Sunday, December 25, 2011

A day in the Life of Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg

Ladies and gentleman, Let me preface this article by saying, that I am not getting money for this article, I am not asked to write this article, and this is not a Public-Relation article. The reason for this article is very simple: I am amazed by the Rabbis work; I am intrigued that one Man took upon himself to stand up against evil and immoral while his life was in grave danger.

Before I give you the average day in the life of Rabbi Nuchem, let me discuss a couple of things with you.

Rabbi Nuchem’s hotline along with his websites creates approximately 45,000 hits and phone calls a month.
These are not 45,000 people that get paid to listen to him; these are not 45,000 hits that get money by clicking on the site. It is the average person in the community that wants to hear the truth and they know that this is the only place to hear it.

Rabbi Nuchem works like a dog 24-7 for this community. Why is he doing it? Why does he need it? What is his Reward for all this? Well, the dumbest person in the world knows that he gets nothing but problems for all the holy work he does. So why is he doing it? Because he believes in the cause and since no one has the guts to do it, he had no choice and had to take the bull by the horns.

For Four years he did it quietly by writing letters and making phone calls to the Rabbis in the community, but it went on deaf ears. He was left without a choice and had to fight it himself.

This week of Chanukah, Rabbi Nuchem delivered 6 speeches in 3 different languages, was in court twice for hearing on molesters and rapists, was in a meeting Thursday all day with two organizations regarding the pedophilia issues and met 2 parents of victims.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I am trying to give you an idea what this man is all about. 90% of what he did this week was without anyone knowing that he did it and 100% of it was on his cost, on his time and on his hard work.

I believe its high time that the people in our community should speak up and defend Rabbi Nuchem’s honor and stand up for what is right.  Close your eyes for a second and imagine Williamsburg without Rabbi Nuchem. This town would have been run by people that have no one in their way to hold them responsible for what they do!!

The “Mesiras nefesh” that this man puts in every single day, cannot be paid back in one hundred years. The facts are that everything Rabbi Nuchem warned us, preached to us, begged us and yelled about, are unfortunately 10x true and that’s only that we know. God only knows the people that were not caught yet.

WHY? Why have we decided to close our eyes when it comes to this terrible plague? Why? Why have we turned a blind eye when it comes to protecting our Jewels, our kids, our future and our most vulnerable?  There must be a reason that this scares off our Liaisons, our rabbis, our “Leaders” and our community? What is it?

Why when a Tenth of an ounce of milk spills onto a pot of chicken soup, we don’t even think twice if we should throw out the whole pot, we just do it! Do our kids not deserve the same protection that of a pot of soup?
Why when a piece of matzo falls on the floor IN THE BOX we just throw out just in case! Do our kids not deserve the same protection that of a piece of matzoh?
Why are there people in Williamsburg yelling at people that carry with a perfectly kosher Eiruv EVERY SINGLE SHABBAS, yet not one “Known Molester” receives the same treatment?

Why are the 2 satmar Rabbis that are in Court and for-sure not allowed to be there, walk the streets free, while Rabbi Nuchem that merely educates the public and stands up for the youth, not given the same courtesy?
The facts are, that he was right all along, and every day the truth comes out again and again and again, yet he does not receive the courtesy that a cocoa powder received before Pesach. 

The answer is! We know why, you know why and the whole world knows why!  THE TRUTH HURTS!

The Rabbis are corrupt, the system is corrupt and our community is corrupt.

The Rabbis are busy all day long with the internet. So I have a question: The Internet is Not-Kosher, and we should not have any internet in our houses. Yet, when the great organization od RCCS makes a dinner, it is ALL done via internet, they are streaming live on every internet Jewish channel like VIN, The Yeshiva World, Their own site, Gruntig, Matzav, YideoTube, Crown heights info and many more.  Where are the Rabbis that signed in support of RCCS, and yelling “Hey wait a minute” We are against the Internet, how can you stream your entire function only on the internet? They don’t even make a party anymore it is STRICTLY on the internet?

What gives? Is this too crucial to say anything? BTW I am a big fan of RCCS, I am just trying to make a point!
So what is the answer, that they only speak up when it is in their interest and when they gain something about it!
Need I say more?
The bottom line, it all has become a joke and a protectors of the big people , the money people  and that’s all it is. Since Rabbi Nuchem is none of those, than the fact that he is a man with dignity, a Talmid Chuchem and a well educated man, counts for nothing.

Now you tell me, that these are the guys that you rely on Kashrus, Tahars Hamishpacha and more

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