Thursday, July 14, 2011

The morning after

Roaming the streets this morning, there is still a little buzz in the streets about this inconceivable crime, but it is slowly getting back to normal. The media is slowly disappearing; the crowds are back to their daily routine and by tomorrow we will forget that it ever happened. Unfortunately, life will never be normal for the poor family of Leibby HY”D.

It will be the biggest shame and travesty if this molestation and murder is going to waste. Let’s face it, the community went all out and searched for 36 hours, thousands upon thousands came out to pay their respect for this little innocent victim, but nothing was done to actually build on this tragedy, to educate upon this catastrophe and to prevent future episodes.

The Rabbi speaking to the media
There was one man that came out to pay respect to this nine-year-old victim and actually made sure that his time was well spent. You guessed it; Rabbi Nuchem was out there from 6 PM and did multiple interviews with the TV stations and told them about the molestation issues we are experiencing in our community.

As always, rabbi Nuchem made the best out of it, and tried to motivate the people to work on this bitter plague. It is also very interesting to note that thousands of people walked by the Rabbi and told him words like: You are SO right! You warned us that this is coming! Thank you for all your work! I was there with the Rabbi the whole time and actually heard it.

If I ever doubt what the people think about Rabbi Nuchem, I wonder no more. I saw it first-hand how the people realize that this man is crying for close to five years and his fears are coming through.

So my question is to all these thousands of people that helped in the search, and the close to ten thousands of men and women that attended the funeral. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY TO MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN?  How are you going to avoid this tragedy from repeating? This story happens on a daily basis in our community, just with a different ending, why are you feeling better today than yesterday and still not wild and outraged about the safety of our children?
I had the opportunity to speak with numerous members of Hatzalah and Shomrim of different communities. Some of them told me horror stories as how the Rabbunim are forcing them to hush hush molestation reporting and similar acts.

Ladies and gentleman don’t let this murder go in vain! Don’t let the work of thousands of people to go to waste! continue the effort and do something about it.

Don’t let this vicious cycle continue! The sad part is, that when I speak with you guys in private, you all agree that Rabbi Nuchem is ONE-MILLION-PERCENT right so why not make a stand and stand up for what you believe? How much longer will you just be sitting ducks?  We finally have a boy murdered, what are you waiting for now? Is that still not enough?

This was done by a pedophile / molester that lived among us, prayed among us, worked among us and THERE ARE HUNDREDS MORE of Levi Arons’ that roam our streets and you will just sit back and say nothing?

Who is the Rabbi fighting for?  FOR YOUR FAMILY!  What else can I say to light a fire under your skin? We have gotten kids off the way, we have gotten kids damaged for life and now we have a dead nine year old cut up in little pieces spread in a garbage can and a freezer. Tell me what else you want to see that could perhaps get your attention to get involved and demand that your local Rabbi take a stand for a safe street?

Why is it that Rabbi Nuchem has to even fight for you? Why should you not be out on the streets today just like you were out yesterday and yell on top of your lungs “I AM LIVING IN A FUCKEN JUNGLE AND I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE” – What are you waiting for, for a mass murderer? For someone to be cut up in 15 pieces? Is cut up in half not enough?  I just don’t get it!

Ladies and gentleman, as much as the rabbi works for you he is still only a human being and can only do so much! There are hundreds of molesters and/or rabbis that are waking up every day and planning how to disturb his work, and despite that the Rabbi puts his life on the line every day to work for YOU!  Make a stand and speak your mind.

When someone breaks in to your house and steals your silverware, you don’t go to your Rabbi and ask him what to do, you call 911 and report it. Does your little kid not deserve the same courtesy? Is he not as precious as your silver napkin holder? He does not deserve as much security as your shabbas leichter?  What is going on here?

I will guarantee you today that if we continue our daily routine and don’t speak up, it is only a matter of time before there is another similar story. And let me tell you, it won’t take 10 years! There is a molester on your block looking out the window right now and elaborating a strategic way how he can pick up YOUR child. Sounds scary? No problem, just sit back and wait for the kosover rabbi to tell you when your kid is missing to say tehhilim but don’t call the police.



  1. When you stop using the work fuck and other foul language, then MAYBE someone will listen to you.
    But until then you and Rabbi Nuchem are fuckin idiots.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    First of all, Fuck you!

    2nd of all, I am glad you have a good reason not to listen to anything, and even a better reason to let our streets full of molesters, because I said “Fuck”

    3rd: It seems that you are one of the “Dirty 38” that has a problem with Rabbi Nuchem, if you are not, please join that ugly bunch. We can use a 39th person!

    4th. I posted your comment, because I love to hear the reasons why Rabbi Nuchem is being ignored. But quite honestly, your reason is as good as the other reasons babbled by the rabbis’.

    There will still be plenty of good reasons why rabbi Nuchem is wrong, I am sure Galante rabbi, Shiele rubin, Mendele Chazir teitelbaum and the rest of the scumbags will still have plenty to come, but I would recommend them to use yours. This is a great one.

    Raboisai, don’t listen to Rabbi Nuchem, because I said “Fuck” as a matter of fact this kid deserved it, because his uncle once said “fuck”

  3. nu! stop with that nivul pe its oser in any case even if you mean it good