Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Burshtiner Thief - Con Artist

Every so often we come across a story that is so heart-breaking and inhumane that it makes your blood drop to your toe nails.

Whats his qualification to be a Rabbi?
David Eichesnstein (AKA the Burshtiner Thief) decided a couple of years ago that he is too big of a rabbi to have such a small shul. There are smaller rabbis with bigger shuls and that’s not good for his prestige and for his stature. So he decided to build himself a big shul that will make him the biggest shul on 12th Ave.

But how do you build a shul like that when you don't have the money? Or better yet you do have the money but don’t want to spend it on a shul when you can have other people spend it for you? Oh , very simple. You put on your big furry coat, go over to some people of the community, promise them the whole world and give them a “personal guarantee” that they will have it refunded within months, and you got yourself a shul.

One of the people he approached was a a man in his 50s Called Mr. Freidman. A real nice man, family man, been living in the area for over 40 years, goes to work every day, comes to shul twice a day, has a shiur in the shul and an overall well respected man in the community.

So this Burshtiner thief paid him a visit and asked Mr. Friedman take out a mortgage on his house (which was free and clear). Mr. Friedman was hesitant, but the thief kept pushing and pushing, promising in the name of G-d, the sun and the holy spirits. He pushed him to the wall, and of course since the Rabbi himself “promised” to be responsible, it’s a sure thing.

Five months later, the thief paid another visit to him and told him “We are doing great, we are almost done, we just need that final push. How about you take a 2nd mortgage and in 6 – 9 months we got you paid in full. We will make payments until then and you will have the honor that the shul was finished because of you and your generosity. Of course after a 30 minutes speech, Mr. Friedman agreed and that’s the last he heard of this con artist.

There are approximately 15 – 20 more members that have a similar story (maybe not as brutal as this one, but along the same lines), and all of them are dealing with the same deadly ending.

Mr. Friedman went from a healthy, comfortable life style, into a stressful, mad poor life. He married off his kids and this was supposed to be the good times, the relaxed times and the “being a grandfather” times. Instead he has 2 big mortgage payments to make and has to daven in a new shul because how do you look into this scumbags face every day?

But hey, He is a Rabbi and we are NOT allowed to bad mouth our Rabbis. Of course if a Rabbi is against YOUR Rabbi, then its no problem, you can call him every name.  We should be very proud of ourselves and we should continue letting these Rabbis tell us what we can eat and what we cant eat, they should tell us if we have a molesting problem in our community or not, and they shall tell us that Rabbi Nuchem is garbage and he deserves to be thrown in the Oven.

 He is of-course one of the Lag Lag Rabbis that signed against Rabbi Nuchem. Any questions?

שומו שמים


  1. BURSHTIN is this a name of a public toilet somwere in hungary ?!? .........

    ad some more "heilige " storys on our holy lag lag rabonim

  2. would be gr8 if you could ad in your blog a "wall of shame " for those lag lag shkotzim

  3. No surprise here, like father like son.

  4. Did you hear this story directly from Mr. Friedman or like everything else second hand gossip, like i said Loshan hora shaming people in public is your worst nightmare Bizzi talmidi chochomem will be revenged.

  5. Mr Friedmans son. is that good enough, or am i still being revenged? You dumb ass stop being so naive and see what's happening in our community.

  6. Hi.
    Is Mr Friedman a real name in this case? or a fictitious name?
    and BTW are you getting new agenda, to chase after people that are borrowing $ and not paying?
    You will real big agenda.

  7. Mr, Friedman son is not Mr. freedman, and since you did not hear the other side of the story what right do you have publicizing this in a public form, yes I am the dumb ass but your the biggest gossiper you know zero when it comes to loshon Hora.. and this is when you sit on your Pedophile agenda, and give your self permission to expose people in public, so now you have a new agenda anything goes if you hear a story from one person you give yourself permission to hurt people in public your not only dumb and stupid your burying your children and grandchildren forever.

  8. Not only have I heard two sides, but I heard over 10 sides. Mr. Friedman is the only one willing to go on record FOR NOW, there are plenty more and some are “former” Chassidim and talmidim. So do not tell me what I know and don’t know Thank you. Oh and keep cursing it means nothing to me at all!

  9. YOU know nothing about Loshon Hora. It is permissible to announce a name when someone is a Pedophile or someone is a danger of hurting a public. and, this is the case here. Some people thinks he is a “Rabbi” and you can believe him, so I am publicizing it for the record that he is a thief. Know your halachas before you preach someone else DUMB ASS!

  10. These is the same dumb ass who did not ONCE take the side of a victim, a child or anyone that got hurt. He is only busy with Loshon Horo and Rabbis. Shame on you you DUMB ASS

  11. It is very much a real name, and no, my agenda is mostly fighting molesters, but since this thief was busy signing the papers against Rabbi Nuchem AND since he is cheating people every day (he still asked as recently as a couple of weeks ago for loans) I feel its my duty to expose him. But feel free to disagree

  12. Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 388:12:

    Anyone who is a menace to society and causes them to suffer by his actions, it is muttar to turn him over to the gentiles, to beat him, to imprison him and to fine him. The Rema adds: One who is involved in fraudulent activities and the like and there is a suspicion that he will harm people financially, we warn him to stop and if he doesn't, then it is muttar to turn him over to the authorities.

  13. Unbelievable. Thirty three self-made Rabunim take a man like R’ Nuchem and just put him away and try to bury him alive and no one has a problem with it. One post on this filthy self appointed Rabbi Burshtien that my brother-in-law also got scammed out of money last year by him and you are worried about him? Who made him a rabbi? What are his qualifications? It’s a mitzvah to expose a scam artist like this. People get your priorities straight!

  14. To Nuchem Is Right
    I respect your Blog. But you are dead wrong on this one. I did my Homework before posting and verified that the Burshtiner had payed back the few people who took out mortgages. I can give you names and sources. Your information is apparently old and outdated. So once more double check your sources and take everything Nuchem tells you with a grain of salt. You seem to smart for this nonsense and Motsie Shem Ra.

  15. WRONG WRONG WRONG i just spoke to people NOW, and he screwed them. But we are making progress. Yesterday the story was just a rumor, now we are up to that it is true but he paid back, and i am telling you he did NOT payback to the people I spoke to.

    As for rabbi Nuchem, that was a nice cheap shot between the lines, but I have proved every single story he says is true. And once again no one ever disputed them. It is just a matter of opinion if you agree with his style or not, but the facts are still true and the facts are that there are no other people in our community to do the job he so bravely does.

  16. Thank you for exposing these rabbi fraudsters. The young people today don't believe anymore because they see these religious hypocrites who would sell everything for $$$$$.


  17. Your such a screw head, first of all if you were so concerned about the peoples money then your approach should have been very simple, send a letter to the Rabbi, notifying that you will expose him to the public if he does not return the money. Yet, you have a problem you never mentioned if he was ever taken to a Beth Din, so no one knows whose right or whose wrong, and all of it is here-say and nothing more. The chofetz Chaim is very specific when you expose and hurt someone you to meet seven criteria s whic you do not meet so without a doubt your a slenderer of the worst kind, secondly if someone borrows money and does not pay it back is a Rosha and not a thief check rashi in the beginning of Senhadrin, yet you call him a thief in your caption. Now you understand what a corrupt individual you are, and without Das torah it shows how low you have gone, as i said your jeopardizing the life of your family, and you will be begging the Burshtiner for forgiveness for the rest of your life.

  18. 10:46 aren't you splitting hairs here? Rosha vs. Thief. Very nice. I think NIR is right here.

    We are not talking $100. here. We are talking about someone who was hoodwinked via 'guilt' or trust to sign over HIS LIFE SAVINGS to this guy. Dumim tarteh mashmeh.

    It is a mitzvah to expose these crooks, thieves or rashayim or whatever.

    Unfortunately the REBBES are doing this for a long time. First Screw the US Govt. who saved your parents A** after the gas chambers. Then State & Local govt. , make HUGE Chillul Hashems, even go to jail, and now screw your own people. So you can show off a nicer shul than the other guy across the street.

    This is why so many of the younger generation are leving either completely or in spirit. They see through the BS and are 'Amerikner' in this sense.

    A fish stinks from its HEAD.

  19. "Prita Kmaya it does not make a difference if you take 1 dollar or 500,000 dollars the halacho remains the same. Your a rosha not a thief, and to shame someone in public albeit a simple and plan jew requires a psak from beth din whether you like it or not. This forum has taken g-d to task teaching g-d how to handle people, the world is round and what you do and judge others will come right back to you and your families for years to come.. I feel so bad for your will find out shaming people is the worst thing you can do.

  20. is this the same friedman who is in plastics? and a chusid in bursytn?