Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome back my friends……..

It’s been 3 months since I have written an article due to the new schedule of my job and the different hours I am working now, but it’s been eating me that I can’t write, I have so much on my mind and there is so much that is needed to say.
These last three months I have been on the sidelines and been watching the holy work of Rabbi Rosenberg and the respect and admiration for him has grown one-thousand-fold. The Rabbi is a saint and an unbelievable fearless man that does everything for the sake of the truth.
I have also got to speak with people “off-the-record” over the past three months, and found out that the majority of the community is very much behind this great man, even though some are scared to speak out on his behalf. These times are changing though, and the movement is moving ahead with full force.
On Purim I had the honor of meeting Rabbi Rosenberg and saw first-hand the work and determination the rabbi has, how he unselfishness gives away his own time, his own money, his own sweat, all for the sake of the cause. That meeting reenergized me to get back in the blogging sphere and to help the Rabbi with his heavy work load.
In these last 3 months, many more molesters, rapist and scumbags have arisen and been discovered and it is shocking how this community still protects, white washes denies and looks the other side.  For some reason this old-fashioned way of thinking, is that a molester looks like a rebel and a monster, and if he wears a nice hat with a clean white shirt, he must be innocent.
Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself again to you, and I promise this time to really put a big effort in following up on these scumbags and do everything in my power to expose them, get rid of them and clean up our community FOREVER!

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  1. welcome back all hands on deck again

    you unfortunately will have to add names to the wall of shame

    please also ad a list of names of rabbis who protect molesters

    and why is rabbi pinchas webberman in maimi beach protecting molesters