Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you Rabbi Zweibel!

I wanted to start this article by saying “Shame on you Agudah"! But Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel beat me to it. He appeared as a guest on the Zev Brenner show this past weekend and basically said (in other words): Shame on you Agudah! You have no clue what you are talking about! And in other words said: Hey Agudah, stay out of it.

I have a feeling that rabbi Zweibel is a “closet-follower” of Rabbi Nuchem, because he definitely spoke as he is one. The man was lost! The man was sweating bullets and could not keep up with any caller, and was somewhat embarrassed with this Agudah ruling.

You are probably all wondering, what’s going on? How does the Agudah send someone like this to present their opinion? The man had no answers to any callers! The man was lost, the man was confused! The man contradicted himself every 3 minutes, and you can see and smell his sweat over the radio airwaves.

Ladies and gentleman. The man that spoke on the radio is not a hired spokesman for the Agudah, he is THE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT of this organization, and even HE has no clue what the Agudah said or what their opinion is. But how can you blame him? No one in the Agudah has a clue what it is they said!

Let’s review what transpired here:

1. a number of callers (including Rabbi Nuchem) asked him for one name of a Rabbi that is qualified to answer these questions and people can go to him when they have a problem. Of course he could not produce EVEN one!

So, we have the vice president of the largest gathering of rabbis that are representing the Jewish population, and doing some baloney Lip-Service and Public-relations due to the bitter tragedy of Leiby Kletzky, and the vice president of the organization cannot give you ONE rabbi where you should go to in case of an emergency!

And you wonder why Rabbi Nuchem has a problem with the Rabbis? You wonder why people don’t buy the bull shit they spew? Come on, an eight-grader would know that if he makes a presentation to a class, he has to bring at least one example! You are a guest on a Radio station to push your agenda, and to ask people not to go to the police department but to a rabbi, and you can’t give us ONE name of a rabbi that we should go to? I bet if I ask you where to send a donation for the Agudah, you can give me 12 different office locations within 15 seconds!

2. I would assume that if you are a guest on a radio show and presenting a ruling, you would agree with it, be comfortable and confident about it, and most-of-all understand it. I have never seen a democrat use a republican to present his view at a press conference.

This man was ashamed with his view, his opinion and with his alliance with this prganization. He was breathing heavy, he was frustrated and mostly didn’t even understand this ruling. Every time when he said something about it, he was lowering his voice and saying “I guess you must go to the rabbi” and he said it with a tone of disgust and shock!

Rabbi Zweibel, we don’t blame you and we understand you. I would also be ashamed to align myself with such garbage! I would be embarrassed to be the puppet for such nonsense. Furthermore, I would be angry if my organization forces me to be the goat that has to explain this garbage to a public that is being educated and sees right through it! How awkward is it when you have to address a crowd and you can’t keep up with a 22 year old woman from Rockland County, when you are shredded to pieces by every single caller on the station. How sad is it when you must go public with a bull-shit agenda that you yourself don’t get, the people that sent you don’t get it and no one in the audience gets it. Poor man!

3. He finished by saying “The good news is that we made a lot of progress on this issue and we continue to do so”. Well Rabbi Zweibel, enlighten me please and update me on the great progress you made! Please I am all ears! Give me an example of what you accomplished recently! Give me a story (Anytime in the past 5 years) of success! Lead me to one of these great activities you accomplished regarding molesters!

Why didn’t you answer the last caller (Rabbi Cohen) other than "he made a number of good points"! Why don’t you just say, I don’t understand this whole issue or say I believe that you should not go to the police! Why are you not telling us the way it is? Why don’t you just tell the public what the Agudah really thinks? Why don’t you just tell us the truth, we make a lot of money off these molesters and we want to be in charge!

4. You said: You were moved and touched by R’ Nachman kletzky and by the things we learned from this tragedy and the message he had! Ok Rabbi, Please tell me exactly what it is you learned from this tragedy? What is it that you learned that you would like to share with us? What does this story have in common with the agenda you are pushing of not going to the police? Can you be a bit specific for once and tell us a straight sentence?

Raboisai. I can go on forever of all the nonsense he said (Including he will talk to Rabbi Horowitz and see why his opinion is that you SHOULD go to the police), but what’s the point? What don’t we know yet that we just found out? What garbage didn’t he feed us that we didn’t hear 20 times before?

It is vital that we understand and we pinpoint the enemy! It is vital that we realize the game that is being played on us! It is vital to see that if we will not do it and take matters into our own hands, it will not be done!

Everything Rabbi Nuchem preached and predicted came through with flying colors unfortunately! If you ever doubted and wondered why Rabbi Nuchem is so angry with the Rabbis of our generation, you definitely got your answers after listening to this rubbish and you must have noticed how the spin doctors are treating us like kindergarten kids and just babble for an hour and think that we are in 1963 where we are scared to ask questions!

I challenge anyone to write to me and not only show me a support to the "so-called" halachic nonsense he fluttered, but better yet, explain to me what he said! Can someone please tell me what their "shit-a"is? I know what it is! They know what it is! We all know what it is! They want you to report only to them and they will continue whitewashing it.

So Rabbi Zweibel, why don’t you tell us with confidence “The halacha is you are not allowed to go to the police” Why are you embarrassed with your beliefs? Why don’t you stand up for what you believe in? I will tell you why – Because they know they are wrong, they are just trying to hold on to power! They are trying to hold on to something that have done for 50 years! They are trying to continue to lead us that blind path, and they feel the pressure! They don’t like it at all! They are on their last breath begging you to keep following them and don’t ask questions! They know that in todays times we have Rabbi Nuchem to hear the truth, and they can't take it!


  1. I was confused. First he said that if you have reasonalbe suspicion, you should go to the police, but first go to a rabbi who will decide if you have reasonable suspicion. He doesn't know what Horowitz said. Everyone who heard what Horowitz has to say, knows he claims you should go to the police if you have reasonable suspicion.

    So in other words, the Aguda said you should go to a rabbi, but clouded the words with saying you can go to the police because they have to say it now.

    Very nice.

  2. The question is this: who decides what "reasonable" is? Can any Rabbi quantify
    what that means? I don't think so. Do the rebbelech have investigative powers like the police to determine if there is reasonable suspicion?? What if the rabbi is offered money or some other undue influence to corrupt his influence? Noge'eh Badovor?? Who will prosecute him in such a case?? Since these questions cannot currently be answered, one must go to the police to determine "reasonable" suspicions. And that's the bottom line.

  3. i am so relieved to have found this site. someone cares about klal yisrael.