Sunday, December 25, 2011

A day in the Life of Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg

Ladies and gentleman, Let me preface this article by saying, that I am not getting money for this article, I am not asked to write this article, and this is not a Public-Relation article. The reason for this article is very simple: I am amazed by the Rabbis work; I am intrigued that one Man took upon himself to stand up against evil and immoral while his life was in grave danger.

Before I give you the average day in the life of Rabbi Nuchem, let me discuss a couple of things with you.

Rabbi Nuchem’s hotline along with his websites creates approximately 45,000 hits and phone calls a month.
These are not 45,000 people that get paid to listen to him; these are not 45,000 hits that get money by clicking on the site. It is the average person in the community that wants to hear the truth and they know that this is the only place to hear it.

Rabbi Nuchem works like a dog 24-7 for this community. Why is he doing it? Why does he need it? What is his Reward for all this? Well, the dumbest person in the world knows that he gets nothing but problems for all the holy work he does. So why is he doing it? Because he believes in the cause and since no one has the guts to do it, he had no choice and had to take the bull by the horns.

For Four years he did it quietly by writing letters and making phone calls to the Rabbis in the community, but it went on deaf ears. He was left without a choice and had to fight it himself.

This week of Chanukah, Rabbi Nuchem delivered 6 speeches in 3 different languages, was in court twice for hearing on molesters and rapists, was in a meeting Thursday all day with two organizations regarding the pedophilia issues and met 2 parents of victims.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I am trying to give you an idea what this man is all about. 90% of what he did this week was without anyone knowing that he did it and 100% of it was on his cost, on his time and on his hard work.

I believe its high time that the people in our community should speak up and defend Rabbi Nuchem’s honor and stand up for what is right.  Close your eyes for a second and imagine Williamsburg without Rabbi Nuchem. This town would have been run by people that have no one in their way to hold them responsible for what they do!!

The “Mesiras nefesh” that this man puts in every single day, cannot be paid back in one hundred years. The facts are that everything Rabbi Nuchem warned us, preached to us, begged us and yelled about, are unfortunately 10x true and that’s only that we know. God only knows the people that were not caught yet.

WHY? Why have we decided to close our eyes when it comes to this terrible plague? Why? Why have we turned a blind eye when it comes to protecting our Jewels, our kids, our future and our most vulnerable?  There must be a reason that this scares off our Liaisons, our rabbis, our “Leaders” and our community? What is it?

Why when a Tenth of an ounce of milk spills onto a pot of chicken soup, we don’t even think twice if we should throw out the whole pot, we just do it! Do our kids not deserve the same protection that of a pot of soup?
Why when a piece of matzo falls on the floor IN THE BOX we just throw out just in case! Do our kids not deserve the same protection that of a piece of matzoh?
Why are there people in Williamsburg yelling at people that carry with a perfectly kosher Eiruv EVERY SINGLE SHABBAS, yet not one “Known Molester” receives the same treatment?

Why are the 2 satmar Rabbis that are in Court and for-sure not allowed to be there, walk the streets free, while Rabbi Nuchem that merely educates the public and stands up for the youth, not given the same courtesy?
The facts are, that he was right all along, and every day the truth comes out again and again and again, yet he does not receive the courtesy that a cocoa powder received before Pesach. 

The answer is! We know why, you know why and the whole world knows why!  THE TRUTH HURTS!

The Rabbis are corrupt, the system is corrupt and our community is corrupt.

The Rabbis are busy all day long with the internet. So I have a question: The Internet is Not-Kosher, and we should not have any internet in our houses. Yet, when the great organization od RCCS makes a dinner, it is ALL done via internet, they are streaming live on every internet Jewish channel like VIN, The Yeshiva World, Their own site, Gruntig, Matzav, YideoTube, Crown heights info and many more.  Where are the Rabbis that signed in support of RCCS, and yelling “Hey wait a minute” We are against the Internet, how can you stream your entire function only on the internet? They don’t even make a party anymore it is STRICTLY on the internet?

What gives? Is this too crucial to say anything? BTW I am a big fan of RCCS, I am just trying to make a point!
So what is the answer, that they only speak up when it is in their interest and when they gain something about it!
Need I say more?
The bottom line, it all has become a joke and a protectors of the big people , the money people  and that’s all it is. Since Rabbi Nuchem is none of those, than the fact that he is a man with dignity, a Talmid Chuchem and a well educated man, counts for nothing.

Now you tell me, that these are the guys that you rely on Kashrus, Tahars Hamishpacha and more

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Williamsburg

Earlier we got very bitter news from Williamsburg. It seems that a 17 Year old boy was critically injured by a Fork Lift (Truck) and needs big miracles to make it back to Normal.

Along With our leader and  Moreh Derech  Rabbi Nuchem we are saying Tehillim for this boy and we are crying and begging  that he has a miraculous full recovery and he should continue life just as any normal other kid.

We are pulling for him and we are rooting for him. We can just imagine his pain and his parents’ pain, and we don’t wish this upon any Jewish Child or for that matter and Human being. May he have a Refuah Shleimah very soon, Amen

Nevertheless, this tragic happening made me think a little bit and reflect upon the reasoning behind the story. The night before, I myself was in the Armory Building (I also was at the Crown heights Building) and watched the scene at the Armory. Along with his nice Gold bekishe, Rabbi Z.L. was sitting and preaching about the internet addiction our community has. He was campaigning non-stop that the community should have the strongest type of filters to battle the garbage on the net. He was also mentioning that under no circumstances should you own an internet connection in your house, but in your business or place of work.

He conveniently forgot to address the terrible issue about the Eiruv and the disastrous chilil Hshem that happened in Williamsburg when the pashkevillen made the streets on Sunday.

He also forgot to address the plague of molestation our community suffers from. The hundreds of kids that have been raped molested and abused by members of the community.

He didn’t have to look too far into the crowd to remember what the important issues are. On one side he had Z.L. Fillip and on his other side he had Chaim Shie - Monsey Rav of Satmar. Both of them should be a quick reminder on what the important issues are, but of course he chose to worry about the internet.
So of course the question that comes to mind is, why did this Hilo Fall on this poor kid. Is it A) Because The Rabbi changed the Subject. B) Because the Bucher carries in shabbas with the eiruv, or C) because the crowd had an opportunity to boycott this head-table with all this menuvulim and didn’t do it?

I expect to see tomorrow pashkevillen in the streets of Williamsburg to clarify the reasoning. All I know, is that Rabbi Nuchem is the worst of the worst and all the Rabbis came together and decided to put him in Isolation, and once that was done, the community has no more problems anymore.

Raboisai, the hypocrisy is so big and so strong and no one has the guts to speak up and correct it. We have taken a man that had dedicated his life for clean streets and safe children and we kicked him to the curb. We sent a message to the kids that don’t speak up, because this will happen to you too! Did you think that The Eibishter would just let this go on like this? What else do you want him to do?

This is “The last Exit before Toll” Repent and retract before it’s too late! The fact is that Rabbi Nuchem has done an “Adarabah” and all these “Dirty 38” are in Isolation, their teffilos are worthless, their prayers are worthless and their well-being is in jeopardy!
The fact is that Rabbi Nuchem is stronger than ever! The fact is that Rabbi Nuchem is going in the right direction! The fact is that every day, more and more people realize that Rabbi Nuchem is right and the rest of the Klan is wrong! And most of all the fact is, That GOD IS PUNISHING THE PEOPLE THAT DID THIS TO RABBI NUCHEM!

Here is the catch! Some of you get it and know you messed up, and are sending messages of regret and resentment, while others are still too proud and too big to get off their high horses and apologize!

Here is your way out! Get together and make a stand! The biggest people in our history have said I AM SORRY and I made a mistake! There is nothing wrong when you a mistake unless when you are not willing to correct the mistake. Now is your chance to fix it! Now is your opportunity to stop the madness and repent! You might not get another chance, or you might get another chance when the price you paid was stiffer!

Think about it, IT WILL NOT GET EASIER!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Blood is still boiling

It’s been over 24 hours since the Jewish Community in Williamsburg has sunk to an all-time Low and acted like wild un-neutered animals in the Congo.  (Yes I say The Jewish Community, as Rabbi Nuchem explained in his emergency speech last night, As long as there is not an official apology and  Kol Koreh from every Single Rabbi in Williamsburg, it is the entire Williamsburg)

Here comes the kicker: Today the politics are flowing as usual, who called the Klausenbergers who didn’t call who agrees and who does not agree, who will go pay a visit to the family and who won’t. 

Let me make this clear, it is all irrelevant. If we don’t see an official letter from the Rabbis in Williamsburg and beyond that they are coming out with all their might against these scumabgs and dirt that are responsible for this pashkevil, then its worthless

We don’t want LIP SERVICE, we want action! We don’t want a Mercy baloney half-ass apology, we want action! We don’t want a speech with a hint of reminder that we should not do things that are not nice, we want action!

We want a full-out apology we want a full out disapproval of these gangsters, we want a signature from each particular Rabbi denouncing this garbage. We DON’T want a letter from the United Community, we DON’T want a letter from the VA’AD, and we DON’T want a political announcement. WE WANT a serious and sincere letter of disengagement of the scum of Williamsburg, we want a letter denouncing the abuse that mothers with carriages are experiencing every Shabbos in this Amsterdam on USA called Williamsburg!

Why is it taking so long? Where are you all meeting in a hidden apartment planning what your next move should be?  This is an easy decision. Come out and make a stand 

Do you think for once you can show “Some” kind of leadership in this community? Do you think for once we can count on you to make a statement? Can you one time say the right thing even though you are not getting money for it?

Do you expect any Jewish man to have respect for you ever again? Do you expect any Jewish Child to get turned on by the Chinuch we are teaching them? Do you think our youth is blind and don't see straight through you? 

Never mind we are still waiting for a statement from the Kletzky death and rape. But maybe you were too emotional to say something or were you scared that your close friend will be arrested next?

Please tell me Rabbis, when is the last time you said something when we needed to hear from you? Why are you never around when we need you? Why are you only being heard when no one wants to hear you? Why do you even need a reminder that we need to hear from you guys? Isn’t this your job to lead the community? Why are you shocked when our youth goes off the Derech in mass numbers? Please tell me why should they stay in this shit? What should attract them here? 

The hypocrisy is so big and so obvious but you are nowhere to be found.

DON’T DARE TO BE MENACHEM UVEL the family, because they don’t want you there! They don’t want lip service they don’t want  a Picture in the newspapers of you, they want action!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hi Hitler

Hopefully the guys responsible for this will die a painful and miserable death! and the Rabbis that didn't speak up against it as well!
Raboisai, I give up!

I can see where Hitler took all the hate from, Because I have the same hate for my own fellow Jews right now. You don’t like it? Too FUCKEN bad!

Let’s break it down! Let’s see what we are allowed to do in the community and what we are not! Let's see what us the chosen people are doing compared to the low lives Non-Jews.! Let’s see how we behave and what makes us a better people compared to how they behave!

Let us take a look what we can get away with in our community and what we cannot!

Fucking a 5 Year old in the Ass multiple times          Acceptable

Raping our own Daughters                                      Acceptable

Putting a Jewish Man on Fire because he prays  in a different Shul   Acceptable

Officially printing posters on a MAN that tragically lost his life and making a mockery of him    Acceptable

Protecting your Teachers in your schools even though multiple people pointed them out as Molesters and rapist     Acceptable

Shunning Rabbi Nuchem and destroying his life because he dared to speak out against Rapist and Molesters   Acceptable

The Biggest Chassidim in the world ALL in Court for MONEY    Acceptable

So what makes us a better people than a Goy? Because we eat chulent on Shabbos? Because we have an attitude that we are better? Come on I know you are labeling me now an anti Semite I went over the line and all that bull shit, I really don’t care!

Look yourself in the face! WE ARE GARBAGE -  WE ARE DIRT -  WE ARE SCUMBAGS!  We don’t deserve anything but another Hitler!

Who the fuck do we think we are? We are uneducated low lives that steal from the Government, steal from each other, we are corrupt through and through, we don’t bring anything to the table. Show me one nation that would do this to a fellow member of their community? Show me one humanthat would embarrass a family like this at their worst hour!

Please I beg you, tell me what makes us a Jew? Cut the Bull Shit and give me an honest answer!

We are all about Money and nothing else! For money the Rabbis feed us Pork and Non-Kosher Meat – For money they will marry off our Jews to Non-Jews for money they will protect every Child Molester


I would not be surprised if he switches us for a different nation and kills us all, and it would be rightfully done!
Where is ONE FUCKEN RABBI saying one word about this? Where is one fucken Rabbi saying about all the Molesters we have had in the last 5 years!  What the FUCK is going on in this world!

JESUS CHRIST IS MY NEW GOD because i have never seen a christian acting like this, maybe THEY ARE the right and chosen people  JEWS FOR JESUS is my new MOTTO!

We have a problem that our children all go off the Derech? BIG FUCKEN DEAL! Why would we want them on the Derech if this is the Derech!

We are a disgrace to society, we are an embarrassment to human kind we don't deserve anything but another Holocaust

The Arabs keep killing people in the name of Allah – We are doing the same thing in the name of Frum  Bull shit  WHY ARE WE BETTER THAN THEM?

Stop crying in Shul and asking why our families are all sick in the Hospital with Cancer and Lou Gehrig’s disease! ITS THIS! This is the reason why we die like fucken PIGS on the streets! This is the reason why every Family has a sick relative in the Hospital. RABBI NUCHEM is the reason why we are dying like rotten flies, God cannot watch how one Eherliche man is being kicked out of the Community for standing up for our children!

You can laugh this article off if you want, but you are fooling no one but yourself!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Simon Taub and Baruch Leibowitz, Happily Ever After

Simon Taub of Brooklyn NY, who once made millions in the garment business is embroiled in seven year long-running Hollywood-style divorce proceedings with his wife, Chana. They live in the same Borough Park home with a wall separating them, as ordered by a Supreme Court judge in 2007. Simon Taub, who has been trying (not) to divorce his wife for the last seven years, has pushed the extent of the law for too long. In July of 2010, he finally had some of his crimes exposed as he was arrested for extortion.  The NY Daily News reported last summer that Taub was arrested for extortion and blackmail.

If only this was a simple criminal case, the law would be applied and his sentence would be appropriate. However, upon closer scrutiny of the details of this case, one will find a man who will not hesitate to use his wealth to manipulate and intimidate, but win his way to victory over his wife. Simon Taub’s son though, remains in the grips of his extortionist criminal father’s home with a wall dividing him from his mother. His son, who was molested by a prominent rabbi in the community, remains at home alienated from his mother, and in a very emotionally vulnerable place in his life. Simon, who did not press charges against the abuser, ran into a bit of a problem when the famed molester, named Baruch Leibowitz, was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

Simon was looking for a way to gain leverage in his own divorce case, and hatched a great plan. Time was moving fast because the State’s statute of limitations will soon been reached; the victim, his son, is 20 years old. First, Simon contact Baruch Leibowitz's son, and told him that if he pays him $250,000, he will stay quite and not press charges. The junior Leibowitz agreed, but also recorded the conversation as well as the first transaction. Simon was immediately arrested for extortion and blackmail, with a heavy criminal case now looming. Simon's plan wasn't working so well, so he had to think fast.  So now, there was a new deal. If Simon can manage to get Leibowitz out a jail, Leibowitz will drop the charges. How can that be pulled off? Leave it to the wealthy criminals who have the judges wrapped around their wallets, in exchange for probation and parole.

The first way to get the Leibowitz sentence to drop, is to prove that the case wasn't solid. So Simon then arranged that Samuel Kelner, a Boro Park man to be arrested for bribing a witness to testify against Leibowitz.  This was a framed setup, where a man approached Kelner and said, “it's not true, Leibowitz didn't molest me”. And Kelner is alleged to have given him $10,000 to “stick with the story”.  Kelner is a known community activist, famous for encouraging and empowering victims to help rid the community of pedophiles.

Sadly for Simon, the DA said at the press conference the day after the arrest, that the Leibowitz prosecution will still stand because the other two witness testimonies were solid. Now Simon was really stuck because he needed to get Leibowitz out of jail. So the next day, Leibowit'z lawyers filed an appeal and the appeal was granted. Leibowitz was home under house arrest, until a decision for a retrial. Simon was elated.

Isn’t it blatantly obvious by now that Judge Walsh, who was assigned to the Taub case, is also the presiding judge for the Kelner case?  Conflict of interest aside, when will this cycle of abuse end? According to Vicki Polin, Executive Director of the Awareness Center, at least 90 percent of sex offenders were sexually abused as children. All abusive behaviors tend to repeat themselves unless the individual seeks appropriate intervention”, confirms Dr. Amora Rabinowich, a renowned psychologist of New York.

The criminal trial was adjourned again, for another two months, to August 26, 2011. Although Taub was arrested more than a year ago, he is out on bail for a measly $50,000, a drop in the bucket for this millionaire. As his criminal trial was scheduled for the end of the Summer, Simon's desperation began to show, and he began to slip. Although the Supreme Court judge presiding over his matrimonial case ordered Simon to pay the mortgage for all the marital property, Simon defaulted. He knew what he was doing. Simon waited for the houses to go into foreclosure, and then he would be able to transfer those into bankruptcy court.  Once in bankruptcy court, the judge appointed a trustee for the properties. The trustee, a lawyer named Lori Lapin-Jones, has a dying dream to become a judge. Hoping to earn Simon's sponsorship, she became his rubber ducky. 

It all worked out perfectly to the nickel, as Simon made sure to drag the case in bankruptcy court long enough to cause some personal grief to Chana, as well as complete financial ruin. First, Chana's close friend Soya Radin, who was a tenant for many years in one of the couple's apartment buildings, was tortured in the housing court and forced to be evicted from her apartment. When she was packing her stuff to leave, Simon made sure that she should be arrested for nonsense, just  to taunt Chana. What people don't know is that the same week, the Supreme Court finally issued a divorce decree, and the judgement included an award to Chana of $1.2 million (less than 1% of Simon's reported wealth). This is coincidentally the exact amount which was due to Lori Lapin Jones after 1 ½ years of bankruptcy court.   All this, to earn himself favors in his criminal case.

In Criminal Court, October 18, 2011, prosecutor Nick Bastidas, Kings County's head of the racketeering division, presented the charges before the judge, Justice Geoffrey Walsh as follows; Attempted grand larceny in the second degree, between April 21,2010 and July 7, 2010, attempting to steal property from the complainant, having a value in excess of $50,000 by extortion by instilling in the victim a fear that if the property is not delivered, you or another would accuse accuse some person of a crime or cause criminal charges to be instituted against him, intending to subject some person to ridicule.

Simon's lawyers then boldly presented voluminous medical records indicating that Simon is “very sick” and possibly dying of “liver cancer”. Chana reports that Simon has been “very sick” in the divorce case for seven years strong. His lawyer then announced that Simon Taub has authorized him to enter a plea of guilty to the charge of attempted grand larceny in the second degree in full satisfaction of the indictment. Due to the 'illness' and inability to get proper treatment in prison, they are asking for five years of probation.

Prosecutor Bastidas firmly objected to the non-jail disposition that the court has offered.  Explaining that this man would rather let a predator remain lose in the community and is “motivated by greed to make money”.  Additionally, in 1998, Simon Taub has pleaded guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud by attempting to defraud Chum Insurance by overbilling on an insurance claim in the amount of over a million dollars.  “In that conviction, the defendant received his probation and received his one shot”.

Taub's lawyers informed him of his waiver of right to appeal, and five years probation.  On October 18, 2011, Simon Taub walked out of court a free man. Free to commit more fraud and extortion, and greedy manipulations under the nose of our government.  And Baruch Leibowitz? His case remains unsettling, as a week later, his case was reported to crumble. He was also granted permission by the courts to leave his house and attend synagogue for Rosh Hashanah services.  Simon and Baruch now live happily ever after.

Friday, November 18, 2011

L’Havdil L’Havdil

Ladies and gentleman,

Many times while I speak with people in the community, and the subject of Nuchem Rosenberg comes up, it always ends up something like this: He is right, BUT……..  He is 100% correct, BUT………  Of course he is nebech right, BUT……..

The “BUT” they are always talking is about the same thing. Why does he have to make a chilil Hashem? Why does he sound so excited when he talks about a molester? Why he is he saying names? Why? Why? Why?

The fact that I am writing this blog “off the record” and without my name attached to it, helps me a lot to get the feel of the community and the feel of many involved with community liaisons, Community leaders, and even Rabbis in the community.
I will also let you in on a little secret; I am very very close friend to one of the Rabbis that signed  the “Toilet paper cheirem” on Rabbi Nuchem. With him knowing that I write this blog we many time discuss Rabbi Nuchem and he is lost and confused just like the rest of the Rabbis that singed this Garbage Cheirem.

This is the situation:

1.       Penn State University, as you all know, arrested an assistant coach of a football team because he allegedly molested a boy. How did the University respond to that? Did they deny it? NO! Did they say No Comment? NO! Did they say it’s all lies? NO! This is what they did:

a.       They fired everyone who knew about it
b.      They went on TV to denounce the crime
c.       They launched new programs to fight pedophilia
d.      They are co-operating with the Police dept.
e.      They fired the HEAD COACH that even reported it to the management, but did not follow up and went to the Police
f.        They held on Thursday Night a program for people to ask questions

Ladies and gentleman! Penn State University is 400 times bigger, stronger and richer than Satmar, Pupa, Belz, New Square and Agudath Isreal COMBINED! They have more power to white wash, they have more money to hire the biggest lawyers, they have more strength to say NO COMMENT and yet they chose the right way of dealing with it. They decided to join the cause and make a stand against child abuse! They pulled together all their resources to say “NO” to abuse.

2.       Let’s take a look in our circles. There has been abuse in our schools for years and years. What have we done? Have we denounced the abuse? NO! Have we distanced ourselves from these pedophile scums? NO! Have we told the world we will not stand for it? NO! Have we done anything to improve our children’s lives since the Kletzky molestation and murder incident? NO! So what have we done?, This is what we have done:

a.       We have whitewashed every single story in the community
b.      We have supported every pedophile in our system
c.       We isolated every man that stands up for the children (Including Rabbi Nuchem that has worked with mesiras Nefesh for years and years)
d.      We have re-hired the Teachers once their statue of limitations ran out
e.      We have been quiet and DONE NOTHING

So let’s take a look, where would you want your 10-year-old boy to be if god forbids he gets molested, in Penn State University or in Belz cheider?

Who would you want to handle the teacher that molested your child, Satmar Yeshiva or Penn State University?

Why do our kids not deserve the same treatment as the average GOY on the streets? Why is there not ONE Rabbi with guts to say we have done wrong with rabbi Nuchem and it’s not right. Don’t get me wrong, in private they all say it, but in public there is not ONE man with BALLS to do it.

These are the Rabbis that we have to respect? These are the Rabbis that teach us how to raise our Children? These are the leaders that we have to look up to? These are the people that we trust our regulations with? These are the people that tell us you can eat kosher chicken, and we have to trust?

Are we that gullible to just follow the blind leading the blind?  

Rabbi Nuchem has been talking about this crime for years and years and years and years. Nobody listened to him, nobody paid attention so he opened a Hot-Line to get his point across. History is proving him right every single day. Actions are proving that he indeed is on the right side of history while the Rabbunim are on the wrong side.

As a father and mother of a child, assume for one second that Rabbi Nuchem has been dead for 4 years, you would not even know that there is such a thing as molestation! You would not hear anything This would be 1965 all over again where little kids are being raped every single day without any accountability. Is this what you want for your child? Is this the kind of Yeshiva you want?

Can someone please remind me when the last time you heard from ANY rabbi about this terrible and vicious problem? I hear every day about the internet, about the Cell Phones, about the Tznius issues, about the long shaitels about the bugs in the water. All the “important” issues are on the agenda but pedophilia not a word!

You tell me now. Who are the chosen people Williamsburg kids or Penn State kids? Who Is GOD proud of, The president of Belzer cheider or the President of Penn State?  

Now another point!

People always ask me, why is Rabbi Nuchem so happy when he announces a tragedy in the community? He sings, he laughs he says “Victory” Why is he enjoying it.

Let’s break it down. Rabbi Nuchem has been fighting this plague forever. He has been isolated for simply talking the truth; he has been ostracized for strictly sticking up for YOUR children.

When someone finds out that their child was molested in our community, do you know who he calls first? Let me tell you, NONE OTHER TAN RABBI NUCHEM. Do you know why he calls rabbi Nuchem? Because he wants action and that’s the only place he is going to get it!

So every time a story gets exposed (And recently it has been a daily and weekly happening) Rabbi Nuchem has another point to proof his mission. He is not happy with the story, he is happy with the progress of getting rid of this terrible abuse problem and he is glad to see that all the work he puts in FOR NO COST is paying off.

So don’t confuse the two issues. I have personally seen rabbi Nuchem cry out loud on his voice when he got a phone call from another broken mother. I have seen him drive down 14 hours just to meet activist and drive back 14 hours. I have seen him counseling parents for weeks upon weeks for no charge.

How dare you question his motives? He has gotten nothing for his hard work but isolation, abuse and headaches. Why is he doing it? Because he has the guts to stand up for the kids while it seems NO ONE ELSE has it