he was committed to stick up for his abused kid and was doing at all cost.
Recently, a man in Nashville, TN found his 7-year old boy murdered and when they caught the killer, the father of the boy waited outside of court and shot the killer. Now, just because the father took revenge that does not get the killer off the hook. The father did something very wrong but his passion and emotional distress got him to act out. And this is exactly what happened here.  Mr. Kellner was passionate for justice and committed to take this CONVICETED MOLESTER off the streets, and he succeeded.
Convicted molester Lebowits is still where he belongs and Mr. kellner if indeed broke the law will pay the consequences but let’s not confuse apples with oranges.


  1. rabbi lebowitz has been released on bail!!!!! one day nuchem ym"s will go to prison together with his mechuten shmuel kelner. kein yoiveidy kol oive=achu hashem!!
    חסדי השם כי לא תמנו

  2. As far as i know its 2 days later and he still is where he belongs. chill out!

  3. Nuchem Molested his own kids! He belongs in prison. Every dog has his day!!!!