Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fight Fight and Fight!

My Dear Friends. I am posting a flyer that was already posted by Rabbi Nuchem on HIS blog, but I feel the urge to post it here as well.

It is dishonorable, shameful, pathetic, appalling and dreadful that in the year of 2010 when the whole world knows already what’s happening with our youth. and yet there is a men in his 30’s amongst us that has abused kids for the longest time, has been caught, has admitted to it, he killed not only the child but his whole family. And all said, he still has people fighting for him to keep him out of jail and let him get off with probation!

Ladies and gentleman, I am here to tell you today that something smells here. This is not a common occurrence and it does not make sense. There is something that is being hidden here or someone that is being protected and it’s high time to investigate it.

Let make this public promise to the District Attorney and to the people involved. We will find out what’s the reason behind the madness, and why there are these same 3 people fighting for him and if there is any miscarriage of justice, illegal activities, or unethical dealings behind the scenes, that we will demand justice and we will not back off until its thoroughly investigated!

Mr. Daskalowitz is a known abuser, a self-admitted rapist, the community knows about it, his family knows about it and the government knows about it. This man belongs in prison or he will rape and abuse again and again!

I urge you to join the movement in demanding justice for his victims! I am sure if it would be your kid you would want the publics support as well, a victim should get all the support possible, and we are not doing enough. We will find out the truth and we will demand answers no matter what it takes, how long it takes, how far it takes us and no matter who will get exposed along the way.

Stand up for the children

We will not tolerate pedophilia in our community with the rabbis support or with out! With a “Cheirem” or without! with your approval or without! The battle has just begun and we will use every method possible, every media outlet and every thing possible to demand justice and to keep our streets safe.

You people still wonder, why rabbi Nuchem does not give up? People always ask me Why is he still busy we got the message? NO NO NO you didn’t get the message, there are still people out there trying to silence this dreadful disease and we will make noise until our last breath on this earth


  1. I know from a reliable source. The Mikvah Yid from Satmar Rutledge convened a meeting with all Mikvah Yids in Willi to discuss common problems in the Mikvah. He also brought up Dascalowitz. He said, D was thrown out from the Clymer Mikvah and also from other Mikvahs. Yidel Schlesinger from mishmres hatznies said, D is on special medication (to subdue his sexual urges) and is umshedlich now (not harmful). Azoy umshedlicherheit (unharmfull, so to speak), D posted an ad all over that he refills iPods, bochrim came to him with their iPods and he molested them. D is very cunning. He has a full bag of trick to lure his victims. The Rutledge Mikvah Yid told this as an example how much on the alert Mikvah Yids have to be. He proposed, when someone is thrown out from a Mikvah, all mikvahs should be notified about this dangerousan, and D is number 1.

  2. Thank you for posting this flyer. Time is very short. Make sure to do your phone calls, especially to the DA's office on Monday or early Tuesday. Obviously the DA is under enormous pressure from folks in Brooklyn who wield either votes or money. Otherwise any normal DA loves trying lowlifes like Dascalowitz. The guy gave a confession. That is the easiest sort of conviction for a DA.

    Question: why is there so much pressure being placed on the DA. Is it yichus? Nope. Dascalowitz has none. Money? Nope, Dascalowitz is a schnorer. Is Dascalowitz a respected member of his community? Nope. He is a loser, known for shoplifting. Some stores in Williamsburg won't let him in.

    So why are machers going to work to protect him. I wonder whether he did his evil deeds together with others. I wonder if they are afraid that he will spill the beans if he goes to jail. They are afraid that he might cop a plea bargain which involves fingering others. They are worried that he is the next Dwek.

    They should be worried. If he confessed within a day of being arrested you can be sure he will tell a lot more if he sits for a while.

    So anything you do to get the DA to back off from making a rotten deal might lead to exposing the powerful protectors of sex abusers.

  3. Hi Reb Nuchem
    You Know me, I know you, but I don't want to identify myself to you because I don't like, and don't want publicity.
    The major problem in our (and in many) community is, that we don't have an open communication with our children. 99% of us would not talk to our children about their personal life and or their personal problems, our kids would not divulge if anybody would touch them or try to touch them.
    we need clear guidance what and how to talk to our children. (and you cant say listen to my hotline, your hotline is 3-4 hours a week) Rather make a lesson only that teaches parents strictly how to talk to their children.
    Please be the right shliach for that task
    with full respect.