Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Same old tactics

While I took a Three-month sabbatical, there were many new stories in our community, and Rabbi Rosenberg updated you on each and every one of them.
One of the stories that caught everyone’s attention is the one of Nechemya Weberman. As it is customary, when a Police officer is found guilty of a crime, his punishment will be a stiffer one due to the fact that he is held to a higher standard as a police officer and due to the abuse of power he committed. It is only right that the same should apply to Weberman, as he is a “Self-made” community watchdog.
However, I am not about to discuss his case right now, I rather want to pick up on an old tactic this community has been involved in, and we call it intimidation and harassment.
While this scumbag was sitting outside the court room waiting for the Judge, his wife was there doing nothing but take pictures of the victims supporters.
Sit back for a second and think what this woman is doing.  She is next to a man that is charged with over 100 counts of felonies, and she is busy taking pictures of the victim’s supporters.  She didn’t say “My husband is innocent” she didn’t defend the allegations; she did what she knows best! She did what the community always does! She did what her husband is doing for years! She did what her pea-size brain is trained to do.
She flashed pictures and circulated it online to intimidate the other side!

Webermans wife taking pictures of the victim's supporters

Ladies and gentleman – How low can a human being stoop?   How much “Chutzpah” can a woman have? How much more guilt can you show by using these tactics? How much longer do you think this community will take this nonsense?  What the hell do you think you accomplished, other than showing the true colors of your humanity. 

Keep using these old-fashioned tactics and see where it gets you! Keep showing the NY Court system how you fight your battle! Keep making a fool of yourself and see where it gets you! Keep convincing yourself that you are not guilty and see where it gets you! Keep rejecting the Governments deals and end up like Lebowitz.
These tactics worked so well, that by the next trial date there won’t be 45 supporters, there will be 145 supporters.

And to the rest of the community, I say. Stop the paranoia! Stop the vicious cycle of acting like a 9-year-old scared child. BIG DEAL! You stood up for a victim. You should not be ashamed for that THEY should be ashamed for abusing!  Stop living this guilty life-style already, the only one that should feel guilty, are the abusers and molesters, We should be proud of what we do and what we stand for and not let these scumbags intimidate us.
That's the only way, your kids have a chance in this community!


  1. Oh man, well said and to the point.

    i missed your posts and your way of writing. i love it and dont disappear again.

    welcome back

  2. Keep up the chilul hashem, you wont beat his anger when it will come.

  3. Someone on frum follies commented that it is his sister. According to this commenter his wife wasn't even in court to lend support to her husband. Makes sense. This lady picture snapper has the guts and the chutzpah just like her brother. To the best of my knowledge his wife is from Yerushalayim, is modest and low key. I would count her also as a victim abused by Nechemya.

  4. I am realy greatful that you are finanly back , i thought that they got rid of you B"H you are back, and please dont leave us again for so long we need pepole like you to give klal yisroel chizuk ,, chazak veamatz !!!!