Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chillul Hashem – Chillul Hashem – Chillul Hashem

Another great tool these “leaders” in our community use, is telling you “Don’t go to the government – You will make a chillul Hashem”.
It all comes down to the same ridicules senseless way of throwing the guilt on you, and manipulate you with any kind of power to have it their way.
Here is a video of WPIX news, describing the terrible abuse in our community.  Let it be known who makes the Chillul Hashem. When the viewer watches this program, He / She does not think that Rabbi Rosenberg is  making a Chillul Hashm, They DO think straight, and knows exactly where the blame belongs. ON THE ABUSERS and the BACKERS of the abusers.

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