Saturday, December 25, 2010

Again, Again and Again

An unbelievable cycle of abuse has been occurring in our community’s schools and as shocking as it sounds some people still are trying to hush-hush it

Before we get into this “again”, let’s get some facts straight. If you are one of those that still believe that the problem is “minor” or “rare”, please call a car service and immediately check yourself in to the nearest mental center. Every single day, a new story appears of abuse in the schools. And as the story comes out in the open, the Beard and the hat of the abuser is bigger, whiter and longer.

Ladies and gentleman! these are not allegations! These are not stories that only Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg could come up with! These are not fantasies or fiction! These are abusive happenings that the abusers are being arrested for, and the abusers (Teachers – Melamdim) confess to in the police stations, The children come forward to parents and government agencies.

Somehow, once the abuser is released on bail, the case falls apart. Why? Because of the cover ups and I will explain why it happens, how it happens and what we are doing that this will stop from happening by going after the people that obstruct justice!

Let me clarify the law to all of you! When you go to a person and warn him not to press charges because the community wont like it, or your kids will be thrown out of school. Even if you don’t mention it exactly like that, but you’re just saying something: “you don’t want to put your kids in a situation that kids will yell at them, and you wont be able to do a shidduch” or any kind of nonsense like that, That’s called obstruction of justice, and it id a very hard crime in America.

Besides for the fact that it is totally acceptable, permissible and actually a “mitzvah” to get rid of trash like that from our community. Youa re playing with fire when you do that and it won’t be tolerated.

For the record: Everyone that threatened the victim of rapist Daskalowitz, will have to answer to the DA’s office. You might have noticed, that Charles Hynes backed down, and he wont protect you anymore, because he does not care much about you and wont put his career ahead of your well-being. You know whom I am talking too, and your case is already on file at a “different” district attorney. Remember, threading or tempering with a witness, is not just a state crime, but also a Federal crime, even on a state case.

Under the leadership of rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, -our savior-, we have made tremendous progress and we wont stop until every corner of our community is safe and every class room is under surveillance.

Let this be a  reminder to everyone (shame on us that we still have to remind you, and you don’t understand on your own to do what is expected from us to protect our shefelech), that tempering with a witness or threaten a victim, is punishable by the harshest guidelines possible.

We will go after the helpers of the abusers, just like the abusers themselves. And we will go after you, even though you are a good friend with a captain, DA or any other government agency. We will involve the media and take you down along with the man on the inside helping you out, if necessary.

No one is above justice. Not the abusers, not the helpers of the abusers and certainly not government officials. This is America and it will be justice for all.


  1. Btw, why did Nuchem take of the link to your blog? Is there any inside friction or something?

  2. not at all, it was only going to be there for 1 month for people to know about it!