Friday, July 22, 2011


It seems that slowly-but-surely things are going back to normal. As I predicted last week on my blog, that it’s only a matter of time before people are outraged and boiling mad about the Kletzky murder and were vivid that Rabbi Nuchem has been saying it all along, but now a week later, you hear the talk in shul that it was an “Isolated” story, it was the “Luck of the draw” that he bumped into Aaron, and all similar nonsense.

I remember when I learned in Satmar yeshiva back on Sands Street in the70’s, there was a group of boys that we called “Daf – Beis” and the reason we called them daf beis, was due to the fact that every day they started a new mesechta (chapter) of Talmud and the following day they got bored and started another  one. By the end of the season they knew the first page of every part of the Talmud.
The funny part is, I know some of these boys today (30 – 40 years later) and they do the same thing in business. They open a business every month; they get bored of it within one month when they don’t make their first million right away, and move on to the next business. I am sure there is a medical term for this kind of behavior but I am not sure the exact term.
Our community has a similar problem. Whenever there is a tragedy in the community they run with it for a week and then cool off, wait for the next tragedy, get all worked up on that one, cool off, and wait for the next one.
The Rabbis work on the same exact system. Today the kosher chickens are not good, they are busy with it for a week, cool off and move on to the next problem. Today the strawberries have worms; they turn over the world for two weeks, move on, cool off and wait for the next major story. Today there is a new one, The water needs to be filtered from flies, they flip over, make some money with filters, busy with it until there is no more money to be made and on to the next problem. (Meanwhile the chickens and the strawberries and the water never had a problem and definitely never had a solution, but it kept them busy).
Today there is a problem with the women’s robes (they are too long, too short, too tight, too many colors, too little colors, too big on the top, too small on the sleeves) ok we are busy 2 weeks with it, made the money and you guessed it: NEXT! Today the cell phones are not good, ok kosher cell phone time… money money…..  Good morning – Good night….. NEXT.
Today we have a new problem, VIN is not kosher….. Drum roll…. 25 rabbis sign a petition….two weeks…. NEXT!
Today we got a new one. Lipa Schmeltzer is making a concert… 30 rabbis….. Petition time……men and women mixed……. That’s why accidents happen…..NEXT!  (Oops, it was not mixed – OK mistake… next!)
Meanwhile the chickens are good, the strawberries are delicious, the robes are perfect, the water is yummy, the cell phones are ok (but only for men, for the women it’s not modest enough) VIN gets advertisements from every Jewish charity organization and business in our community, Lipa is ok but only in the winter, only when he gives free tickets for charity, only when he gets a hech$$her from the rabbi…………..BUT WAIT!  Nuchem Rosenberg, he is a the problem (he does not want to pay, he does not want to follow the stream, he does not get scared from voicing his opinion)
While all these major problems happened, and the Rabbis were busy checking strawberries and chicken legs, you could not find one Rabbi to speak out against the killing in New Square and not one Rabbi speaking out about the molestation and pedophilia in our community.  And you tell me that we have leaders in our jungle? You are trying to convince me that our community is run great and we are on the right track? You are trying to persuade yourself that the rabbis are on top of the issues? You still have a problem with Rabbi Nuchem?
People tell me I agree with Rabbi Nuchem but I wish he would stop badmouthing the Rabbis. If he does that, he will get my full support.  This statement is Ludacris and let me explain:
There is a group called Jews for Jesus. We are Torah observing Jews and we know that there is no bigger oxymoron than that. If you are a Jew, you can’t be for Jesus – and if you are for Jesus, than you are not a Jew.  You cannot be a beef –eating vegan. If you are vegan, you only eat vegetables and that’s that.
If you want a clean community and agree with Rabbi Nuchem, than you must rid yourself of people that protect molesters and rapists. How can you be for the cause and still support people that make it easy for molesters to roam our community? It just does not go together!
Is it painful that our Rabbis protect these vile scums? Hell Yes! But they don’t get a free pass just because they have the title Rabbi attached to it. They don’t get off Scott-free because they don’t have the balls to take a stand. Explain to me how 10 days after this sick tragedy, we have not heard from a rabbi yet regarding molestation in the community? How sick is that? How can you have 1% respect for any rabbi when they are in hiding all year round and only show their face to sign a petition against Lipa Schmeltzer? Seriously, enlighten me whats going on here?
Stop finding bugs in my strawberries and stop finding 3 legs on my chickens, stop worrying about my wife’s robe and concentrate on the safety of my grandchildren! Get your priorities straight and then I can perhaps have respect for you! Get your important issues on the front-runner and then check my eggs and blueberries. Don’t worry about my wife’s cell phone, rather make sure my child does not have a molester waiting for him in the Mikvah. Can you do that for me?
Raboisai, I am not a follower of Rabbi Nuchem because he is my Rabbi; I am not a follower of Rabbi Nuchem because my father told me to do so. I follow him because the other two-three Rabbis that I would love to follow don’t have the guts to speak out about the important issues and he does! I can’t wait for the day when the Rabbis start doing something about it and clean up our streets and then I will close this blog and not have to worry about all these problems.  But until then I see only one man that talks about it, works 24 hours a day to clean this garbage up and does not get tired despite daily abuse he receives.
But I know that until the next kid gets killed or damaged for life, you wont really care, so good bye until then, and check back with me by the next big story. Hey… don’t go too far, it's just a matter of time

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  1. so true. so true. i feel so disillusioned