Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For the record!

I must put up this post to respond the constant emails I am getting.  The e-mails are all about the same tone, and go something like this “I believe in protecting children, but Nuchem is causing a Chillul Hashem when he goes to the court and talks on his hotlines.”
Well, first-of-all it’s an oxymoron – If you believe in the cause, then you must agree with the action. How do you agree by just saying “I agree with him” that’s called not putting your money where your mouth is. Agreeing is when you do action, like Rabbi Nuchem is doing– By you just saying you agree, that’s hogwash and talk!
Now to the main point! Rabbi Nuchem has not initiated ONE SINGLE CASE in the court systems. The victims came forward by Lebowits, Weberman, Daskalowitch and all other scumbags. AND HE NEVER TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! He simply is the backbone of the victims and gives them the support and courage to move ahead.
So how do you not agree with him and still agree with the cause?  How do you believe in a cause when you are not willing to follow-up on the cause. What do you expect to happen with the victims? Do you want them to get healed by Webberman? By your local Rabbi? By the V’aad h’atznius?   Get Real!
I would really like to get an explanation for this – Can’t wait to hear your p’shetel
Another thing I wonder. How come when it hits someone home and their own kid becomes a victim, they all do a 360 and flock to rabbi Nuchem for support? Is that how a Jewish man is trained to treat a friend’s kid different then his own?   Think about it!

Let’s compared dealing with a molester and dealing with a murderer and let’s take your way of thinking and use it to the murderer.
When a black man in Bed-Sty walked into Williamsburg and  “God-Forbid" killed a little kid, how should we deal with it?  let’s take the method and critical thinking you use for the molesters, and put it towards the killer.
We all agree that killing is a problem but Nuchems way is terrible, so let’s not go to the justice dept. but let’s take this man and send him to his local church and his pastor will heal him.
Sounds crazy? Exactly!  Look in the mirror, because this is what you have been doing and you continue to fight for that kind of justice. Don't fool yourself and think you are  different, YOU ARE NOT!

Warmer than Kol Nidrei

The following is the bravest, warmest, heart-breaking speech I ever watched.
This should be watched by every single parent in the USA.

The story is sick and heart breaking - The part which is sicker than this speech, is the fact that on YouTube there are comments denouncing this victim.

Shame on you all

Thank you Asher Lipner and Mark Appeal for the great work you do!

Chillul Hashem – Chillul Hashem – Chillul Hashem

Another great tool these “leaders” in our community use, is telling you “Don’t go to the government – You will make a chillul Hashem”.
It all comes down to the same ridicules senseless way of throwing the guilt on you, and manipulate you with any kind of power to have it their way.
Here is a video of WPIX news, describing the terrible abuse in our community.  Let it be known who makes the Chillul Hashem. When the viewer watches this program, He / She does not think that Rabbi Rosenberg is  making a Chillul Hashm, They DO think straight, and knows exactly where the blame belongs. ON THE ABUSERS and the BACKERS of the abusers.

Same old tactics

While I took a Three-month sabbatical, there were many new stories in our community, and Rabbi Rosenberg updated you on each and every one of them.
One of the stories that caught everyone’s attention is the one of Nechemya Weberman. As it is customary, when a Police officer is found guilty of a crime, his punishment will be a stiffer one due to the fact that he is held to a higher standard as a police officer and due to the abuse of power he committed. It is only right that the same should apply to Weberman, as he is a “Self-made” community watchdog.
However, I am not about to discuss his case right now, I rather want to pick up on an old tactic this community has been involved in, and we call it intimidation and harassment.
While this scumbag was sitting outside the court room waiting for the Judge, his wife was there doing nothing but take pictures of the victims supporters.
Sit back for a second and think what this woman is doing.  She is next to a man that is charged with over 100 counts of felonies, and she is busy taking pictures of the victim’s supporters.  She didn’t say “My husband is innocent” she didn’t defend the allegations; she did what she knows best! She did what the community always does! She did what her husband is doing for years! She did what her pea-size brain is trained to do.
She flashed pictures and circulated it online to intimidate the other side!

Webermans wife taking pictures of the victim's supporters

Ladies and gentleman – How low can a human being stoop?   How much “Chutzpah” can a woman have? How much more guilt can you show by using these tactics? How much longer do you think this community will take this nonsense?  What the hell do you think you accomplished, other than showing the true colors of your humanity. 

Keep using these old-fashioned tactics and see where it gets you! Keep showing the NY Court system how you fight your battle! Keep making a fool of yourself and see where it gets you! Keep convincing yourself that you are not guilty and see where it gets you! Keep rejecting the Governments deals and end up like Lebowitz.
These tactics worked so well, that by the next trial date there won’t be 45 supporters, there will be 145 supporters.

And to the rest of the community, I say. Stop the paranoia! Stop the vicious cycle of acting like a 9-year-old scared child. BIG DEAL! You stood up for a victim. You should not be ashamed for that THEY should be ashamed for abusing!  Stop living this guilty life-style already, the only one that should feel guilty, are the abusers and molesters, We should be proud of what we do and what we stand for and not let these scumbags intimidate us.
That's the only way, your kids have a chance in this community!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome back my friends……..

It’s been 3 months since I have written an article due to the new schedule of my job and the different hours I am working now, but it’s been eating me that I can’t write, I have so much on my mind and there is so much that is needed to say.
These last three months I have been on the sidelines and been watching the holy work of Rabbi Rosenberg and the respect and admiration for him has grown one-thousand-fold. The Rabbi is a saint and an unbelievable fearless man that does everything for the sake of the truth.
I have also got to speak with people “off-the-record” over the past three months, and found out that the majority of the community is very much behind this great man, even though some are scared to speak out on his behalf. These times are changing though, and the movement is moving ahead with full force.
On Purim I had the honor of meeting Rabbi Rosenberg and saw first-hand the work and determination the rabbi has, how he unselfishness gives away his own time, his own money, his own sweat, all for the sake of the cause. That meeting reenergized me to get back in the blogging sphere and to help the Rabbi with his heavy work load.
In these last 3 months, many more molesters, rapist and scumbags have arisen and been discovered and it is shocking how this community still protects, white washes denies and looks the other side.  For some reason this old-fashioned way of thinking, is that a molester looks like a rebel and a monster, and if he wears a nice hat with a clean white shirt, he must be innocent.
Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself again to you, and I promise this time to really put a big effort in following up on these scumbags and do everything in my power to expose them, get rid of them and clean up our community FOREVER!