Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A True Jewish leader

When we were little kids, the rabbi in our school used to tell us stories about the old sages that use to be “Moser nefesh” themselves on behalf of Klal yisroel.

Many of the talmidie baal Shem used to go around in the jails and  pay large sums of money to get Jewish prisoners out of there, and some of them went so far as to beg the guards to replace the prisoners with them. There are famous stories of rabbi R’ Zishe that did it on a regular basis.

We don’t expect much from the rabbis today, especially one that only got his post because his father passed away, even though he was not qualified at all.  But you would probably enjoy the move that the rabbi of New Square did today.

David Twerskey the grand rabbi of new Square showed today his true colors when his attorney requested from the court systems that his name should be withdrawn from the lawsuit by Mr. Rothenberg. He wants the lawsuit to be only on his butler Saul Spitzer and not on him.

Rabbi you outdid yourself. You really showed the Ahavas yisroel you have for another Jew, you are really teaching us what it means to be sad with a fellow Jew at a critical time and most of all you showed us what a coward you are.

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, rabbi!  For years you have been abusing your community, for years you dictated your town, for years you turned a blind eye to violence with your famous words “Ich Veis nisht”, for years you hid behind the scenes and orchestrated your mafia antics, for years you hid under the name “Rabbi” and oppressed your village, and now you are crying “Why is my name on the lawsuit”?

Shame on you, you coward! Shame on you, you cry baby! Shame on you for terrorizing your community! Where in the world was it ever heard of, that a when a woman goes to the ritual bath (Mikvah) the husband must come to you with a kvitel that night? What kind of kinky stuff are you into? What kind of violation of human decency is that? Who the fuck are you? (Yes guys, I said the fuck word again) how low will you stoop for your own temptations and self-pleasure? When will you stop drinking the blood of the good people in your town? When will you let them live a life of freedom?

Not only should your name not be taken off the lawsuit, but they should arrest you for all other crimes you are part off! Whom are you fooling? There is not a single move in that town without your approval! There is not one move that the community leaders do, without your prior approval!

We all heard the tapes of your henchman and we all saw how you control the population there. Furthermore, we all saw how you handled the whole “Rothenberg debacle” as you only spoke out once when your lawyers advise you to do so for public relations!

Your past history speaks volume about you! Mr. Berger died in a prison like a dog because of you. His son and three others got sentenced for heavy time because of you (your girlfriend Hillary made sure they only did three years), you never cared about anyone but yourself! You never showed love to anyone but your own skin! Your history proves that you have no soul and no heart!

Do you really think that one interview with “Ami” made everything go away? Do you think you can make us forget, the way you make your villagers forget?

We demand that the FBI and local authorities fully investigate you and we demand that they interview “In Private” every single person living in your town, and only then will they get the true picture of who you are, and what kind of monster you are.

Shame on you, you are an embarrassment to society!


  1. As much as we would like to see justice and deterance for sex offenders, I think going to the authorities should be a last resort, unless, CH"V, the victim is murdered. Keep in mind that a sex offender going to jail (I know, he deserves it)is a virtual death sentence. The other inmates will either beat him dead or give him AIDS. They have no tolerance for pedophiles.

    Now try this. An alternative to turning him in is as follows: If the rabbis can have somebody knocked off for mesirah, beaten to give a get, money extorted from, etc., then why not set up a system where the pedophile gets a good, painful and excruciating FLOGGING! Really, it's worth a try. If he refuses the flog or repeats the crime, then hand him over.

  2. Anon - are u joking? what about the death sentence inflicted upon a child's neshama when they are molested and/or raped? Guess frummie arent much interested in the neshamos of children these days.

    What about the hell that a child (and subsequently when they become an adult) goes through everyday as a result of their abuse?

    A beating? Really? How about castration and removal of their hands?

    And Ill ask the question I always ask u ridiculous morons (that none of u seem to be able to answer):

    Let's say we have a pedo who raped multiple children. So he gets beaten. Would you let your 6 yr old child, boy or girl, alone with him in a room for even 10 minutes?

    The pain of a beating goes away. The emotional and mental pain of rape and molestation does not.

    I hope ur children never experience such a thing, for if hey do they surely deserve a better father than you.

    I eagerly await your answer.