Thursday, July 28, 2011

Put up or Shut up!

Ladies and gentleman,

I had no intentions of posting a new article due to the fact that Rabbi Nuchem has multiple “hotline announcements” this week and due to the fact that the last month has probably been the worst week in Jewish history since World-War-II. (Kletzky - Abba Chatzirah - Belz Mikvah - New Square Murder - Kiryas Joel Drug arrest - Israel molestation - Crown Heigths arrest - to name a few)

Rabbi Rosnebrg in action - God bless this man

But Raboisai, I have a couple of surprises for you (Not really a surprise, but) and a couple of emergency points we must discuss. However, if you are one of these readers that just like to read this blog and plan on doing nothing, perhaps you should log out now and not waste your time. There is an English saying, and it goes something like this: Put up or Shut up! And never has this saying been more urgent than it is now. It is time to walk-the-walk and it is time to jump into action.

I want to pose this question to the Rabbis in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Monroe, Monsey and Etc.

Assuming I want to follow you to the core, and I want to obey your rulings, decisions and verdicts. So here I am, living in the chassidishe town of Williamsburg and I just had one of my worst 4 - 6 spiritual weeks of my lifetime, starting with the brutal rape, kidnapping, abuse and murder of little Leiby Kletzky.

So here I am, trying to be a good boy and follow your rules. So I can’t listen to Rabbi Nuchem's hotline, I am not allowed to associate myself with the Zionist Agudah (At least they showed up to say something), The internet is not even an option and I am left waiting to hear what my Rabbi will say and react to this tragedy.

WHERE ARE YOU? What’s your position? I have not heard from anyone in my community, leading me in this difficult time? On the way to work I read the newspaper and see that even the Non-Jewish population have arranged memorial gatherings in the park. On the Radio I can only hear that the whole world is shaking with this bitter story, but my Rabbis are missing in action?

And please don’t try to tell me that you called an “Asifah” where three B-actor-Rabbis told me to leave my cell phone at home when I go to shul! This is the worst two months in recent Jewish history and my rabbis can’t take their time and tell me how to cope with this? My rabbis show up when there is a dinner and money-banquet for any little shteeble, but you can’t help me now at my worst time?  My Rabbis are to be heard when on a daily basis for the biggest public-relation stunts but you can’t talk to me now? Are you for real? Are you the one that supposed to lead me? Are you lost for words? Where are you? Why are you letting me cope all alone in this difficult time?

But I have an even bigger secret for you. Since the Leiby Kletzky saga, there have been seven more Leiby Kletzky stories that have not made the news! Our youth are still being abused, raped, molested, and ruined for life. But hey, that’s no big deal, it always happened, it will continue to happen, these kids will get over it! If they get killed and cut up in pieces, than we have to pay attention, but just a regular rape and molestation, no biggie!

Raboisai, we need Rabbi Nuchem now more than ever! A boy was killed and cut up like kosher pork chops in a freezer and our “leaders” and Rabbis are MISSING IN ACTION! They are nowhere to be found! They are going on with life as if nothing happens and no one says boo! What is wrong with us? 5 years ago, the answer was: He touched a little kid, we will warn him and he won’t do it again. Today the answer is: He only killed him, but it was the first time. And next year it will be acceptable like: At least he didn’t cut him up in the freezer, give him a break!

You are thinking, this post is crazy, heartless and pure idiotic!  Well, please explain to me what this story is different than any rape or molestation that does not end up in murder! What is the huge difference between lives ruined emotionally forever and a single murder!

But you know what, even if you think there is a difference and a murder is much worst, ha ha ha! Even a murder can’t get these rabbis out of their comfort zone! They are nowhere to be found.

Please tell me what it will take for Satmar Rabbi, Viener Ruv, Klauzenberg Rabbi, and similar giants (what a joke) in our community, to stand up and say: I am sick of the molesters! I am sick what’s going on here! I am sick with the whitewashing!

Ladies and Gentleman, these rabbis have proven to us time and again that are tuned out, they don’t care, they laugh at us and could care less what our community does. If we will not grab the bull by its horns, than you might as well pack it in! if we will not get together and worry about our streets  and children, it will be a disaster. Our Rabbis will do nothing! Our Rabbis don’t care unless there is money or fame to be gained! A brutal murder could not get them up and get involved! It’s a joke what’s happening to us! It’s a joke how we are being controlled into pure garbage! It’s a joke how this has been happening for close to 40 years! It’s a joke and a shame that Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is still in isolation against the will of most Jewish community members and he is the only one that fights for us!

Members of the community! I beg you for the sake of YOUR kids! Speak up and demand from your Rabbi to do something. Speak up and talk to your friends and ask them to get involved and demand justice and integrity for your innocent little kids!

Pedophilia is going wild! Drug dealers are roaming the streets in our safest community! Murders is about to be whitewashed too!

Why is it that there are not 2,000 people showing up at the court cases of these molesters and demand justice for OUR kids! Why are you supporting rabbi Nuchem only in hiding? Come out and make your voice heard! Tell the world, Rabbi Nuchem is right and I am Proud to support him! I am proud that there is still one man with balls (I did it again) to stand up to these pedophiles and their supporters!

President Bush once said: If you harbor a terrorist, you are a terrorist, and you will have the same conviction as him! If you are a Rabbi that protects a molester, then YOU ARE a molester! I don’t care how big of a rabbi you are, and how much Torah you know by hard. IT’S WORTHLESS! And as president bush said: you are either with us or against us, there is no middle ground!

And once again, remember whom you are fighting for! For your kids! For your streets! For your clean streets! It’s your choice and only you can accomplish something for your kid, no one else will fight for you as you know by now and not only wont they fight for you, they will disturb you and will protect the biggest molesters and the biggest murderers for a couple of dollars, so think about it!

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