Sunday, December 26, 2010

נחשון בן עמינדב

The following video is a speech of the Holy Rabbi Rosenberg to Charles Hynes and his staff. it is very important that you view it. The video is also viewable on Rabbi Rosenberg’s blog, but I have also put it on my blog, for the following reason.

For those of you who think that rabbi Rosenberg only takes on the Rabbis because he is not scared of them or because he needs attention, this video will show you once and for all what this holy man is all about, and how legit his fight is. He is taking on one of the strongest politically powers in the State of NY. He is going after the strongest office in NY and after a man who is in high-power position for the longest time. Why is he doing it? Because rabbi Nuchem does whatever is necessary to keep our community clean.

I was amazed to see that rabbi Rosenberg, - which also happens to be in close contact with Charles Hynes, and has accomplished a lot over the years - realized that he is not helping the cause, and without hesitation, he dropped him like a hot potato and told him to stop the whitewashing. This is what I call a man with a mission! Rabbi Nuchem has one thing on his mind, and that is to give us a clean community.

It is very unfortunate that some of us (Most of us already see the truth) still don’t realize that this man is holy, pure and dedicated to the kids of our community. As the saying goes, once he will not be here with us (after 120 years) we will then understand what we missed and what we had.

THANK YOU RABBI - You are truly a HERO!


  1. it is pretty obvious,this guy is criminally insane,and belongs in an insane asylum

  2. Either that, or he is an honest, eirlicher yid, who dosn't like children getting hurt for life!

  3. Rabbi Rosenberg GOD bless you you are the BEST and this is what i think about all this so Calld Rabonim i think its proper to mention it now this time of year and weather this is how it gose "
    A snowman is like a fake tzadik.
    1st he's a nothing
    You make him big
    You take pictures
    But when it comes to real Varemkeit, he disappears"

    this is my assesment of todayes Rabonim