Friday, July 29, 2011

The stock market is dropping

People who play the stock market are used to the term A new high or A new Low, depending on how the market is running. Our community has been breaking records and creating a “new-low” over the past 2 months.

I urge everyone to call and listen to the Eulogy and speech regarding the recent murders in our community. Rabbi Nuchem speaks in-depth about these happenings in our community.

Please call (951) 262-3714 and press #23 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quiz Time!! (for the whole family)

In our community we hire Rabbis / School teachers based on their looks. There are no background checks, there are no degree’s necessary, no experience needed and there are no qualifications whatsoever.

So we figured we will put up some pictures and give you a little test to challenge your IQ. Feel free to take this quiz with your children. But please, don’t come to any judgments based on looks alone, we don’t want to be talking “Loshon Horo” just try to take a quiz and see how you scored

Asher Dahan
Who is this?

        1.    Rabbi / School teacher in a religious school
        2.     A convicted rapist / Molester (that did jail time)
        3.     A Cold blooded Murderer
        4.     All of the above

Who is this? 
1.    Rabbi / School teacher in a religious school
2.    A multiple rapist / Molester (still in the US courts)
3.    A man wit no remorse and still holding on to his job
4.    All of the above

Who is this?

1.  A Chassidic-family-man from New Square, NY
2.  Convicted of having “Intercourse” with a 7-year-old female
3.  A registered VIOLENT offender
4.  All of the above

Who is this?

1. Community Liaison in the Chassidic community
2. A repeated sexual offender
3. A fake therapist (in order to lure in young women)
4. All of the above

Who is this?

1. A Chassidic man in the community
2. A 30-year veteran molesting close to 5000 young boys
3. A convicted molester that the Rabbis protect
4. All of the above

Who is this?

1.  Rabbi / School teacher in a religious school
2.  A convicted rapist / Molester (Ran to Israel)
3.  An international Superstar (molested kids on every continent)
4.    All of the above


Yehuda Kolko

Who  is this?

1.       School rabbi / Principal in a community school
2.       Accused by multiple students of molestation
3.       Man with an attitude, requested at plea bargain not to be on the sex offender list (got only three-years probation)
4.       All of the above

Shimon Rosen

Who is this?  

1.       A local Chassidic man in the community
2.       Convicted of INTERCOURSE with a SEVEN year old boy and a TWELVE year old boy
3.       Roaming the streets like nothing happened (got 5 years probation)
4.       All of the above

Levi Aaron

Who is this?

1.  Local 35-year-old minding his own business
2.  A Molester in the community that no one felt the need to tell the police
3.  A cold blooded murderer that cut up a nine-year-old little boy into pieces
4.  All of the above

Baruch Lebowitz

Who is this?

1.   A Chassidic man in the community
2.   Molested for years but was never reported
3.   A convicted molester with a 32-real prison sentence
4.   All of the above

Yisroel Weingarten

Who is this?  
1.       A local Chassidic man in his community
2.       Convicted of raping his teenage daughter repeatedly
3.       Got 30 years jail time for his revolting crimes and still is supported by the Rabbis in the community
4.       All of the above

What do they all have in common? You guessed it! The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE on each and every one of them.

For every single person we posted, there are hundreds more that are still roaming our streets freely and comfortably. We live in a jungle with no protection, with no morals and with no shame.

Our kids are free-for-all to the whole world and we don’t even care, otherwise we would have done something.

If you would find out that 4 people on your block were robbed and their houses were broken into, you would call the alarm guy the next morning and have them install gates, alarms, new locks and security cameras. What have you done for your kid after all these stories?   Their value is not as much as your house? Think about it!

Put up or Shut up!

Ladies and gentleman,

I had no intentions of posting a new article due to the fact that Rabbi Nuchem has multiple “hotline announcements” this week and due to the fact that the last month has probably been the worst week in Jewish history since World-War-II. (Kletzky - Abba Chatzirah - Belz Mikvah - New Square Murder - Kiryas Joel Drug arrest - Israel molestation - Crown Heigths arrest - to name a few)

Rabbi Rosnebrg in action - God bless this man

But Raboisai, I have a couple of surprises for you (Not really a surprise, but) and a couple of emergency points we must discuss. However, if you are one of these readers that just like to read this blog and plan on doing nothing, perhaps you should log out now and not waste your time. There is an English saying, and it goes something like this: Put up or Shut up! And never has this saying been more urgent than it is now. It is time to walk-the-walk and it is time to jump into action.

I want to pose this question to the Rabbis in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Monroe, Monsey and Etc.

Assuming I want to follow you to the core, and I want to obey your rulings, decisions and verdicts. So here I am, living in the chassidishe town of Williamsburg and I just had one of my worst 4 - 6 spiritual weeks of my lifetime, starting with the brutal rape, kidnapping, abuse and murder of little Leiby Kletzky.

So here I am, trying to be a good boy and follow your rules. So I can’t listen to Rabbi Nuchem's hotline, I am not allowed to associate myself with the Zionist Agudah (At least they showed up to say something), The internet is not even an option and I am left waiting to hear what my Rabbi will say and react to this tragedy.

WHERE ARE YOU? What’s your position? I have not heard from anyone in my community, leading me in this difficult time? On the way to work I read the newspaper and see that even the Non-Jewish population have arranged memorial gatherings in the park. On the Radio I can only hear that the whole world is shaking with this bitter story, but my Rabbis are missing in action?

And please don’t try to tell me that you called an “Asifah” where three B-actor-Rabbis told me to leave my cell phone at home when I go to shul! This is the worst two months in recent Jewish history and my rabbis can’t take their time and tell me how to cope with this? My rabbis show up when there is a dinner and money-banquet for any little shteeble, but you can’t help me now at my worst time?  My Rabbis are to be heard when on a daily basis for the biggest public-relation stunts but you can’t talk to me now? Are you for real? Are you the one that supposed to lead me? Are you lost for words? Where are you? Why are you letting me cope all alone in this difficult time?

But I have an even bigger secret for you. Since the Leiby Kletzky saga, there have been seven more Leiby Kletzky stories that have not made the news! Our youth are still being abused, raped, molested, and ruined for life. But hey, that’s no big deal, it always happened, it will continue to happen, these kids will get over it! If they get killed and cut up in pieces, than we have to pay attention, but just a regular rape and molestation, no biggie!

Raboisai, we need Rabbi Nuchem now more than ever! A boy was killed and cut up like kosher pork chops in a freezer and our “leaders” and Rabbis are MISSING IN ACTION! They are nowhere to be found! They are going on with life as if nothing happens and no one says boo! What is wrong with us? 5 years ago, the answer was: He touched a little kid, we will warn him and he won’t do it again. Today the answer is: He only killed him, but it was the first time. And next year it will be acceptable like: At least he didn’t cut him up in the freezer, give him a break!

You are thinking, this post is crazy, heartless and pure idiotic!  Well, please explain to me what this story is different than any rape or molestation that does not end up in murder! What is the huge difference between lives ruined emotionally forever and a single murder!

But you know what, even if you think there is a difference and a murder is much worst, ha ha ha! Even a murder can’t get these rabbis out of their comfort zone! They are nowhere to be found.

Please tell me what it will take for Satmar Rabbi, Viener Ruv, Klauzenberg Rabbi, and similar giants (what a joke) in our community, to stand up and say: I am sick of the molesters! I am sick what’s going on here! I am sick with the whitewashing!

Ladies and Gentleman, these rabbis have proven to us time and again that are tuned out, they don’t care, they laugh at us and could care less what our community does. If we will not grab the bull by its horns, than you might as well pack it in! if we will not get together and worry about our streets  and children, it will be a disaster. Our Rabbis will do nothing! Our Rabbis don’t care unless there is money or fame to be gained! A brutal murder could not get them up and get involved! It’s a joke what’s happening to us! It’s a joke how we are being controlled into pure garbage! It’s a joke how this has been happening for close to 40 years! It’s a joke and a shame that Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is still in isolation against the will of most Jewish community members and he is the only one that fights for us!

Members of the community! I beg you for the sake of YOUR kids! Speak up and demand from your Rabbi to do something. Speak up and talk to your friends and ask them to get involved and demand justice and integrity for your innocent little kids!

Pedophilia is going wild! Drug dealers are roaming the streets in our safest community! Murders is about to be whitewashed too!

Why is it that there are not 2,000 people showing up at the court cases of these molesters and demand justice for OUR kids! Why are you supporting rabbi Nuchem only in hiding? Come out and make your voice heard! Tell the world, Rabbi Nuchem is right and I am Proud to support him! I am proud that there is still one man with balls (I did it again) to stand up to these pedophiles and their supporters!

President Bush once said: If you harbor a terrorist, you are a terrorist, and you will have the same conviction as him! If you are a Rabbi that protects a molester, then YOU ARE a molester! I don’t care how big of a rabbi you are, and how much Torah you know by hard. IT’S WORTHLESS! And as president bush said: you are either with us or against us, there is no middle ground!

And once again, remember whom you are fighting for! For your kids! For your streets! For your clean streets! It’s your choice and only you can accomplish something for your kid, no one else will fight for you as you know by now and not only wont they fight for you, they will disturb you and will protect the biggest molesters and the biggest murderers for a couple of dollars, so think about it!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you Rabbi Zweibel!

I wanted to start this article by saying “Shame on you Agudah"! But Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel beat me to it. He appeared as a guest on the Zev Brenner show this past weekend and basically said (in other words): Shame on you Agudah! You have no clue what you are talking about! And in other words said: Hey Agudah, stay out of it.

I have a feeling that rabbi Zweibel is a “closet-follower” of Rabbi Nuchem, because he definitely spoke as he is one. The man was lost! The man was sweating bullets and could not keep up with any caller, and was somewhat embarrassed with this Agudah ruling.

You are probably all wondering, what’s going on? How does the Agudah send someone like this to present their opinion? The man had no answers to any callers! The man was lost, the man was confused! The man contradicted himself every 3 minutes, and you can see and smell his sweat over the radio airwaves.

Ladies and gentleman. The man that spoke on the radio is not a hired spokesman for the Agudah, he is THE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT of this organization, and even HE has no clue what the Agudah said or what their opinion is. But how can you blame him? No one in the Agudah has a clue what it is they said!

Let’s review what transpired here:

1. a number of callers (including Rabbi Nuchem) asked him for one name of a Rabbi that is qualified to answer these questions and people can go to him when they have a problem. Of course he could not produce EVEN one!

So, we have the vice president of the largest gathering of rabbis that are representing the Jewish population, and doing some baloney Lip-Service and Public-relations due to the bitter tragedy of Leiby Kletzky, and the vice president of the organization cannot give you ONE rabbi where you should go to in case of an emergency!

And you wonder why Rabbi Nuchem has a problem with the Rabbis? You wonder why people don’t buy the bull shit they spew? Come on, an eight-grader would know that if he makes a presentation to a class, he has to bring at least one example! You are a guest on a Radio station to push your agenda, and to ask people not to go to the police department but to a rabbi, and you can’t give us ONE name of a rabbi that we should go to? I bet if I ask you where to send a donation for the Agudah, you can give me 12 different office locations within 15 seconds!

2. I would assume that if you are a guest on a radio show and presenting a ruling, you would agree with it, be comfortable and confident about it, and most-of-all understand it. I have never seen a democrat use a republican to present his view at a press conference.

This man was ashamed with his view, his opinion and with his alliance with this prganization. He was breathing heavy, he was frustrated and mostly didn’t even understand this ruling. Every time when he said something about it, he was lowering his voice and saying “I guess you must go to the rabbi” and he said it with a tone of disgust and shock!

Rabbi Zweibel, we don’t blame you and we understand you. I would also be ashamed to align myself with such garbage! I would be embarrassed to be the puppet for such nonsense. Furthermore, I would be angry if my organization forces me to be the goat that has to explain this garbage to a public that is being educated and sees right through it! How awkward is it when you have to address a crowd and you can’t keep up with a 22 year old woman from Rockland County, when you are shredded to pieces by every single caller on the station. How sad is it when you must go public with a bull-shit agenda that you yourself don’t get, the people that sent you don’t get it and no one in the audience gets it. Poor man!

3. He finished by saying “The good news is that we made a lot of progress on this issue and we continue to do so”. Well Rabbi Zweibel, enlighten me please and update me on the great progress you made! Please I am all ears! Give me an example of what you accomplished recently! Give me a story (Anytime in the past 5 years) of success! Lead me to one of these great activities you accomplished regarding molesters!

Why didn’t you answer the last caller (Rabbi Cohen) other than "he made a number of good points"! Why don’t you just say, I don’t understand this whole issue or say I believe that you should not go to the police! Why are you not telling us the way it is? Why don’t you just tell the public what the Agudah really thinks? Why don’t you just tell us the truth, we make a lot of money off these molesters and we want to be in charge!

4. You said: You were moved and touched by R’ Nachman kletzky and by the things we learned from this tragedy and the message he had! Ok Rabbi, Please tell me exactly what it is you learned from this tragedy? What is it that you learned that you would like to share with us? What does this story have in common with the agenda you are pushing of not going to the police? Can you be a bit specific for once and tell us a straight sentence?

Raboisai. I can go on forever of all the nonsense he said (Including he will talk to Rabbi Horowitz and see why his opinion is that you SHOULD go to the police), but what’s the point? What don’t we know yet that we just found out? What garbage didn’t he feed us that we didn’t hear 20 times before?

It is vital that we understand and we pinpoint the enemy! It is vital that we realize the game that is being played on us! It is vital to see that if we will not do it and take matters into our own hands, it will not be done!

Everything Rabbi Nuchem preached and predicted came through with flying colors unfortunately! If you ever doubted and wondered why Rabbi Nuchem is so angry with the Rabbis of our generation, you definitely got your answers after listening to this rubbish and you must have noticed how the spin doctors are treating us like kindergarten kids and just babble for an hour and think that we are in 1963 where we are scared to ask questions!

I challenge anyone to write to me and not only show me a support to the "so-called" halachic nonsense he fluttered, but better yet, explain to me what he said! Can someone please tell me what their "shit-a"is? I know what it is! They know what it is! We all know what it is! They want you to report only to them and they will continue whitewashing it.

So Rabbi Zweibel, why don’t you tell us with confidence “The halacha is you are not allowed to go to the police” Why are you embarrassed with your beliefs? Why don’t you stand up for what you believe in? I will tell you why – Because they know they are wrong, they are just trying to hold on to power! They are trying to hold on to something that have done for 50 years! They are trying to continue to lead us that blind path, and they feel the pressure! They don’t like it at all! They are on their last breath begging you to keep following them and don’t ask questions! They know that in todays times we have Rabbi Nuchem to hear the truth, and they can't take it!

Friday, July 22, 2011


It seems that slowly-but-surely things are going back to normal. As I predicted last week on my blog, that it’s only a matter of time before people are outraged and boiling mad about the Kletzky murder and were vivid that Rabbi Nuchem has been saying it all along, but now a week later, you hear the talk in shul that it was an “Isolated” story, it was the “Luck of the draw” that he bumped into Aaron, and all similar nonsense.

I remember when I learned in Satmar yeshiva back on Sands Street in the70’s, there was a group of boys that we called “Daf – Beis” and the reason we called them daf beis, was due to the fact that every day they started a new mesechta (chapter) of Talmud and the following day they got bored and started another  one. By the end of the season they knew the first page of every part of the Talmud.
The funny part is, I know some of these boys today (30 – 40 years later) and they do the same thing in business. They open a business every month; they get bored of it within one month when they don’t make their first million right away, and move on to the next business. I am sure there is a medical term for this kind of behavior but I am not sure the exact term.
Our community has a similar problem. Whenever there is a tragedy in the community they run with it for a week and then cool off, wait for the next tragedy, get all worked up on that one, cool off, and wait for the next one.
The Rabbis work on the same exact system. Today the kosher chickens are not good, they are busy with it for a week, cool off and move on to the next problem. Today the strawberries have worms; they turn over the world for two weeks, move on, cool off and wait for the next major story. Today there is a new one, The water needs to be filtered from flies, they flip over, make some money with filters, busy with it until there is no more money to be made and on to the next problem. (Meanwhile the chickens and the strawberries and the water never had a problem and definitely never had a solution, but it kept them busy).
Today there is a problem with the women’s robes (they are too long, too short, too tight, too many colors, too little colors, too big on the top, too small on the sleeves) ok we are busy 2 weeks with it, made the money and you guessed it: NEXT! Today the cell phones are not good, ok kosher cell phone time… money money…..  Good morning – Good night….. NEXT.
Today we have a new problem, VIN is not kosher….. Drum roll…. 25 rabbis sign a petition….two weeks…. NEXT!
Today we got a new one. Lipa Schmeltzer is making a concert… 30 rabbis….. Petition time……men and women mixed……. That’s why accidents happen…..NEXT!  (Oops, it was not mixed – OK mistake… next!)
Meanwhile the chickens are good, the strawberries are delicious, the robes are perfect, the water is yummy, the cell phones are ok (but only for men, for the women it’s not modest enough) VIN gets advertisements from every Jewish charity organization and business in our community, Lipa is ok but only in the winter, only when he gives free tickets for charity, only when he gets a hech$$her from the rabbi…………..BUT WAIT!  Nuchem Rosenberg, he is a the problem (he does not want to pay, he does not want to follow the stream, he does not get scared from voicing his opinion)
While all these major problems happened, and the Rabbis were busy checking strawberries and chicken legs, you could not find one Rabbi to speak out against the killing in New Square and not one Rabbi speaking out about the molestation and pedophilia in our community.  And you tell me that we have leaders in our jungle? You are trying to convince me that our community is run great and we are on the right track? You are trying to persuade yourself that the rabbis are on top of the issues? You still have a problem with Rabbi Nuchem?
People tell me I agree with Rabbi Nuchem but I wish he would stop badmouthing the Rabbis. If he does that, he will get my full support.  This statement is Ludacris and let me explain:
There is a group called Jews for Jesus. We are Torah observing Jews and we know that there is no bigger oxymoron than that. If you are a Jew, you can’t be for Jesus – and if you are for Jesus, than you are not a Jew.  You cannot be a beef –eating vegan. If you are vegan, you only eat vegetables and that’s that.
If you want a clean community and agree with Rabbi Nuchem, than you must rid yourself of people that protect molesters and rapists. How can you be for the cause and still support people that make it easy for molesters to roam our community? It just does not go together!
Is it painful that our Rabbis protect these vile scums? Hell Yes! But they don’t get a free pass just because they have the title Rabbi attached to it. They don’t get off Scott-free because they don’t have the balls to take a stand. Explain to me how 10 days after this sick tragedy, we have not heard from a rabbi yet regarding molestation in the community? How sick is that? How can you have 1% respect for any rabbi when they are in hiding all year round and only show their face to sign a petition against Lipa Schmeltzer? Seriously, enlighten me whats going on here?
Stop finding bugs in my strawberries and stop finding 3 legs on my chickens, stop worrying about my wife’s robe and concentrate on the safety of my grandchildren! Get your priorities straight and then I can perhaps have respect for you! Get your important issues on the front-runner and then check my eggs and blueberries. Don’t worry about my wife’s cell phone, rather make sure my child does not have a molester waiting for him in the Mikvah. Can you do that for me?
Raboisai, I am not a follower of Rabbi Nuchem because he is my Rabbi; I am not a follower of Rabbi Nuchem because my father told me to do so. I follow him because the other two-three Rabbis that I would love to follow don’t have the guts to speak out about the important issues and he does! I can’t wait for the day when the Rabbis start doing something about it and clean up our streets and then I will close this blog and not have to worry about all these problems.  But until then I see only one man that talks about it, works 24 hours a day to clean this garbage up and does not get tired despite daily abuse he receives.
But I know that until the next kid gets killed or damaged for life, you wont really care, so good bye until then, and check back with me by the next big story. Hey… don’t go too far, it's just a matter of time

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1 + 1 = 5

Ladies and gentleman, without any further ado and without any introduction, I really would like to have an open conversation and a heart to heart talk with you.

Our state of mind in our community has become beyond laughable, beyond despicable and beyond anything you can imagine. It has become sad and sick! Our so called leaders treat us like third-world-country orphans and like some South African prostitutes, they sell us anything they dream, anything they fantasize and we buy it like sitting ducks. The expression “I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge” was strictly created for our community. We just follow these idiots like blind sheep even when it’s crystal clear that these morons make no sense and push blatant lies on us.

Yesterday  Moshe green of Monsey spoke in front of a crowd of people and said that the murder of Leiby kletzky happened due to the fact that we handed over convicted-molester Weingarten to the government, and also because we have day-camps in the community.

Ladies and gentleman, I don’t even know where to start, but let’s break down this whole speech.

Moshe green is a huge scholar and is a big Talmid chuchem but even a bigger idiot and even a bigger con-artist (Of course he is Pinny Greens brother – what do we expect).

Let’s break down the Weingarten case and see what’s going on. Molester Weingarten has molested his daughter throughout her upbringing years. Her principal in Antwerp (Rabbi Stauber) released a 2-page letter explaining the vicious rape and molestation he brought upon this poor innocent girl for years, the court system heard heart-breaking evidence of the brutal incest this monster tortured this little kid. We finally had an open-and-shut case with a no-doubt verdict that this monster preyed upon this little kid for years.

This Weingarten flees to Monsey and approaches Moshe Green and tells him please help me, they are going to court and they will put me in jail for the rest of my life.

Moshe green does not investigate one minute and just comes out (Along with some other fools in the community) with a long letter supporting this scumbag and still to this day has the balls to say that Leiby Kletzky was murdered because we put away this rapist.

Raboisai! Are we that naïve? Are we that dumb? Are we that gullible? Can these people really shove down our throat anything they want? What is wrong with us? When have we become so stupid and just let a couple of people run our lives? Why are you not jumping out of your seat and raise hell?

What’s the difference between Weingarten and Levy Aaron? Who came to the conclusion that 10 years of nightly rape is better than a quick killing? Why does not Levy Aaron get the same treatment as Weingarten?

Raboisai! WAKE UP PLEASE! We are being controlled by some morons and they are having a field day with us. They don’t have to think twice before they talk to us, they know we will buy any bull shit they push upon us! 

Just for your info: If you ever wondered how valid the isolation letter that was thrown upon Rabbi Nuchem by these 38 rabbis (including Moshe Green) is, wonder no more! The same Rabbis that are trying to protect Weingarten are the same morons that decided Rabbi Nuchem is forbidden in our community.

Why are they trying to shut the Rabbi up? Because they know that Rabbi Nuchem is educating us and they don’t want that. They want to be able to control us and they don’t like when they are questioned!

Ladies and gentleman, I urge to wake up and smell the coffee. We are being controlled and manipulated by some unqualified self-made rabbis and we just walk right into their scheme.

New Square has been giving you terror and manipulation for 30 years, and Mr. Rothenberg finally said enough is enough. What happened? They put him on fire and try to kill him, but everyone is quiet.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Dinever Rabbi, Kossover Rabbi has the names of the molesters and refuses to expose them and give the names to the NYPD.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Baruch Lebowitz is a convicted molester. Every single person in our community knows it, but he is now out temporarily due to a complication and Bull-shit charge by their million-dollar lawyer.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Duvid Eichenstien emptied the pockets of his members and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he continues his bull shit and is considered a “Rabbi”.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Now we had a little kid murdered, and all of a sudden every Rabbi is jumping on the band wagon and attempt to profit out of this tragedy. Please don’t get caught up in this emotional turmoil and buy the bull shit they feed us.  This rabbi tells you he got killed because Weingarten was given over to the government. This Rabbi tells you, it’s because our wives are not dressed properly. This Rabbi tells you, it happened because we bring our cell phones to the shuls.  Every single rabbi twists this story to his direction and no one wants to come out and say the only reason why it happened. It happened because molesters in our community are welcomed and not dealt with and he had a free range to do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

Raboisa, Moshe Green is a Talmud Chuchem and so are other rabbis. But the fact that someone is a Talmud Chuchem, does not give him the ability to be a rabbi, to be a spokesman for the community and definitely does not give him the authority to tell people how to live and what to do and what to ignore!

A community leader is supposed to be sensitive to a community and suppose to lead the community with the Torah guidelines and not with private motives. Like it or not, Rabbi Nuchem speaks his mind and speaks the truth whether it’s a popular choice or not, whether it  is controversial or not. He does not go with the mainstream but rather with the truth.

Can someone remind me when was the last time any of these rabbis made a controversial ruling or announcement? Are you telling me that in the times of Talmud the sages argued over every detail, and today all the Rabbis are in agreement?  

What is the use of having a Rabbi when he is not willing to give a true opinion and is scared to say what he really thinks?

What is the purpose of having a million rabbis and shuls when they all sign letters and announcements without a second of research?

Since when are all these people, “Rabbis”? Who made you for community liaisons and spokesman? Everyone that decides to become a Rabbi just builds a shul and the next morning he tells us how to live. How stupid are we? How gullible are we?

Dinever Rabbi had a shul with 20 people in Flatbush and now decided to become a Rabbi and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
Squarer rabbi at the age of 27 lost his father and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
Kossover rabbi the All-American boy decided to become a Rabbi and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
The Eichenstein brothers decided that the Non-Profit org. is up their alley and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
Mechel lebowitz was a lowlife all his life, Satmar tried to kill him, but he was stronger them them. He found a couple of idiots to build him a shul and boom, he is now a Tzadick!

I am not here to tell you who your rabbi should be and whom you should follow, but please don’t be silly, don’t be gullible, don’t be an idiot and buy every piece of garbage pushed upon you. Remember, none of these people care for you or your family, and if you will follow them, believe them and respect them, you might be the next father of Leiby kletzky.

It’s time that you just look out for yourself and lead your life for you and your family. Protect your kids, protect your streets and protect your community. Don’t let these self-made rabbis tell you who’s hotline is allowed or not allowed to listen to. Stand up for the truth and stand up for what’s right and educate your kids, your family and your friends that this German-style of blind-sheep-following is over and done with.