Sunday, November 21, 2010

יוֹדוּ לַיהוָה חַסְדּוֹ; וְנִפְלְאוֹתָיו, לִבְנֵי אָדָם

Last night, one of the most dangerous individuals in our community, was picked up by the feds and was arrested for violating his probation terms.

We are of course discussing the arrogant and egotistical molester Yehuda Kolko. This scumbag was not happy enough that he got away with it, and beat the system, was not content that he killed HUNDREDS souls of innocent little kids forever, he had to out do himself, he had to show up the kid and stare him down.

Ladies and Gentleman, I don’t want to get all dramatic and theatrical. But I want you to dig in deeply into your soul and see how a molesters mind works. It’s all about power! It’s all about abuse! It is all about an endless sick mind of being a control freak! This old chazir had to win yet again against a 12 year old. He was not satisfied that he messed him up for life, he was not happy that he beat the system and got away with murder, He needed to stare him down  and essentially telling him “Be careful, I am still here”

These are the monsters we are going up against! These are the people we are trying to protect our kids from! These are the people that the Rabbis are not willing speak up against! Raboisai, How much longer? What else does he need to do to that poor kid until he has our attention?  Are we this dumb? Are we this naïve that they can pull over us anything they want?

Do you still want to heal these rapist and abusers? Do you still believe they belong on the streets?   Do you still want the rabbis to deal with them “Internally” in “discretion”?  IT DOES NOT WORK! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Duvid Y. Greenfeld has been exposed by many of his victims, he is in the courts right now fighting for his life, but  Bobov 45th street says he is a good teacher, and he did “Teshuva”. Shame on you for keeping a molester in your yeshiva, The Bobover rabbi ZT"L is flipping in his grave of pain.

Meir daskalowits is a well-known molester and abuser, his victims are suffering hell every single day, and he still gets support from the public

THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE!  Say it loud with me 3 times, maybe it will make an impression on you. Yechiel (Jerry)brauner abused children for 30 years, was beaten up, was kicked out of shuls, was shunned by his own family. HE COULD NOT CARE LESS! He still abused, still molested and still raped.  Say it again with me! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

וְחַטָּאתָם--כִּי כָבְדָה, מְאֹד

I just finished listening to this weeks hotline of Rabbi Nuchem, and I must say the following: Since the famous Shovavvim torahs of the Satmar Rebbe ZT”L there hasn’t been one speech as holy, spiritual and to the point as this weeks hotline

Rabbi Nuchem talks with heart, soul, Passion and a strong voice. You can see the pain he has for klal yisroel between the lines and how he suffers for the low standards our people sunk to.

Raboisai?  מִי בָכֶם יְרֵא יְהוָה, שֹׁמֵעַ בְּקוֹל עַבְדּוֹ  Don’t we have ONE man who is willing to stand up for  right? The satmar dayan walks up on Stage on Chol Hamoed and declares in public that we are eating non kosher meat and we are quiet? There is not one man willing to say WHATS GOING ON HERE? What are they feeding us י Can we put together 10 people who are willing to say to the rabbis and dayanuim. Stop feeding us non-kosher food, stop protecting rapist and molesters, stop the politics and to be a prostitute and sell your body and religion for a couple of dollars. אוּלַי יִמָּצְאוּן שָׁם, עֲשָׂרָה

Ladies and gentleman the situation is very bad and the future doesn’t look much better, unless we will get together and put all the politics aside and do what’s its right. World war II was not able to break our religion and we are at a point that rabbis in our community are doing a better job than Hitler YM”S

I beg you all to listen to the heart-breaking pleas from the rabbi on the hotline and lets support him and help him to clean this community and to keep us a strong nation.

Some of you are thinking, are you crazy? Nuchem Rosenberg should be our Rabbi? Let me tell you a little secret, I am thinking the same thing. Nuchem Rosenberg my Rabbi?   Very very sad that he is the only one left capable of being a leader , but it is the sad reality of our status.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where it might end up!

I am posting a story from the “Oprah show” ( I know they are Goyim – but too bad) just so you have a little bit of an idea how shrewd these pedophile and molesters are, and how easy it is to manipulate a young boys mind.  If you feel I am out of line and we are “better than the goyim” just go on with your life, because you will always find an excuse why to do nothing and just look the other side.
January 22, 2010, started off as a typical Friday for 16-year-old  Daniel Kovarbasich That morning, his father drove his mother to work, dropping off Daniel at the home of close family friend Duane Hurley, who was supposed to take Daniel to school.

Thirty minutes later, Duane was dead. Daniel had stabbed him 55 times Immediately after the stabbing, Daniel frantically called his father, Terry. Terry raced to meet Daniel and found him standing on the street, his hands caked in blood. Inside the house, the scene was gruesome. Duane lay lifeless at the top of the stairs with blood splattered across his body, floor and walls.

Daniel claimed that Duane had attacked him, but that wasn't true. The real story would unfold over the next several months, revealing a horrifying secret: Daniel alleged that Duane had been grooming and sexually abusing him for more than three years—and no one had a clue.

Daniel was 12 when 52-year-old Duane Hurley first approached him outside a local elementary school. Daniel was charmed by Duane's dog, and when Duane returned a few days later asking if Daniel would watch the dog for a moment, he agreed. Five minutes later, Daniel says Duane returned and paid him $30 for his help.

This was the start of the "grooming process," a calculated behavior that helps child molesters gain the trust of potential victims and, oftentimes, victims' families.

Initially, Daniel and his parents, Terry and Donna, were suspicious. "We got the information off the dog tag to go look [Duane] up online to see if he was a sex offender," Daniel says. "We didn't find anything."

So, when Duane began inviting Daniel over to his house to do odd jobs for money, his parents agreed—but they went to Duane's house with their son. "Duane welcomed us into his home and seemed very genuine," Terry says.

For the next year, both Terry and Donna accompanied Daniel on his visits to Duane's home. Over time, they began to treat Duane like part of the family. That's when things allegedly took a very Unbeknownst to the Kovarbasichs, Duane was skillfully grooming Daniel, as well as his parents.

"He'd buy me stuff," Donna says. "I'd say that I'm out of laundry detergent and have to wait until I get paid to get detergent. He would go out and buy detergent and bring it to me. I mean, he was a great guy. Who wouldn't like someone like this?"

Once the family was comfortable with him, Duane moved on to the next stage of the grooming process: lowering Daniel's inhibitions.

"He'd say stuff like, 'How many different ways can you say the word 'penis'?'" Daniel says. "[And] while I'd be using the bathroom, he'd walk by and open the door. He would also pee with the door open."

That's not all Duane did. He also let Daniel—who was too young to get a license—drive his sedan. To get the keys, Daniel says Duane asked him to expose his genitals. Them Daniel says Duane wanted to touch his penis. "After the touching," Daniel says, "I wanted to drive the Corvette. He [said], 'Bigger toys, bigger things.'"

After hearing about his sexual encounters with Duane, Oprah asks Daniel why he kept going back.

"I felt like I had to. Like I couldn't get away from him," Daniel says. "It was like it was my fault. I was the one who showed him my genitals, which started it, and he kept using that against me. ... If I didn't [go over to Duane's house], he'd come find me. If I tell him no, then he was going to say something."

Duane continued to sexually abuse Daniel, even though the teen says he told Duane to stop. Then, the abuse began to escalate.

Two weeks before he murdered Duane, Daniel fell asleep on Duane's couch. "He anally penetrated me that night," Daniel says. "I acted like I didn't know."  That's when Daniel says the rage and hate started to surface.

The last straw for Daniel came just before the murder, around the time he was planning a romantic anniversary celebration with his girlfriend. Duane saw another opportunity to seduce his young victim.

That Friday when Daniel came over to Duane's house before school, the two talked about the upcoming anniversary. "So all this [anniversary] stuff's going to cost...what?" Daniel says Duane asked. "$80," Daniel answered. Then, Daniel says Duane responded. "You know this stuff isn't free, right?"

Daniel says he knew Duane wanted to have sex, and at that moment, he realized that the molestation was not going to stop. "I just snapped," he says.

After Daniel snapped, he says he walked over to Duane picked up a nearby pickle jar and smashed him in the head. Then, he admits to stabbing Duane 55 times.

"Did you realize you had stabbed him that many times?" Oprah asks. "No," Daniel says. "I had no idea."

A judge found Daniel guilty of voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. He was sentenced to five years probation (Great to see this kid get a break, after all the breaks these molesters get) and was ordered to stay in jail until the court finds him a therapy-based treatment facility.

At the sentencing, the judge read a quote from forensic psychologist Dr. Michael Welner: "A skillful groomer, a skillful abuser, gets into the child's DNA and becomes a part of the child, and the child can't cast him off regardless of the age."
Daniel could have spent a minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted of the original charge—murder. There are some people who feel the judge went too easy on the teen, but Daniel feels differently. "Do you feel that the sentence was fair?" Oprah asks. "I feel it was fair," Daniel says

When Daniel finally came forward and accused Duane of molesting him, his parents were devastated. "I was shocked that someone could get past my radar like that," Terry says. "And I was angry that this person deceived my whole family. He literally just took our innocence away." "I was very upset," Donna says. "In my head, [Duane] was such a nice person, but he knew what he was doing."

Oprah asks Daniel what he'd say to other abused children who are feeling the same shame, guilt and rage that he felt. "You need to come out and say something, because it's not your fault," Daniel says. "No one is going to blame you. Man up."

Terry also has advice for children. "When anybody is giving you stuff that your parents don't want you to have and you think: 'Hey, this person's cool. He's giving me alcohol. He's letting me drive his car (sounds familiar Lebowits clan?). He is the cool guy. My parents suck,' listen. Something's wrong."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What year is it?

In the entire atmosphere we are up to year 2010, however in our circles we are stuck at 1977 and we are staying there. We still have the mentality we had then and we are not moving!

Look at this clip from the Oprah show where 200 brave men came out on national TV and spoke about their youth and how they were molested by family, friends, teachers and relatives.

Shame on us! Shame on us! We are the Chosen ones, we are Gods children we are the crème ala crème of society and we are all a fraud and a joke. We put up a face like we stand for justice and fairness, while we hide and protect abusers, teachers and members of our community that prey on our youth.

In addition, if that is not enough, we harass the victims for making a “Chilul Hashem” in the court systems. Are you kidding me? Are you joking? You are the “chilul Hashem”! You are the disgrace! Two Hundred gentiles and USA citizens had the guts to come on TV and speak out and we still don’t have the decency to admit the problem? We hide, hide and hide! Whom are you fooling? NO ONE!

Its mind boggling that we cannot find one Rabbi (other than rabbi Nuchem) who has the guts to come out, yell in the streets, and protect us. Take a look at ALL the 200 people on the video and you can give them a “Kvitel” before any other rabbis in our community. These are people with dedication, devotion, commitment and people who want to accomplish for their future generations, something that none of our Rabunim can claim.

I have just finished listening to the gevaldige shiur on the hotline, and I must urge you to listen to it in full this week. It is important to listen to it to understand what we are up again.  

However, I will disagree with Rabbi nuchem on one point. He urges the kids of Baruch Mordche to convince their father to give out some information in order to get out of prison within the year. What rabbi Nuchem does not realize is that his kids have the same mentality that he has. They all know he is a molester, they know what he did for the last 30 years, but in their crooked mind it is better if he rots in jail than admit his guilt, for many reasons.

1. They still think with the osyatishe marmoroshie dumb way of thinking that we buy the bull shit that he is innocent. They do not realize that “it’s a sod for gants brodt” We all know what he did; we did not even need the court to prove it. Everyone living in Boro Park knows him as a pig for the longest time.

2. They know the truth and for the sake of their children they much rather have him locked up then putting their own kids in danger of being molested.

3. in some twisted way they keep telling their father (on visiting day) that the world views him as a hero and a holy man, and the whole world thinks that he is innocent.   What an absolute joke.

Rabbi Nuchem, don’t waste your time with  his kids. They will not do anything to bring him home. They want him there and they always did, they are just putting up a show as if they want him out. They kept advising him, supporting him during the whole trial, and urging him to deny and deny, because they wanted him in prison just like we all wanted.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you Dov

The following is an article exclusively done by VIN News, and it is a follow-up to the speeches that Rabbi nuchem has been preaching for 4 weeks. Thank you Dov for standing up for the right issues and not bending to the pressure of the rotten ones. Chazak Dov!
VIN News - New York - Assemblyman Dov Hikind has been spending many sleepless nights in recent weeks, as parents whose children have yet to been accepted into schools turn to Hikind in desperation, after receiving little or no help from their local Rabbonim and community leaders. Hikind estimates that he himself has gotten approximately ten children into school in recent weeks, but that there are still countless children who have no place to go.

Hikind spoke exclusively to VIN News about this explosive issue, following up a video interview with an emotional phone interview at his office.

"People ask me why I am involved in this issue," said Hikind. "When a Jew comes to my office for help, I have no choice but to get involved. Where are the Gedolim? The Rabbonim? The community leaders? If they listened like I listen, if they feel what I feel, if they could put themselves in the shoes of these people, they wouldn't be able to sleep at night. And they shouldn't be able to sleep at night."

Hikind stressed that many of these children have literally done nothing wrong and are just victims of circumstance. Some attended schools that have closed down. Others are thrown out of school for reasons that defy logic. And while there are some children who have been expelled from their previous school for making mistakes, it is imperative upon schools to give these children a second chance.

"We beg Hashem on Yom Kippur to give us a second chance. We all mistakes. Why else would we be klopping 'Al Cheyt' on Yom Kippur?" questioned Hikind. "But we are unwilling to give these kids a second chance. Everyone is worried about the reputation of their school but no one is worried about their reputation with Hashem."

Hikind revealed that he has countless hours persuading, cajoling and literally begging schools to take in some of the many boys and girls who sit home every day because no school will accept them. Many do not even leave their homes, afraid to endure the questions and looks they receive as people wonder why they are not in school. Hikind called the rejection and embarrassment these children suffer "a recipe for creating at risk kids, with some of them going off the derech completely."

Hikind stressed that people shouldn't just empathize with parents and children involved in this difficult situation.

"People shouldn't just feel other people's pain here. They should do something. They shouldn't just kvetch or write comments on a website. People need to take action, do something. If everyone pretends this is their son, their daughter and then we will get results."

This issue has reached the forefront in recent weeks, with Rabbi Aaron Krausz of Williamsburg delivering a scathing drasha on Shabbos Parshas Lecha Licha, condemning schools that expel talmidim or only accept top tier students, as reported originally on VIN News. Hikind reports that this is issue is also on the agenda for the upcoming Agudah convention.

"No parent should be sleeping well tonight," proclaimed Hikind, who called upon community leaders and schools to accept responsibility for all children. "Something is terribly, terribly wrong. We are not talking about kids who got into major trouble who will corrupt the whole class. We are talking about kids who didn't do anything wrong."

While Hikind said he understands that there are elite students who need a more rigorous program, he denies the need for elite yeshivos, saying that any yeshiva should be able to accommodate the best and brightest students.

"You don't get s'char in shomayim for accepting only the best children. You get schar for helping people."
I have not posted in 4 days, and I usually like to add a post twice a week. I am working on 2 big cases that are very close to explode in our circles and I am also working on an article to give you a background history on each and everyone of the LAG LAG rabbis which we will call the “Corrupt 33” so please be patience 3-4 more days.

However, I could not wait an extra second to add a name to the wall of shame of one big scumbag and molester, so check him out and protect your kinderlech

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Burshtiner Thief - Con Artist

Every so often we come across a story that is so heart-breaking and inhumane that it makes your blood drop to your toe nails.

Whats his qualification to be a Rabbi?
David Eichesnstein (AKA the Burshtiner Thief) decided a couple of years ago that he is too big of a rabbi to have such a small shul. There are smaller rabbis with bigger shuls and that’s not good for his prestige and for his stature. So he decided to build himself a big shul that will make him the biggest shul on 12th Ave.

But how do you build a shul like that when you don't have the money? Or better yet you do have the money but don’t want to spend it on a shul when you can have other people spend it for you? Oh , very simple. You put on your big furry coat, go over to some people of the community, promise them the whole world and give them a “personal guarantee” that they will have it refunded within months, and you got yourself a shul.

One of the people he approached was a a man in his 50s Called Mr. Freidman. A real nice man, family man, been living in the area for over 40 years, goes to work every day, comes to shul twice a day, has a shiur in the shul and an overall well respected man in the community.

So this Burshtiner thief paid him a visit and asked Mr. Friedman take out a mortgage on his house (which was free and clear). Mr. Friedman was hesitant, but the thief kept pushing and pushing, promising in the name of G-d, the sun and the holy spirits. He pushed him to the wall, and of course since the Rabbi himself “promised” to be responsible, it’s a sure thing.

Five months later, the thief paid another visit to him and told him “We are doing great, we are almost done, we just need that final push. How about you take a 2nd mortgage and in 6 – 9 months we got you paid in full. We will make payments until then and you will have the honor that the shul was finished because of you and your generosity. Of course after a 30 minutes speech, Mr. Friedman agreed and that’s the last he heard of this con artist.

There are approximately 15 – 20 more members that have a similar story (maybe not as brutal as this one, but along the same lines), and all of them are dealing with the same deadly ending.

Mr. Friedman went from a healthy, comfortable life style, into a stressful, mad poor life. He married off his kids and this was supposed to be the good times, the relaxed times and the “being a grandfather” times. Instead he has 2 big mortgage payments to make and has to daven in a new shul because how do you look into this scumbags face every day?

But hey, He is a Rabbi and we are NOT allowed to bad mouth our Rabbis. Of course if a Rabbi is against YOUR Rabbi, then its no problem, you can call him every name.  We should be very proud of ourselves and we should continue letting these Rabbis tell us what we can eat and what we cant eat, they should tell us if we have a molesting problem in our community or not, and they shall tell us that Rabbi Nuchem is garbage and he deserves to be thrown in the Oven.

 He is of-course one of the Lag Lag Rabbis that signed against Rabbi Nuchem. Any questions?

שומו שמים

Its your call!

Rabbi Rosenberg we got your point! Nuchem, enough is enough! Filthy talk! You are over doing it! Every day a new story, it can’t be!

Does this sound familiar? It does for me!  I keep getting emails accusing me of “stirring the pot” and embarrassing a whole community for the sin of a “few isolated” people. Let’s rehash the latest news from the past month.

Its mind-boggling and astonishing what’s happening in our community. This past month, was a month dedicated for “anti-molesting”. There was a conference in Chicago, there was a Sunday night event in Boro Park where Rabbi Nuchem was honored, Jewish parent for Save Yeshivas (JPSY) had many programs and literatures and it was an all around heavy “all-out-war” against predators, molesters and their protectors.

At the same time, there was terrible news from every corner in our community. In Monsey, NY the Ramapo police dept released a flyer to the community warning them of an incident that happened that past Friday. A Chassidic Man lured in a young boy in his car and attempted to molest him, but the kid jumped out of the car and the scumbag fled (The kid was taken to the hospital, but B”H is ok)

In Queens there was an attempted molestation of a couple of young kids, and the Young-Israel community released a statement that parents should keep an open-eye for the predator. (Latest update on that story, there are some videos that are being viewed and it is unfortunately a Chassidic man that they are looking for)

In Israel the “non frum” media is having a field-day with our community. Every single day they report on a new story of molestation, abuse and rape in our circles (check for all the stories).

Behind the scenes there are also terrible threats and warnings to the victims and their families, encouraging them to drop charges, and all kind of disgusting, despicable acts and accusations to make their lives miserable and make it difficult for them to follow up on the abusers of their loved ones.

Why am I telling you all that? Very simple! It goes to show what we are up against, how much work we have to do, how strong the resistance still is, and most-of-all who it is we are fighting against! We are not fighting some Muslim terrorists, we are not fighting a life-time criminal, and we are not fighting a natural scandalous man. We are fighting our own community! We are fighting people that go to the same synagogues we go to, we are fighting people we mingle every single day, we are fighting people that are suppose to protect out youth, we are fighting people that blend in so well in our daily lives, and hide their true identity so well, We are fighting a battle with monsters dressed in regular clothing.

Ladies and gentleman. I have been operating this blog for close to three months now. I will tell you it is a very very hard job. It’s very time-consuming and emotionally draining. It sometimes feels like its an endless war and it does not help that the Rabbis in the community are there to destruct and to destroy every thing you do.  Id does not help that people think that I am propagandizing this whole subject and I got nothing better what to do with my time but to be busy with this blog.

Let me disclose to you something. Over the past 3 weeks I have gotten emails and spoke on the phones and even met some grown man that are now coming forward with names of people that abused for years and years as a child. I will tell you now that Rabbi Nuchem recently had 2 teachers that he forced them to give up their positions with out disclosing one single name! There is one teacher who is supposedly moving to Israel in order to protect his terrible past. Rabbi Nuchem and I are not here to just throw names out there; we are here to clean this community!

And let me give you my promise and I am taking an oath. For as long as I live and god gives me the strength to continue, I will keep pummeling away and fighting to rid the community of this filth. And I will do it at any cost! I will do it any possible way I can and with any kind of abuse that I constantly receive: threats, dead wishes, sickness on my family and etc.

I don’t care if I have one reader or if I have 1 million readers, if I have 1 comment or 8 million comments. I have one thing in mind and I will fight it with every ounce of energy and every cell in my body.

Its time you wake up and see the problem in OUR community. This is not a fiction book, this is not a movie. THIS IS REALITY and this is the lives of our children! I promise you that the father of the jumping boy from Monsey this past Friday, is finally agreeing that we have a problem. So if you want to wait until your little 8 year old boy goes to the grocery in middle of the day and some heimishe pervert grabs him and he is NOT so lucky to jump out of the car, and only then will you see the problem. Then go ahead and take your time. Or you can be a responsible parent and do something called “Prevention”

Its your call!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I want you to read this story about a man that was found guilty of raping a 12 year old.

article from Ha'aretz's print publication.

This scumbag raped his 12 year old relative, and was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in jail. The scumbag demands his court-ordered therapy be conducted by a male therapist, citing the "taboos" and "modesty" of his ultra-Orthodox community.

I am sure everyone reading this is shaking their heads with disbelief on how big of a fraud and a phony this guy is. But before you laugh too hard,  go to your nearest mirror and look at it, because this is exactly what’s also happening in our community.

The Rabunnim are busy with every thing except the important ones. The woman’s sheitel is too long, her dress is too short, and the Eruv is good, the Eruv is not good, my slaughter house is better than yours; my bekitche is a bigger size than yours. Everything is on the menu, while thousands of kids are being abused, molested and raped and no one is saying boo.

We are the same joke as that prisoner! Our community is being treated like Korean sex slaves in the war. These Rabunim are doing with us everything they feel like and no one is saying boo! One ehricher yid stands up on Chol hamoed and says in front of hundreds of people “Our poultry is absolue not kosher” and the following morning the local KGB quiets him down and no one says boo! There are kids and men coming clean and exposing the Rabbis and people who abused them, the following morning the local KGB announces it’s not true and no one says boo!

And you claim you are not gullible, you are very smart and you cant be fooled. Just like I started this article, LOOK IN THE MIRROR and don’t laugh!

כֹּל אֲשֶׁר תִּמְצָא יָדְךָ, לַעֲשׂוֹת בְּכֹחֲךָ--עֲשֵׂה

Ladies and gentleman,

I am following up on an Emergency campaign I asked you last week. I need your help urgently and I need it now!  Talmud teaches us
וכל המקיים
נפש אחת מישראל
 מעלה עליו הכתוב כאילו קיים עולם מלא 

We are in desperate need of financial help to save a Jewish “heimish” kid from an abused home. We need to cover lawyer fees of approx. 4500.00 WE NEED YOUR HELP and this LITTLE BOY needs your help.

Please help us with anything you possibly can. You can use your credit card to land a helping hand. It is vital and it is urgent that we do our utmost to save a Jewish soul from a lifetime of evil and pain.

I beg you to open your hearts and show some love for a pure yiddisher shefeleh that has already endured more pain than an average man bears in a life time.