Sunday, November 21, 2010

יוֹדוּ לַיהוָה חַסְדּוֹ; וְנִפְלְאוֹתָיו, לִבְנֵי אָדָם

Last night, one of the most dangerous individuals in our community, was picked up by the feds and was arrested for violating his probation terms.

We are of course discussing the arrogant and egotistical molester Yehuda Kolko. This scumbag was not happy enough that he got away with it, and beat the system, was not content that he killed HUNDREDS souls of innocent little kids forever, he had to out do himself, he had to show up the kid and stare him down.

Ladies and Gentleman, I don’t want to get all dramatic and theatrical. But I want you to dig in deeply into your soul and see how a molesters mind works. It’s all about power! It’s all about abuse! It is all about an endless sick mind of being a control freak! This old chazir had to win yet again against a 12 year old. He was not satisfied that he messed him up for life, he was not happy that he beat the system and got away with murder, He needed to stare him down  and essentially telling him “Be careful, I am still here”

These are the monsters we are going up against! These are the people we are trying to protect our kids from! These are the people that the Rabbis are not willing speak up against! Raboisai, How much longer? What else does he need to do to that poor kid until he has our attention?  Are we this dumb? Are we this naïve that they can pull over us anything they want?

Do you still want to heal these rapist and abusers? Do you still believe they belong on the streets?   Do you still want the rabbis to deal with them “Internally” in “discretion”?  IT DOES NOT WORK! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Duvid Y. Greenfeld has been exposed by many of his victims, he is in the courts right now fighting for his life, but  Bobov 45th street says he is a good teacher, and he did “Teshuva”. Shame on you for keeping a molester in your yeshiva, The Bobover rabbi ZT"L is flipping in his grave of pain.

Meir daskalowits is a well-known molester and abuser, his victims are suffering hell every single day, and he still gets support from the public

THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE!  Say it loud with me 3 times, maybe it will make an impression on you. Yechiel (Jerry)brauner abused children for 30 years, was beaten up, was kicked out of shuls, was shunned by his own family. HE COULD NOT CARE LESS! He still abused, still molested and still raped.  Say it again with me! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! THESE PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! 


  1. You are right that these people don't change. But the kids are changing. There are two kids who have the courage to face this man in a courtroom. We have the parents of the kids willing to face the pressure being put on them. Maybe someday we will have more rabbonim as brave as these kids.

  2. nuchem we learned together in yeshiva, and you are the biggest chazir on the globe.

  3. Dear Anon,

    I am not nuchem but am very proud to be in his shadow. And i get these educated, smart and great emails on a daily basis, and laugh at them just like i laughed at this one.

    You really made a great point, i hope i will be able to go on. Meanwhile just let the abusers run around wild, because you went to yeshiva with Rabbi Nuchem

    You moron, keep commenting.

  4. Yerachmiel, dont count on the Rabbunim very soon, unless if there will some how be a financial gain of some sort. It's a disgrace!

  5. Echoing what Yerachmiel said - kudos to these kids and their parents for standing up to these monsters and getting this predator off of the street. Boro Park is a little safer tonight because of it. I hope this example gives other victims the chizuk to come forward.

  6. I am not sure what they did to Brauner.. I would have 10 guys beat him up every time they see him.. and cut his beard...

  7. Instead of the beard, i would cut off something else. They should all be locked up!

  8. What about the fat Margulies who protected this pedophile all these years! Not because he cares for Kaker Kolko; He feels a PERSONAL insult that his once great Yeshiva is a nest for these criminals. If Kolko is not a criminal then ... Margulies' school is Harvard of Flatbush.


  10. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is a hero. Thank you for putting up this blog dedicated to him. It's about time we recognize a true Tzaddik.