Friday, July 8, 2011

One of a kind!

Rabbi Nuchem is like the energizer bunny... he keeps going and going and does not give up! I would dare to say there is no one in the Jewish community over the past 200 years that has had the guts and courage like this man has.

Thank you Rabbi and remember you have much more supporters than haters, they are just oppressed by the rabbis in the community and with god’s help you will succeed otherwise the Jewish nation has no chance.

Keep plugging away and as bleak as it looks you are making a difference and saving Jewish souls on a daily basis.

When you get up to heaven after your time is up, thousands of saved Jewish souls will come and greet you and all the previous rabbis that gave their lives for clean communities will line the heaven gates and greet you.

Over there, there won’t be fake rabbis at the head table. David Twerseky and his likes will be working in the kitchen, washing dishes or something. YOU will sit on the head table next to the real Jewish scholars and leaders. You will wave to the “dirty 38” through the windows to hell!


    Here is footage of a shomrim command center in boro park set up for the search of a litle boy . If you follow this video you will see at about 21 seconds into it , a man seeing the camera gets all nervous and attempts to hide behind a wall.And as the camera goes in further he attempts to hide yet again. Does anyone know who and why he would be hiding? after all he is part of the search and rescue team , or is he not?

  2. Oy, oy, oy... oy li!

    How right is NuchemIsRight.

    I hope Leiby's hy"d death will finally crack open the danger of protecting evil doers, molesters, abusers, and the like within (and without) our community!