Thursday, November 11, 2010

What year is it?

In the entire atmosphere we are up to year 2010, however in our circles we are stuck at 1977 and we are staying there. We still have the mentality we had then and we are not moving!

Look at this clip from the Oprah show where 200 brave men came out on national TV and spoke about their youth and how they were molested by family, friends, teachers and relatives.

Shame on us! Shame on us! We are the Chosen ones, we are Gods children we are the crème ala crème of society and we are all a fraud and a joke. We put up a face like we stand for justice and fairness, while we hide and protect abusers, teachers and members of our community that prey on our youth.

In addition, if that is not enough, we harass the victims for making a “Chilul Hashem” in the court systems. Are you kidding me? Are you joking? You are the “chilul Hashem”! You are the disgrace! Two Hundred gentiles and USA citizens had the guts to come on TV and speak out and we still don’t have the decency to admit the problem? We hide, hide and hide! Whom are you fooling? NO ONE!

Its mind boggling that we cannot find one Rabbi (other than rabbi Nuchem) who has the guts to come out, yell in the streets, and protect us. Take a look at ALL the 200 people on the video and you can give them a “Kvitel” before any other rabbis in our community. These are people with dedication, devotion, commitment and people who want to accomplish for their future generations, something that none of our Rabunim can claim.

I have just finished listening to the gevaldige shiur on the hotline, and I must urge you to listen to it in full this week. It is important to listen to it to understand what we are up again.  

However, I will disagree with Rabbi nuchem on one point. He urges the kids of Baruch Mordche to convince their father to give out some information in order to get out of prison within the year. What rabbi Nuchem does not realize is that his kids have the same mentality that he has. They all know he is a molester, they know what he did for the last 30 years, but in their crooked mind it is better if he rots in jail than admit his guilt, for many reasons.

1. They still think with the osyatishe marmoroshie dumb way of thinking that we buy the bull shit that he is innocent. They do not realize that “it’s a sod for gants brodt” We all know what he did; we did not even need the court to prove it. Everyone living in Boro Park knows him as a pig for the longest time.

2. They know the truth and for the sake of their children they much rather have him locked up then putting their own kids in danger of being molested.

3. in some twisted way they keep telling their father (on visiting day) that the world views him as a hero and a holy man, and the whole world thinks that he is innocent.   What an absolute joke.

Rabbi Nuchem, don’t waste your time with  his kids. They will not do anything to bring him home. They want him there and they always did, they are just putting up a show as if they want him out. They kept advising him, supporting him during the whole trial, and urging him to deny and deny, because they wanted him in prison just like we all wanted.


  1. I will shamefully admit that as of yesterday I still said no way can this happen to my son but after watching this two times and crying both times I will tell you you have my attention

  2. You know why we are hashem kids, because we live by his rules, we don’t go to the goyim. yes there is a problem and a lot is being done to fix it. we don’t need you or nuchem to tell us what the torah wants, you are both if u are not the same guy losers, we are not in 1977 we are in year 0 or before, and we don’t want to run to 2011, this is what keeps us the kids of god.
    You can continue with this garbage, and yes some might think this is the right way. Remember in all ages we had people like you guys, some times we saw revenge and some times hashem didn’t show, but im sure you will all be in the same place in hell

  3. I am glad to post your view, and you are entitled to it and this blog gives everyone a chance to express their opinions. But perhaps you would like to enlighten me exactly what is being done? When you mention “a lot Is being done” you probably think that you can fool me just like they do with the “Oilem goilem” NOTHING IS BEING DONE! And I reapeat NOTHING IS BEING DONE! I live in the same community you do, I daven in the same shuls you do and I walk the same streets you do. You are full of it and you are not fooling anyone.

    I know what your follow up will be! Its being done in discretion. MY FOOT! You will not get away with the lies anymore, just admit it. WE have a problem and no one has the guts to tackle it!

    You think this is 1977 of course where you say something and the oilem will just clap and say yes. No No No these days are over my friend, and yes rabbi Nuchem and myself and a couple of more people will do it our way until a Ruv is willing to step up to the plate and do what’s right.

    I will gladly be called a Loser while I am on Rabbi Nuchems side, than a winner with your Rabunim.

  4. “We don’t go to the goyim” Are you kidding me Where is Satmar Now? Where is Bobov now? The biggest two chassidus in the USA are exactly by the Goyim.

    Please log on to Youtube and keyword satmar or Monroe and hide your face in the sand you foolish idiot. We are not going to the Goyim? Our people do the biggest chilul Hashem. Who went to the BOP and told them that Rabbi Glantz helped a Jewish man in the Prison? Who arrested boys by the fights in Satmar on Yom Tov? Who had the Monroe people arrested by the Goyim?

    Take your “Rules” and throw it out the window you goilum. You have no clue what you are talking about.

  5. This is a joke.. 200 Goyim (out of over 200 million population) came out on a national television ...
    Yes we must do about it. but why are we taking lessons by the goyim?? are we looking to learn from the goyim how to bring up our kids?
    Maybe you and nuchem are. we have the torah guiding us what we have to do..

  6. A gossipmonger causes many to sin all at once, for it is his way to assemble a crowd around himself to hear his latest piece of gossip. The gossipmonger is deft in the art of making his reports intriguing and convincing, so that his listeners accept his words as fact and, in most cases, spread the news to others. Moreover, those who take pleasure in listening to gossip often adopt the ways of the gossipmonger, as they spread gossip, both new and old, to others.

    Words cannot adequately depict the depth of the gossipmonger’s sin. His words bring untold harm to himself and to all those who accept and relate loshon hora because of him. His crime is often compounded as he spices his words with mockery and lies, which even if not disparaging are nonetheless forbidden.

    The Mishnah states: “Scripture punishes one who joins transgressors like the transgressors themselves” (Mishnah Makkos 1:7). Surely whoever willingly joins the gossipmonger’s group will stand judgment for this, and will be inscribed Above as belonging to a “fraternity of wickedness” (Tzavaas R’ Eliezer 7).
    As I said I am warning you that what you are doing here on your site is something you will have to give an account for...

  7. When I said a lot is being done. This is a fact that many mosdos have installed cameras, and many shouls have installed cameras. Mikvas are closed in many shouls where only responsible people have the key.
    The public is a where of the problems, and people have opened eyes and ears.
    With that said we don’t need you and nuchem to wash our laundry in public. We don’t need you guys to be our leaders, we don’t need your advice.
    And yes satmer is in court it’s a shame big time.
    And by bashing all rabunim doesn’t install trust in them and then Jews feel the only option for a fair trial is in court.

  8. I would love to respond th the nonsense you just commented on, but instead read your answer twice and see how idiotic you sound. You contradict yourself in the same sentence twice.

    And just to point out, The cameras in the mikvahs and schools are ONLY due to Rabbi Nuchem so in essence you DID need him.

    In addition, OMG explain why they are going to court again ? because they have no trust! Hahahaha that’s what Rabbi Nuchem is yelling for 5 years

    Please let someone else comment for you, you are doing real bad

  9. Very nice gossip speech my friend, but very wrong on every count. This is not called “Gossip” this is called educating the public since no one else is willing to do it.

    Let me tell you what the meaning of “gossip” is. You ready? Aroiny, Zaloiny, Ben Tzion, Mordche Duvid, Vizhnitz monsey, Vishnits Bnei brak, Mendele, Sruletcha, Seret vishnits nephew or seret vizshnits Son in law. Etc. Get the point?

  10. To the poster who claims that only 200 goyim out of millions came forward, I wanted to let you know that 10,000 applied to be on the show. Imagine Oprah would have had them all in one room. Would that make you feel better? Do you know how much courage it takes for them to come forward? Do you know how much pain they have to overcome and what it takes to go on TV? We could learn a lesson from them, they are Hashem's creations. All the feelings they describe, are the same and maybe worse by our own children. I didn't listen to this clip, but I have seen the entire one that was for 40 min. If you still don't get it, then you haven't seen it all. There are more parts to it. Oprah is supposed to have a show with the women of these men of how it affected them. See how far abuse goes.
    To the owner of this blog, some people won't get it untill they feel it themselves. Some of them may have their own children that are abused at this moment, but won't know because their children feel their parents won't believe them because they are busy digging their heads in the sand. Vey iz mir. What will it take?!