Saturday, May 5, 2012

Worst and Worst.

It is very unfortunate that I don’t have the time to write as often as I want, but every so often I just must take time to post.

I also must say that I am in awe of the holy work of Rabbi Nuchem. How does a human have the drive to just go on and on and on for years and fight a battle that brings him nothing but pain? How does a person have the patience to wake up every morning and dedicating his life for a public cause even though he knows he will get stones thrown at him as a thank you?

The answer is very simple, when someone believes in his work and means it 100% for the right reasons he has support from hashem to go on and to succeed.  In reality, times have changed and people really know that Rabbi Nuchem is legit, rabbi Nuchem is right; Rabbi Nuchem is fighting for US because no one else has the guts to do it, but still he deserves credit that we are not capable of ever repaying him.

Now let’s get to the news of the day and the entire Lebowitz debacle.

There is an old Yiddish saying and it goes something like this “If the joke would not be on me, I would laugh too” so lets take an in-depth look what Rabbi Nuchem is doing, what his goals are and whom he protects. 
1.     Rabbi Nuchem has one goal to stop pedophilia in our community. I will let you in on a little secret, the Rabbi bought a house somewhere in TX recently and a s soon as he feels that the streets are good and the Rabbis have this problems under control, he is ready to move to TX and to retire there.

The process does not look to good for the Rabbis to come around and speak the truth because they are gutless and therefore Rabbi Nuchem to his credit sticks around and fights the holy war. His supportive wife and family members are itching to move out of the city but he does not feel that he can go or all the work accomplished over the past 5 years might go to waste.
      2.    Let us refresh our memories to the beginning of the Lebowitz trial. If you remember and you can listen to the archive blog speeches and you will hear the rabbi urge Menuvel lebowitz to take a TWO YEAR plea deal from the government and serve the time, but of course Lebowits didn’t want to do it.
      Rabbi Nuchem is also the not the one that took lebowits to court THE GOVERNMENT took him to court, Rabbi Nuchem just went there EVERY SINGLE DAY to show support for the victims, because unfortunate in our community there was too much pressure to show up there.
     Whatever the outcome of this appeal will end up, it won’t change the facts, just like OJ Simpson “Beat” the system with money, there is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that he killed his wife, the same thing here, there is no shadow of doubt that this man touched and molested boys all through his life, and took boys in his car and masturbated with them.

      Do you think that Rabbi Nuchem enjoyed on a personal level that lebowits was in Jail? Do you think he made money out of this? Do you think he had a personal vendetta against him? The answer is NO, he wanted him off the streets so YOUR kids can walk the streets safely and that’s all there is to it

     3.    Lets for one second say that his temporary release is a slap in Rabbi Nuchems face. Don’t you think it’s a bigger slap in OUR faces that this garbage roams the streets? Don’t you think that our children are now in danger because this guy is a free bird? Why is it not a slap in the face of Rabbi Nuchem when Yechiel brauner beat the courts? There is over 5,000 people that can point to him as a chazir and every time he was arrested it took less than 7 days before he molested again. So whose flop is it, Rabbi Nuchems or ours?

     Are we that naïve to follow the PR stunts of the lebowits Klan? Are we that gullible that we are parrots and just repeat what they feed us?  The fact that Yechiel brauner is walking the streets and no one cares, gives us a glimpse into our community how we react to molesters, and it is not a pretty sight. Now imagine a world without Rabbi Nuchem. WHO would stand up for us? WHO would speak up for our children? WHO would show up in court when there is a molester on trial? WHO would protect our streets? WHO would make sure that there is accountability for the nonsense our “Leaders” try to pull on us? WHO would YOU run to when your child is molested?

      Tell us what you did without Rabbi Nuchem to molesters? Oops I forgot there are no molesters.  Don’t you think its time to stop the PR movement and think for yourself? Don’t you see that no one cares what happens to our children? Don’t you see that the molesters and their supporters are trying very hard to shut Rabbi Nuchem off?  Why do you think that is?  Think about it………..

Monday, April 2, 2012


I would like to apologize to my dear readers for being AWOL the last couple of months, but due to personal issues I was not able to write and keep you up to date. I still don’t have the time that these issues deserve, but I had to write this article before Pesach.

The truth is, that there is not any special news right now, there is nothing that we have not seen before and there is nothing that will blow your mind, but there is something that is changing.
The community is shifting its views IN PUBLIC already. Your average person knew already along time that Rabbi Nuchem is right, they knew all along that he is saying it the way it is and they knew all along that the man is a hero that speaks the truth, but now they don’t have to think it anymore, they can say it!
The unfortunate part to this good news is that it took so much abuse and so many broken hearts to wake up the people, so many children lost their innocence, their security and their entire future, because we didn’t have the guts to say NUCHEM IS RIGHT
Leiby Kletzky might still be alive if we only had the guts to say NUCHEM IS RIGHT
The woman that jumped because Menuval Zecharya had every rabbi covering for him would still be alive if we only had the guts to say NUCHEM IS RIGHT 
Hundreds of UNNAMED victims would not be depressed and emotionally disturbed if we only had the guts to say NUCHEM IS RIGHT
But B”H we have made progress and we will with GOD’s help will be able to avoid future children from the hands of these molesters, pedophiles and rapists.
But there are 2 things STILL missing
The rabbis are still missing in action. There is still not one Rabbi brave enough to come out and say I have done wrong! I have made a mistake! I feel bad that I ignored this!
It is mind-boggling that this Rabunim have not figured out yet that the youth today is not dumb, is not blind and cannot be fed poison.  They see right through these rabbis, they see right through the politics, and there is a reason why a “Rabbi” means nothing anymore to anyone. Thousands of young men don’t bother going to rabbis anymore for anything because they make a simple calculations.
If this rabbi does not have the guts to say that we have a problem with molesters and Rabbi Nuchem deserves an apology, and that the CHEIREM was politically motivated and had no right in the world to be signed, why would I sell him my chumets? Why would I ask him if my wife’s underwear is good? Why would I need a HECHSHER on my food?
If you guys think I am joking, I AM NOT! I speak to my friends in shul every day, there are thousands who literally don’t live a Jewish life other than wearing a yarlmuka on their heads. People have lost the touch, people have lost the respect and people have lost the connection.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update on The Wall of Shame

In honor of the Emergency update By Rabbi Nuchem today, (Sunday Jan 15) we have decided to update our Wall of Shame Page. We hope to finish it in the next 2 days.

If you know someone that belongs on the page, but we have missed it, let me know and I will make sure to update him