Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How much more?

I started writing this article today and I am stuck at the first paragraph for close to thirty minutes. Where do I begin and where do I start? What’s the point of it and what’s the goal of it? What is there left to say that wasn’t said yet and what else can I even say?

There I so many angles to discuss, so much tragic prospective to debate and so much hurt and pain as this wound is still fresh. But I am taking the energy to write this, in hope of making a difference and as a result of this article, if only one human will change, only one person will light a fire in his soul to do something and only one Jewish soul will be saved, it will all worthed.

Poor Father! Poor mother! Poor 8 year old shefeleh! Poor Jewish soul, I am heartbroken! I have not stopped crying all night! I cant close my eyes for a second! I have kissed my kids every 10 minutes…………… These are just some of the statements expressed by many in the community

If I can be alone with this monster for only 5 minutes, to give him justice! They should hang him in middle of the street! They should let him rot in jail forever! They should cut HIM up in two pieces….. These are just some of the statements expressed by others in the community.

Nuchem Rosenberg will have a field day with this story! Nuchem will take advantage of this tragedy! Nuchem this, Nuchem that….. These are just some of the statements expressed by yet others in the community.

Its because we are watching too much TV! Its all because of the internet! We are not modest enough! We are too close to the Non-Jewish population! We do not study enough Torah! My dog ate the homework….. These are some of the statements expressed by the biggest idiots in the community (Better known as: the commenters of VIN)

Same Shit… Different day… This is the statements expressed by yours truly, myself.

Are you kidding? How cold-hearted can you be? Have you no soul? Have you no conscious? We have a dead body here and that’s all you can say? Same Shit… Different day…?

Well, allow me my friends to tell you what I think and what I see. Am I heart-broken over this? Absolutely! Have I seen this coming? Absolutely! Will the Rabbis continue to be quiet and only show up when it’s in their benefit? Absolutely! But what do you mean, you have seen this coming? How could you know or even think that someone will kill a little innocent boy? Well, let me explain:

The end result of a tragic occurrence is almost never the initial mindset and goal of the perpetrator. In other words, when you read in the paper that a bank manager was shot in the head by two bank robbers, they didn’t initially come to kill him. They came to rob him and due to circumstances (i.e. putting up a fight, or calling the police, etc.) they decide to kill him. When you hear in the news that a woman was killed after she was brutally raped, they did not initially intend to kill her, they came to rape her, and because she yelled or did something to try to run away, they decided to kill her and try to get away with it.

The main story that happened over here by us is that a man kidnapped and abducted a little kid in the heart of Boro Park and in broad daylight. A man molested and raped a nine year old in the so called one of the safest communities in New york (And before you jump on me, it was not proven that he was raped or molested, remember what I always tell you, I have great connections to the upper intelligence squads in the community. I know what they withhold and what they don’t – and indeed this kid was brutally molested -Besides, I don’t think that this scumbag decided to kidnap him because he was missing a person for meziman). The end result just so happened that he killed him because he got scared, spooked or whatever it is that made him do it.

As sad is this killing is (and god almighty it is brutally sad), that is not the main story! The main story is, that yet another molester was roaming our streets free and clear because they feel comfortable in our community. They know they get away with it! They know that no one will hunt them down! They know that while they are out, they will have a minyan every day in their basements! They know that they are dealing with the most insecure, self-doubting, guilt-feeling community, and they can always run to Skuelene rabbi to protect them.

So when I tell you that I saw this coming, I mean it I saw it coming! Because just like in every crime, the end result can always take a turn for the worst, and molestation is no difference.

Chazal teach us ועבירה גוררת עבירה ( One sin leads to the next sin)! Why is that? Very simple! Because when you do one sin and you steal something from the grocery store, it automatically makes you do another one. Because when the owner confronts you, you must lie (sin number 2) and if someone else saw you, you might kill him so he does not tell the owner, and so on and on it becomes a vicious cycle.

Therefore, when someone molests a kid, it is just the norm that something bad follows. At times it will be molesting again, at times it will be lying about it, at times it will be threatening and hurting another witness and this time it was killing the kid. So what’s the big shock? What’s the big story? The story is all the same, the ending is just a bit different! (I know, I am really cold hearted and a low life for talking like this)

Let’s take it to the next level! Why is this much sadder than when he would’ve let him live a 70 year life full of hurt, pain, and misery? Every child that gets molested is suffering the rest of their lives and has pain, nightmares, and damage for life!

Why is the outrage only when the end result is death? Why is there no outrage when the end result is a life of misery and psychological pain? Why did it have to come to this to get every ones attention? What did you think will happen? And who says that it might not end up even worst next time? Maybe next time he will kill the kid AND his two brothers, in order to try to get away with it? (I know, I am really cold hearted and a low life for talking like this).

Raboisai! The Kiddush hashem that was created by the over-two-thousand- strong volunteers that the community produced is absolutely amazing. The whole world saw how Jewish brothers feel each other’s pain, and all over Brooklyn there was frum – Heimish people walking the streets , giving out flyers to people and doing all they can. In the biggest heat-wave this city ever saw, people were going on for hours and hours to help each other out in this difficult time.

But this Kiddish hashem is not even 1% of the Kiddush hashem you will make, if you all get together next week and yell in the streets that we will do whatever it takes to get rid of this molestation plague! And if you can’t find a rabbi that is willing to speak out about it and take the lead, then put your ego on the side, call up Rabbi Nuchem and make a stand for your community.

I ask you all to close your eyes for one second and picture this butcher standing next to the poor kid Leibby. But instead of seeing Leibby there, put your little boy or girl in that picture. Whatever their name is moishele, Arele, Ruchele, Leah’la Chaim, hershy, Miriam, Chany, Yanky, etc. just put their little face and body next to the monster and picture it in your mind.

If you didn’t jump up and yell, you should probably put your kid up for adaption. Now tell me that rabbi Nuchem is hallucinating!

I really can’t write anymore, I am physically exhausted and weak.

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  1. there's a famose chazal about a person hoe transgresed all 10 commandments at once