Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hi Hitler

Hopefully the guys responsible for this will die a painful and miserable death! and the Rabbis that didn't speak up against it as well!
Raboisai, I give up!

I can see where Hitler took all the hate from, Because I have the same hate for my own fellow Jews right now. You don’t like it? Too FUCKEN bad!

Let’s break it down! Let’s see what we are allowed to do in the community and what we are not! Let's see what us the chosen people are doing compared to the low lives Non-Jews.! Let’s see how we behave and what makes us a better people compared to how they behave!

Let us take a look what we can get away with in our community and what we cannot!

Fucking a 5 Year old in the Ass multiple times          Acceptable

Raping our own Daughters                                      Acceptable

Putting a Jewish Man on Fire because he prays  in a different Shul   Acceptable

Officially printing posters on a MAN that tragically lost his life and making a mockery of him    Acceptable

Protecting your Teachers in your schools even though multiple people pointed them out as Molesters and rapist     Acceptable

Shunning Rabbi Nuchem and destroying his life because he dared to speak out against Rapist and Molesters   Acceptable

The Biggest Chassidim in the world ALL in Court for MONEY    Acceptable

So what makes us a better people than a Goy? Because we eat chulent on Shabbos? Because we have an attitude that we are better? Come on I know you are labeling me now an anti Semite I went over the line and all that bull shit, I really don’t care!

Look yourself in the face! WE ARE GARBAGE -  WE ARE DIRT -  WE ARE SCUMBAGS!  We don’t deserve anything but another Hitler!

Who the fuck do we think we are? We are uneducated low lives that steal from the Government, steal from each other, we are corrupt through and through, we don’t bring anything to the table. Show me one nation that would do this to a fellow member of their community? Show me one humanthat would embarrass a family like this at their worst hour!

Please I beg you, tell me what makes us a Jew? Cut the Bull Shit and give me an honest answer!

We are all about Money and nothing else! For money the Rabbis feed us Pork and Non-Kosher Meat – For money they will marry off our Jews to Non-Jews for money they will protect every Child Molester


I would not be surprised if he switches us for a different nation and kills us all, and it would be rightfully done!
Where is ONE FUCKEN RABBI saying one word about this? Where is one fucken Rabbi saying about all the Molesters we have had in the last 5 years!  What the FUCK is going on in this world!

JESUS CHRIST IS MY NEW GOD because i have never seen a christian acting like this, maybe THEY ARE the right and chosen people  JEWS FOR JESUS is my new MOTTO!

We have a problem that our children all go off the Derech? BIG FUCKEN DEAL! Why would we want them on the Derech if this is the Derech!

We are a disgrace to society, we are an embarrassment to human kind we don't deserve anything but another Holocaust

The Arabs keep killing people in the name of Allah – We are doing the same thing in the name of Frum  Bull shit  WHY ARE WE BETTER THAN THEM?

Stop crying in Shul and asking why our families are all sick in the Hospital with Cancer and Lou Gehrig’s disease! ITS THIS! This is the reason why we die like fucken PIGS on the streets! This is the reason why every Family has a sick relative in the Hospital. RABBI NUCHEM is the reason why we are dying like rotten flies, God cannot watch how one Eherliche man is being kicked out of the Community for standing up for our children!

You can laugh this article off if you want, but you are fooling no one but yourself!



  1. I take in upon myself, to go after every one that yells shabbas on the streets.

    I am making a promise here on this blog that i am going to look into every single man that yells Shabbas and check if he has food stamps, section Eight, any program that he uses, anything anything that is fraudulent, and i vow to report them to the Government.

    I know i will gain nothing, but i still am going to do it.

    i will find out if they work, where they work and see if they get anything off the books!

    I take it upon myself to make their life miserable, and do everything in my power to give them the same hell they are giving now to Mr. Weiss's family.

    This is not a threat, This is a Promise.

  2. Avrohom Udwin (Sydney Australia)December 11, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    Very well explained and written,it's about time we woke up and smelt the coffee.Why have we been mocking Rabbi Nuchem for so long.The same Rabbi Nuchem who risked his life to protect our children from pedophilia has not trustworthy for mikvues and Itzu Glick (Itzu Pimp) we trust for his hechsher?.that same Itzu pimp who had a brothel in his house?.

  3. You may actually get a Hitler very soon..... ha ha!

  4. unfortunatly in the subject of molesting children and hiding it there is no difference between the rabbis and the priests so you might as well stick to the jewish religion.
    remember by runnig away you wont get any place just by bettering our religion and faite in GOD and with a big fight we will over come ba"hs

  5. tone it down a bit. do really have to use the f word in every sentence?. i understand you are frustrated and angry but this article put off people that would otherwise support you.

  6. Hi Willi man!

    unfortunately you are considered a מסור already, even if you haven't done anything and even if you won't do anything.
    ‎See חו"מ סימן שפ"ח סעיף י'

  7. He isn't a moiser for one and secondly you are no better then him for ignoring your brohers blood which you will be punished by default. Plenty rabonim hold that mesira does not apply today. Do your home work and you will find out. But then again home work contains the word work so maybe you shouldn't attempt.

  8. I understand your anger and are with you... But, please, if you want to be respectable and heard, keep the language respectable. Because these people are low-lifes, doesn't mean we have to stoop to their level.

    Anonymous, I hear what you are saying. Please come up with a better plan to stop these terrorists. Enough.

  9. Hi (foul) Tuna bygil
    There never is a fair argument by starting with: First of all your not right, and then explaining.
    Do your home work and you will find out. But then again home work contains the word work so maybe you shouldn't attempt.