Thursday, July 21, 2011

1 + 1 = 5

Ladies and gentleman, without any further ado and without any introduction, I really would like to have an open conversation and a heart to heart talk with you.

Our state of mind in our community has become beyond laughable, beyond despicable and beyond anything you can imagine. It has become sad and sick! Our so called leaders treat us like third-world-country orphans and like some South African prostitutes, they sell us anything they dream, anything they fantasize and we buy it like sitting ducks. The expression “I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge” was strictly created for our community. We just follow these idiots like blind sheep even when it’s crystal clear that these morons make no sense and push blatant lies on us.

Yesterday  Moshe green of Monsey spoke in front of a crowd of people and said that the murder of Leiby kletzky happened due to the fact that we handed over convicted-molester Weingarten to the government, and also because we have day-camps in the community.

Ladies and gentleman, I don’t even know where to start, but let’s break down this whole speech.

Moshe green is a huge scholar and is a big Talmid chuchem but even a bigger idiot and even a bigger con-artist (Of course he is Pinny Greens brother – what do we expect).

Let’s break down the Weingarten case and see what’s going on. Molester Weingarten has molested his daughter throughout her upbringing years. Her principal in Antwerp (Rabbi Stauber) released a 2-page letter explaining the vicious rape and molestation he brought upon this poor innocent girl for years, the court system heard heart-breaking evidence of the brutal incest this monster tortured this little kid. We finally had an open-and-shut case with a no-doubt verdict that this monster preyed upon this little kid for years.

This Weingarten flees to Monsey and approaches Moshe Green and tells him please help me, they are going to court and they will put me in jail for the rest of my life.

Moshe green does not investigate one minute and just comes out (Along with some other fools in the community) with a long letter supporting this scumbag and still to this day has the balls to say that Leiby Kletzky was murdered because we put away this rapist.

Raboisai! Are we that naïve? Are we that dumb? Are we that gullible? Can these people really shove down our throat anything they want? What is wrong with us? When have we become so stupid and just let a couple of people run our lives? Why are you not jumping out of your seat and raise hell?

What’s the difference between Weingarten and Levy Aaron? Who came to the conclusion that 10 years of nightly rape is better than a quick killing? Why does not Levy Aaron get the same treatment as Weingarten?

Raboisai! WAKE UP PLEASE! We are being controlled by some morons and they are having a field day with us. They don’t have to think twice before they talk to us, they know we will buy any bull shit they push upon us! 

Just for your info: If you ever wondered how valid the isolation letter that was thrown upon Rabbi Nuchem by these 38 rabbis (including Moshe Green) is, wonder no more! The same Rabbis that are trying to protect Weingarten are the same morons that decided Rabbi Nuchem is forbidden in our community.

Why are they trying to shut the Rabbi up? Because they know that Rabbi Nuchem is educating us and they don’t want that. They want to be able to control us and they don’t like when they are questioned!

Ladies and gentleman, I urge to wake up and smell the coffee. We are being controlled and manipulated by some unqualified self-made rabbis and we just walk right into their scheme.

New Square has been giving you terror and manipulation for 30 years, and Mr. Rothenberg finally said enough is enough. What happened? They put him on fire and try to kill him, but everyone is quiet.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Dinever Rabbi, Kossover Rabbi has the names of the molesters and refuses to expose them and give the names to the NYPD.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Baruch Lebowitz is a convicted molester. Every single person in our community knows it, but he is now out temporarily due to a complication and Bull-shit charge by their million-dollar lawyer.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Duvid Eichenstien emptied the pockets of his members and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he continues his bull shit and is considered a “Rabbi”.
Not one Rabbi spoke out and said: What the hell is going on here?   And you think we have good leaders?

Now we had a little kid murdered, and all of a sudden every Rabbi is jumping on the band wagon and attempt to profit out of this tragedy. Please don’t get caught up in this emotional turmoil and buy the bull shit they feed us.  This rabbi tells you he got killed because Weingarten was given over to the government. This Rabbi tells you, it’s because our wives are not dressed properly. This Rabbi tells you, it happened because we bring our cell phones to the shuls.  Every single rabbi twists this story to his direction and no one wants to come out and say the only reason why it happened. It happened because molesters in our community are welcomed and not dealt with and he had a free range to do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

Raboisa, Moshe Green is a Talmud Chuchem and so are other rabbis. But the fact that someone is a Talmud Chuchem, does not give him the ability to be a rabbi, to be a spokesman for the community and definitely does not give him the authority to tell people how to live and what to do and what to ignore!

A community leader is supposed to be sensitive to a community and suppose to lead the community with the Torah guidelines and not with private motives. Like it or not, Rabbi Nuchem speaks his mind and speaks the truth whether it’s a popular choice or not, whether it  is controversial or not. He does not go with the mainstream but rather with the truth.

Can someone remind me when was the last time any of these rabbis made a controversial ruling or announcement? Are you telling me that in the times of Talmud the sages argued over every detail, and today all the Rabbis are in agreement?  

What is the use of having a Rabbi when he is not willing to give a true opinion and is scared to say what he really thinks?

What is the purpose of having a million rabbis and shuls when they all sign letters and announcements without a second of research?

Since when are all these people, “Rabbis”? Who made you for community liaisons and spokesman? Everyone that decides to become a Rabbi just builds a shul and the next morning he tells us how to live. How stupid are we? How gullible are we?

Dinever Rabbi had a shul with 20 people in Flatbush and now decided to become a Rabbi and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
Squarer rabbi at the age of 27 lost his father and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
Kossover rabbi the All-American boy decided to become a Rabbi and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
The Eichenstein brothers decided that the Non-Profit org. is up their alley and boom, he is now a Tzadick!
Mechel lebowitz was a lowlife all his life, Satmar tried to kill him, but he was stronger them them. He found a couple of idiots to build him a shul and boom, he is now a Tzadick!

I am not here to tell you who your rabbi should be and whom you should follow, but please don’t be silly, don’t be gullible, don’t be an idiot and buy every piece of garbage pushed upon you. Remember, none of these people care for you or your family, and if you will follow them, believe them and respect them, you might be the next father of Leiby kletzky.

It’s time that you just look out for yourself and lead your life for you and your family. Protect your kids, protect your streets and protect your community. Don’t let these self-made rabbis tell you who’s hotline is allowed or not allowed to listen to. Stand up for the truth and stand up for what’s right and educate your kids, your family and your friends that this German-style of blind-sheep-following is over and done with.


  1. 1) What does Green not like about day camps?

    2) Nuchem posted the Levin video blaming gay marriage. His comment was "Listen good to what this Jew says."

  2. Dayan Wiess AntwerpJuly 21, 2011 at 3:17 PM

    Mr Stauber has denied writing the letter. ALL antwerp rabbonim know it was a libel, from his secular daughter. watch your tongue your daughter may do it to you too.

  3. Mr. Stauber denied it 3 months later when his job was in jeopardy... But your point? Do you beleive that an innocent an is sitting in Jail? and do you beleive that this is the reason Kletzky was butchered?

  4. You are making me sick about Weingarten. I heard from two girls that were with her in seminary while she was still wearing braids and black socks... Wonder why she isn't frum anymore... Did you hear her cries? Did you try to help her? did you try to save her? Give her one reason to stay frum. At least now she can speak up and able to put him behind bars and free herself from him. Its sad that this is what it takes in our community.

    If you think your daughter can do this to you, then run for help before she does.