Monday, July 18, 2011

our Rabbis are Missing In Action

It’s been a week since our world has been turned upside-down. This past week was a week filled with sadness, grief, sorrow, media blitzes, a heart-breaking funeral and a week that nothing else was discussed in our community (Rightfully so) but the Leibby kletzky HY”D murder.

As with every crime of this nature, time is the only thing that heals. There is nothing you can say to the family of this holy child that will make them feel better, the only thing that will somewhat put them back to normal, will be time! As time goes on they will heal and move on with their lives. They will NEVER be back to normal, but they will somewhat move ahead and get back to daily routine and concentrate on their daily lives and family.
To the rest of the community, time will also heal but it will take much less time. Most of the community has already moved on, and some will need another week or so to completely forget about it and get back to the daily grind of life.
As is the case with every investigation that has such a gruesome twist to it, the investigators along with the media discover new evidence and create story lines as the days go along. We now know much more details of what we knew three days ago.  At the same time, they also go back to the original days of the tragedy and look back to see if we did everything right, or what we didn’t do speculating and second-guessing every move, and that’s how they know what to avoid the next time a tragedy hits a community. 
Today the media is discussing the fact that the Police dept. was notified only four hours later that the “Shomrim” were. They are also reporting and debating the fact that the orthodox community has no trust in the Police Dept. and rather deal with the Rabbis and the local “Shomrim” or similar departments.
I just got off the phone with several reporters of the Media and clarified to them the reason behind all this and the true motive why the shomrim are being notified first and how our community is being controlled and manipulated by these rabbis. Rabbi Nuchem is also in the process of doing an interview with a local reporter which will end up as a one-hour special to be aired on a major news channel.
Now let’s face it. If you browse on the internet on multiple blogs and news services, you will find comments from outraged people in our community, demanding that we speak up about child molestation and pedophilia. I am very happy to see it, because as much as we don’t want to admit it, we burden this tragic death. As the stories come out from neighbors that he was luring kids, giving them rides and candies and one particular mother (Her little son) actually had a big run-in with him.  But what makes me mad, is the fact that we had not heard from ONE rabbi in our community about it!
What will it take to get the Rabbis involved? What will it take to have ONE rabbi make a stand for our kinderlech? What will it take to have one Rabbi show us that there is still ehrliche yiden in our community? What will it take from one rabbi to show us that he will not follow the blind and actually speak up for what he believes even though it might be controversial?
It’s been a week since this tragedy and many organizations, private counselors and professionals have weighed in on the issue of molestation and pedophilia but not one rabbi did (Other than Rabbi Nuchem). What does that show? What does that tell the community? Why would someone listen to anything else you have to say when we see you are scared to give an opinion if it’s not politically correct? How do you expect our youth to follow us when a blind man can see the hypocrisy today?
Why would a 17 year old boy listen to you when you tell him to daven or not use drugs, while you are scared to speak up about molestation and pedophilia?
I have a much bigger question. Rabbi Nuhem is in Cheirem, he is a lowlife and is every name in the book. You dirty 38 scumbags put out a letter where you forbid the community to listen to him. The idiots that don’t realize yet that you are a bunch of crooks and the biggest thieves and garbage on the planet, what are they supposed to do? They can’t listen to Rabbi Nuchem and yet you are scared to speak up?
What kind of Bull-shit leadership is that? What kind of joke are you pulling on us? What kind of morons are we that we still follow you and scared to speak up? You guys are probably all chatting on Yahoo every night and laughing at us on how dumb we are and how naïve we are! I would laugh too! You control 40,000 Jews and we are all sitting ducks and follow the garbage you feed us! How sad are we? How stupid are we? You wonder why the youth leave our life style in record numbers? They are not willing to be a parrot and they want answers! REAL ANSWERS! They will not take the bull shit that most of us do!
But rest assured, the people are waking up every day and they see what’s happening here, they see the bull shit being pulled on us / them, they see that fake fraud you guys have been getting away with for the past 30 years and it is only a matter of time before there will be a revelation and it won’t be pretty.
Rabbi Nuchem gets 100s of calls every day from people in our community that have no connection with us, they don’t believe in anything, they don’t trust a single rabbi, they don’t trust Kosher food, they don’t rely on anything that is associated with the rabbis today.
I spoke to a man in his 40s that has a son who is totally off the derech, and he confined in me that he could not care less. He is proud of him and told me straight to the point: “My son had the guts to do it, I didn’t, and still don’t have the guts for it, more power to him”.
The bottom line is, these rabbis have been pushing the envelope for years but there is just so much you can push before we push back. Remember that!
And to you Rabbis I say: Don’t even for one second thing that we don’t see through you! We know you are all fake, we see how you deal with things and you are fooling no one. You can pout Nuchem in cheirem 100 more times, every one laughs at it. We know it carrieds no real value and it meands nothing.
By the funeral of Leibby, thousands upon thousands came over to Rabbi Nuchem and told him Thank you. It was not over the phone, it was not hidden through the email system, it was right in the open on 16th ave. and 56th street.
You guys are a joke and laughing stock and if you care at all (which I doubt) you should know that you are responsible for our youth and for the thousands of Jewish people that lose faith in hashem. Its your behavior and fake conduct that pushes thousands of youth away from yidishkeit.
You can laugh it off and say whatever you want, but that’s the fact!  Speak to those kids, speak to their parents and you will see what you bring to this community! NOTHING BUT FAILURE!

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