Wall of Shame

Last updated on Jan. 15, 2012

We made a couple of changes to this page. We want to make sure that the new skunks that appear here are at the top of the page, so they get their deserved recognition, so we will try to always put the new names on the top of the page. (The last thing we want is not to pay the right respect for these rapist / murderers / Killers and molesters.)

Welcome to the  ‘Wall of Shame” page where you will find the pictures of Molesters, Abusers and society’s worst of the worst!

I know it’s not politically correct to talk about this in the community, but it is vital that everyone knows the faces of the people that you must be careful off and make sure that your kids are 15 million miles away from these animals. Even the skunks that are doing prison time are also listed, so when they are on parole, or home on appeal we will be able to know their faces and be careful from these vile revolting despicable animals.

Due to “Victim rights” and particular laws, you cannot link directly to the US Govt. pages, so we will post the ZIP CODE of where the offender lives, and then you can just enter the zip code and find the info on each offender by clicking on the following link http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/SomsSUBDirectory/search_index.jsp   

If you know a person that you feel belongs on this page, kindly email us at longlivenuchem@gmail.com  with a picture and a full explanation on why he should be put up here.

(We apologize to the junkies who we didn’t get to yet, it is just so overwhelmingly busy here that it takes time to put you all up here. Rest assured we will get to all of you)

It is important to know, that many molesters will work out a “deal” with the government, and will include in the deal, that they will not be on the “Sex offenders list”. The reason the government is eager to make deals many times, is due to different factors on each particular case. But most of the time it is to spare the young victim (ages 4 – 16) more agony and pain.

Regrettably these molesters know about this, and they take full advantage of it and work out a lot of deals with no prison time and with no “real punishment”

The Dym Brothers - 10952

Baby Brother - Shmuel

This family orientad duo deserve a special place in our page. First there is big brother, Betzalel Dym

Big Brother Betzalel Dym

Betzalel Dym lives in 10952 Zip code and was charged with having intercourse with an 11 –year old boy! Let me repeat an 11 year old boy. This kid is ruined for life, this innocent little boy did nothing except walk home from school and this filthy animal decided he want s to have sex with him. And you think it cant happen to your child? No problem go to your local Rabbi he will help you!

This guy also has official addresses in Queens and in NJ so be careful EVERYWHERE!

Next we have little brother Shmuel. He was just arrested in July of 2011 on similar charges that his brother had. They both have something in common, they were abusd by the mega PIG, Rabbi Baruch Lebowitz.

Baruch lebowits - 11219 
Baruch lebowits - 11219

This useless piece of rubbish over here does not need any introductions! He has molested the communities’ youth for quite a while, and finally the justice system caught up with him, and gave him 32 years in Jail. Rabbi Nuchem was very involved in this case and with his continues efforts and hard work, the truth was revealed and this convicted molester got his payload.

Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner - 11219

Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner - 11219
 This filth here still makes me barf every time I look at his face. This guy had the galls (with the help of the local Rabbis) to avoid the slammer for close to 40 years. There is not a block in Boro Park where you will not find one of his victims. It’s estimated that this skunk has abused over 5000 kids (This is not a typo we are talking FIVE THOUSAND KIDS).

He was finally caught up to (5000 kids later) and he is scheduled to start his horribly 3 year sentence in the Summer of 2011.

Avruhum Mondrowitz - Israel

Avruhum Mondrowitz - Israel
 This disease to society, also has been roaming freely the streets for over 40 years. He is an international star. He left his dirty finger prints all over the globe and fled the USA and infected the kids in Israel. The Gerre community should be ashamed of themselves how they protected and still are protecting this nuisance. He was a teacher in private schools in the USA where he had free range access to every kid. What a pervert!

Yehuda Kolko SR"Y
Yehuda Kolko SR"Y

 Yehuda Kolko is one of the most dangerous people around. He PLED Guilty to endangering the welfare of a child, but with his big pockets and big connection, this low life got away with 3-years-probation and mandatory counseling, while his multiple victims are left with a lifetime of pain.

This guy also requested as part of the plea bargain, that his name does not appear on the sex offender list. Well Yehuda, you got away with one! You should be proud of yourself!

Avruhom Goodman - 11211

Avruhom Goodman

 Avrohom Goodman lives in zip code 11211 and this 300 lb. pig roams the streets as he owns them.

Here is another repulsive pig that was charged with sexual abuse in the first degree MORE THAN ONCE and he did it multiple times with a 6yr old and female and a 7 yr old female

Yoel Oberlander - 10952

Yoel Oberlander

Yoily Oberlander. He is a Rookie! He only had sexual contact with an 11 year old “Strange” female. And of course he got off with 6 years-probation!

This 30 year old bum lives in 10952 zip code, and we hope you enjoy his presence in your community.

Shimon Rosen - 10952 

Shimon Rosen

This mother fucker Shimon Rosen should really get a website of his own! But hey we want to keep it quiet and heal him! Urghhhh!

This 40 year old skunk (I apologize to the skunk community) lives in zip 10952 and was charged with sodomy in the 2nd degree, and had intercourse with a 7 year old boy and a 12 year old boy. And you know his punishment? 5 years of probation! Do you know why? Because the kids didn’t get permission from the Rabbi to testify! Any further questions?

David Zimmer - 11219 

David Zimmer

 David Zimmer lives in the 11219 zip code area and walks around Boro Park every single day, as nothing ever happened.
This scum was charged with the following charges Patronizing/Promoting, More Than Once Sexual Contact Prostitution Actual, Sexual Intercourse and sex with a 10 year old female. This bucher lives on 51st street and 13th ave. and has full access to our youth. It’s beyond comprehension what’s happening in our community!

Isaac Leichter  11211 

Isaac Leichter

Isaac Leichter lives in zip code 11211 and at a posture of 5’ 7” and 200 lbs, this 57 year old grabbed a 16 year old girl and over powered here and was charged with 1st degree sexual abuse

Yissuscher (Barry) Kohn - 10977
Yissuscher (Barry) Kohn
 This scumbag was charged with “multiple” charges including intercourse and sexual contact with a 7 year old female. He is also registered as a VIOLENT offender and a 1st degree molester. And how dare Rabbi Nuchem say that Square has a problem? It’s pure KEDISHA!
Do you guys even reliaze what it means “sexual intercourse with a 7 year old”? did you stop for one second to think what a pure innocent little shefeleh at the age of 7 goes through?
Keep going to the Kosover chazir, he will heal you and give you therapy!

His zip code is 10977 but what’s the point. That zip code belongs to square, and sadly he is one of the smallest problems there.

Isaac Ebstein
The owner of Queens Kosher Pita in Kew Gardens Hills has pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges involving a 10-year-old boy who used to go to the bakery for cookies and whom he had befriended, it was announced.
Isaac Ebstein
Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown identified the defendant as Isaac Ebstein, 50, of Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg. The owner and baker of Queens Kosher Pita, located at 68- 36 Main St. in Kew Gardens Hills, he appeared before Queens Supreme Court Justice Sheri S. Roman on June 8 and pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted sexual abuse and attempted endangering the welfare of a child. Sentencing is scheduled for June 16, at which time Justice Roman indicated that she would sentence the Ebstein to one year' probation and weekly sex offender counseling for a year.

District Attorney Brown said, "The defendant has pleaded guilty to having taken advantage of the innocence of his young victim. As a result, the child has been severely traumatized and emotionally scarred for life. Fortunately, the defendant's guilty plea will save the youngster from having to testify and recount the situation that he endured."

In pleading guilty, the defendant reportedly acknowledged that he took advantage of the young boy and that while driving around Queens with the boy, he touched the boy's penis and had the boy touch his. The abuse took place on three occasions over a two month period between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2002.

Michael Sabo
Michael Sabo - Marine Park

A 36-year-old Brooklyn deviant sexually molested five small children, sometimes snapping pictures of the depraved encounters, prosecutors charged.

Michael Sabo, a registered nurse who is married with four children, began preying on victims as young as 5 in 2001, law enforcement sources said.
The victims include the son of a former close friend, the sources said. Sabo is accused of molesting the children in a bedroom at his Marine Park home and at the homes of friends.
"If you were with him, if you looked at him with his children, you would think, 'This is the greatest dad,'" said a former friend, who first met Sabo more than 15 years ago.
Sabo, is being held in lieu of $2 million bail on his latest sealed indictment.
He was first arrested last year on a three-count child sex indictment, followed by a second indictment with two more charges

 Chaim Abrahamson

Abrahmson - Monsey NY
The name of this filthy molester is Chaim Abrahamson. We have a special place for people like him because he had that extra trust and special reliance by being a teacher for little kids.

This maniac lives in Monsey, NY  and every day more and more kids come out of the closet and tell horror stories about this man.

This person will be my “Special project” of the New Year! He thinks he is only in hot water with two people, little does he know that the list is growing rapidly by the day. And I am NOT exaggerating!
G-d has a special place upstairs for molesters, but even a better place for molesters that were teachers and had the trust of parents and screwed each and every one of them in more ways than one.

Shame on you, you scumbag! Shame on you, you lowest of the low! Shame on you, you filthy old man! Rest assured that we will be by your trial every day and make sure you rot your final years in an 8x6 bunker. You are a dreadful excuse for a human!

Shimon Benisty

Simon Benisty 11204
Simon Benisty is 45 years old and was just sentenced to 11 months in local city jail. But before you know it he will be out and will roam the streets of Boro Park again. His address is listed in zip 11204 and lives in the heart of Boro Park.

He is one of the few that are listed as VIOLENT sexual offender. He has sexual contact in the 1st degree with two innocent little kinderlach he knew. An 8 year old and brutally did it to an 11 year old.

Watch your children ! and watch your neighborhood. Imagine you live on 16th ave and  48th street right in the center of Boro park and you have to worry that some local asshole should not rape your 10 year old. IT’S SICKENING!

Yonah Weinberg

Yona (Jason) Weinberg - 11210

This scumbag is 32 years ols and lives in the center of Midwood and ALL he did was only have 2nd degree ACTUAL sexual contact with a 13 year old boy he knew.


The fact that he received only 13 mon. in jail is heartbreaking to everyone, especially to the victim and his family. But unfortunate we already got used to these light sentences of these skunks. 


These garbage lives within 5 blocks of many childrens schools, so keep an extra eye on him and protect your little jewels. He was charged wit ACTUAL sexual CONTACT, so this is the real deal. He also goes under his professional name Jason Weinberg. Be careful and may hashem watch over all o our innocent kinderlach.







 Daskalowitz (Currently in a mental institute)

Daskalowitz - better picture coming soon
This latest addition to our wall of shame is a very dangerous individual. This guy almost has that attitude and the vibe “It’s cool to be a molester” he is like a NAMBLA member. He does not make excuses for doing it, moves at will from Williamsburg to boro Park, stares people down, fights for his rights, and goes on as if nothing happened.

This filth feels like this is all a joke, brings along his friends to court as if it’s a night out on the town. On the other hand, who can blame him? In his community, no one says anything to molesters, no one yells at them and no one really cares. They have a problem with Rabbi Rosenberg and with this blog, but molesters are ok.

Well scumbag, your day is coming, your punishment is coming, and payback is a bitch! You have killed souls of yiddisher kinderlech and destroyed the lives of perfectly fine and healthy families and you wonder, “What did I do?”  the good news is that, the place you are going they will you show up close and personal a demo of exactly what you did, and probably will show it to you every single day!

This skunk just moved to Boro Park on  51st street by 13th Ave. There are people holding a close watch on him, as the rumor is he wants to run to Israel. Also the government seized his passport, but don’t take any chances. He is a danger to society and people in Boro Park should be very very very careful.

If you are still looking for a place to daven?  Munkatch is a couple of blocks away and there is an empty seat up front. They will make you feel welcomed there

David yehuda greenfeld - Teacher in Bobov (Unger) School 11204

Duvid Yehuda Greenfeld
This scumbag was hired as a rabbi in a school to help and protect kids. What does he do? He molested them. That is the worst kind of mistrust in the universe.

Parents release their little kinderlech to the custody of the schools and hope they are being educated and monitored, but instead this useless debris molests them.

This trash abused children for over 15 years, and every one closed their eyes and ears, because his father is some kind of big shot in the community. He molested people in the mikvahs, in the classrooms, and in public places. And no one other than Rabbi Nuchem had the guts to confront him and put him away.

This guy is about to be sentenced and hopefully they will throw to book on this piece of filth, so the streets will be with one less child rapist!