Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Williamsburg

Earlier we got very bitter news from Williamsburg. It seems that a 17 Year old boy was critically injured by a Fork Lift (Truck) and needs big miracles to make it back to Normal.

Along With our leader and  Moreh Derech  Rabbi Nuchem we are saying Tehillim for this boy and we are crying and begging  that he has a miraculous full recovery and he should continue life just as any normal other kid.

We are pulling for him and we are rooting for him. We can just imagine his pain and his parents’ pain, and we don’t wish this upon any Jewish Child or for that matter and Human being. May he have a Refuah Shleimah very soon, Amen

Nevertheless, this tragic happening made me think a little bit and reflect upon the reasoning behind the story. The night before, I myself was in the Armory Building (I also was at the Crown heights Building) and watched the scene at the Armory. Along with his nice Gold bekishe, Rabbi Z.L. was sitting and preaching about the internet addiction our community has. He was campaigning non-stop that the community should have the strongest type of filters to battle the garbage on the net. He was also mentioning that under no circumstances should you own an internet connection in your house, but in your business or place of work.

He conveniently forgot to address the terrible issue about the Eiruv and the disastrous chilil Hshem that happened in Williamsburg when the pashkevillen made the streets on Sunday.

He also forgot to address the plague of molestation our community suffers from. The hundreds of kids that have been raped molested and abused by members of the community.

He didn’t have to look too far into the crowd to remember what the important issues are. On one side he had Z.L. Fillip and on his other side he had Chaim Shie - Monsey Rav of Satmar. Both of them should be a quick reminder on what the important issues are, but of course he chose to worry about the internet.
So of course the question that comes to mind is, why did this Hilo Fall on this poor kid. Is it A) Because The Rabbi changed the Subject. B) Because the Bucher carries in shabbas with the eiruv, or C) because the crowd had an opportunity to boycott this head-table with all this menuvulim and didn’t do it?

I expect to see tomorrow pashkevillen in the streets of Williamsburg to clarify the reasoning. All I know, is that Rabbi Nuchem is the worst of the worst and all the Rabbis came together and decided to put him in Isolation, and once that was done, the community has no more problems anymore.

Raboisai, the hypocrisy is so big and so strong and no one has the guts to speak up and correct it. We have taken a man that had dedicated his life for clean streets and safe children and we kicked him to the curb. We sent a message to the kids that don’t speak up, because this will happen to you too! Did you think that The Eibishter would just let this go on like this? What else do you want him to do?

This is “The last Exit before Toll” Repent and retract before it’s too late! The fact is that Rabbi Nuchem has done an “Adarabah” and all these “Dirty 38” are in Isolation, their teffilos are worthless, their prayers are worthless and their well-being is in jeopardy!
The fact is that Rabbi Nuchem is stronger than ever! The fact is that Rabbi Nuchem is going in the right direction! The fact is that every day, more and more people realize that Rabbi Nuchem is right and the rest of the Klan is wrong! And most of all the fact is, That GOD IS PUNISHING THE PEOPLE THAT DID THIS TO RABBI NUCHEM!

Here is the catch! Some of you get it and know you messed up, and are sending messages of regret and resentment, while others are still too proud and too big to get off their high horses and apologize!

Here is your way out! Get together and make a stand! The biggest people in our history have said I AM SORRY and I made a mistake! There is nothing wrong when you a mistake unless when you are not willing to correct the mistake. Now is your chance to fix it! Now is your opportunity to stop the madness and repent! You might not get another chance, or you might get another chance when the price you paid was stiffer!

Think about it, IT WILL NOT GET EASIER!

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