Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sorry for the 2 weeks time off!


I did not post close to two weeks, due to a simcha in the family! I am very sorry to the hundreds of people that wrote me via email wondering what happened. Not going into much details, I will tell you that I am here and everything is ok, I just had a simach B”H in the family and was tied up.

I will NEVER stop posting because this is a life and death issue. Here is a little speech that is very worthwhile for everyone to watch:


  1. welcome back! Mazel tov on your simcha!

  2. Great!!!! Great!!! Great!!!! Great!!! Great!!!! Great!!! Great!!!! Great!!!Great!!!! Great!!! Great!!!! Great!!!

  3. your forgiven

    please post more on the child that was abused in the young israel of nortn miami beach
    the rabbis refused to give the surveillance tapes to the police till a few unpopular askanim got involved now the rabbis are upset at askanim

    whats wrong with that picture