Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its your call!

Rabbi Rosenberg we got your point! Nuchem, enough is enough! Filthy talk! You are over doing it! Every day a new story, it can’t be!

Does this sound familiar? It does for me!  I keep getting emails accusing me of “stirring the pot” and embarrassing a whole community for the sin of a “few isolated” people. Let’s rehash the latest news from the past month.

Its mind-boggling and astonishing what’s happening in our community. This past month, was a month dedicated for “anti-molesting”. There was a conference in Chicago, there was a Sunday night event in Boro Park where Rabbi Nuchem was honored, Jewish parent for Save Yeshivas (JPSY) had many programs and literatures and it was an all around heavy “all-out-war” against predators, molesters and their protectors.

At the same time, there was terrible news from every corner in our community. In Monsey, NY the Ramapo police dept released a flyer to the community warning them of an incident that happened that past Friday. A Chassidic Man lured in a young boy in his car and attempted to molest him, but the kid jumped out of the car and the scumbag fled (The kid was taken to the hospital, but B”H is ok)

In Queens there was an attempted molestation of a couple of young kids, and the Young-Israel community released a statement that parents should keep an open-eye for the predator. (Latest update on that story, there are some videos that are being viewed and it is unfortunately a Chassidic man that they are looking for)

In Israel the “non frum” media is having a field-day with our community. Every single day they report on a new story of molestation, abuse and rape in our circles (check for all the stories).

Behind the scenes there are also terrible threats and warnings to the victims and their families, encouraging them to drop charges, and all kind of disgusting, despicable acts and accusations to make their lives miserable and make it difficult for them to follow up on the abusers of their loved ones.

Why am I telling you all that? Very simple! It goes to show what we are up against, how much work we have to do, how strong the resistance still is, and most-of-all who it is we are fighting against! We are not fighting some Muslim terrorists, we are not fighting a life-time criminal, and we are not fighting a natural scandalous man. We are fighting our own community! We are fighting people that go to the same synagogues we go to, we are fighting people we mingle every single day, we are fighting people that are suppose to protect out youth, we are fighting people that blend in so well in our daily lives, and hide their true identity so well, We are fighting a battle with monsters dressed in regular clothing.

Ladies and gentleman. I have been operating this blog for close to three months now. I will tell you it is a very very hard job. It’s very time-consuming and emotionally draining. It sometimes feels like its an endless war and it does not help that the Rabbis in the community are there to destruct and to destroy every thing you do.  Id does not help that people think that I am propagandizing this whole subject and I got nothing better what to do with my time but to be busy with this blog.

Let me disclose to you something. Over the past 3 weeks I have gotten emails and spoke on the phones and even met some grown man that are now coming forward with names of people that abused for years and years as a child. I will tell you now that Rabbi Nuchem recently had 2 teachers that he forced them to give up their positions with out disclosing one single name! There is one teacher who is supposedly moving to Israel in order to protect his terrible past. Rabbi Nuchem and I are not here to just throw names out there; we are here to clean this community!

And let me give you my promise and I am taking an oath. For as long as I live and god gives me the strength to continue, I will keep pummeling away and fighting to rid the community of this filth. And I will do it at any cost! I will do it any possible way I can and with any kind of abuse that I constantly receive: threats, dead wishes, sickness on my family and etc.

I don’t care if I have one reader or if I have 1 million readers, if I have 1 comment or 8 million comments. I have one thing in mind and I will fight it with every ounce of energy and every cell in my body.

Its time you wake up and see the problem in OUR community. This is not a fiction book, this is not a movie. THIS IS REALITY and this is the lives of our children! I promise you that the father of the jumping boy from Monsey this past Friday, is finally agreeing that we have a problem. So if you want to wait until your little 8 year old boy goes to the grocery in middle of the day and some heimishe pervert grabs him and he is NOT so lucky to jump out of the car, and only then will you see the problem. Then go ahead and take your time. Or you can be a responsible parent and do something called “Prevention”

Its your call!


  1. May Hashem continue to give you the strength to fight this battle for the betterment of the klal.

  2. Amen. Hope he has lots to give it because this aint easy!. Kol Hakoved to rabbi Nuchem on his non-stop energy and strength. Its amazing how he is like the energizer bunny

  3. \keep up the great work every molester you expose saves generations

  4. it is you that inspired me to open this thread on (see link below)- to get a conversation going, and perhaps impact another few people to have the right fighting attitude toward this terrible disease in our community...

  5. expose and expose and expose...carpets are out of up the old more hiding...