Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For the record!

I must put up this post to respond the constant emails I am getting.  The e-mails are all about the same tone, and go something like this “I believe in protecting children, but Nuchem is causing a Chillul Hashem when he goes to the court and talks on his hotlines.”
Well, first-of-all it’s an oxymoron – If you believe in the cause, then you must agree with the action. How do you agree by just saying “I agree with him” that’s called not putting your money where your mouth is. Agreeing is when you do action, like Rabbi Nuchem is doing– By you just saying you agree, that’s hogwash and talk!
Now to the main point! Rabbi Nuchem has not initiated ONE SINGLE CASE in the court systems. The victims came forward by Lebowits, Weberman, Daskalowitch and all other scumbags. AND HE NEVER TOOK CREDIT FOR IT! He simply is the backbone of the victims and gives them the support and courage to move ahead.
So how do you not agree with him and still agree with the cause?  How do you believe in a cause when you are not willing to follow-up on the cause. What do you expect to happen with the victims? Do you want them to get healed by Webberman? By your local Rabbi? By the V’aad h’atznius?   Get Real!
I would really like to get an explanation for this – Can’t wait to hear your p’shetel
Another thing I wonder. How come when it hits someone home and their own kid becomes a victim, they all do a 360 and flock to rabbi Nuchem for support? Is that how a Jewish man is trained to treat a friend’s kid different then his own?   Think about it!

Let’s compared dealing with a molester and dealing with a murderer and let’s take your way of thinking and use it to the murderer.
When a black man in Bed-Sty walked into Williamsburg and  “God-Forbid" killed a little kid, how should we deal with it?  let’s take the method and critical thinking you use for the molesters, and put it towards the killer.
We all agree that killing is a problem but Nuchems way is terrible, so let’s not go to the justice dept. but let’s take this man and send him to his local church and his pastor will heal him.
Sounds crazy? Exactly!  Look in the mirror, because this is what you have been doing and you continue to fight for that kind of justice. Don't fool yourself and think you are  different, YOU ARE NOT!


  1. Dear whoever you are:

    If you knew what "Chilul Hashem" is all about you would have closed down this sight along time ago. I ask that you look into the chofetz Chaim of this pat monday (Two Halochas a day) it is there where he outlines the grave sin of Chilul Hashem" when you out your fellow jew your outing yourself the gentile does not give a damn a jew is a jew and they are all disgusting creeps. You are desecrating god himself and his nation. As all the blogs who always seek the destruction of different sects of the jewish people.

    When you bring our children in the front of the world hashem is crying what are they doing hurting my holy name.. If you think your doing the right thing..think again If you believe in god be carefull stop steping on him one day he will say it hurts and i will rid myself of all those who desecrate my holiness. MAlshinas to the the court system and others is Apikorsis and like you do not believe in the torah...I believe you can use your site for the positive..not the constant negative your shaming yourself.

  2. We seek the destruction of the molesting sect of Jews. We will "violate" every lashon hara rule to save one Jewish child. The molesters need to face prosecution or be strung up by their balls. Either way is good for me. Although my preference is really to have them rot in jail while Big Bubba gives them what they gave the kids. L'maan Yishmiru V'yirau. We will go away when the streets and Yeshivas are molester free.