Thursday, July 7, 2011

It is So So painful

I have just spoken with a very close source to the father of the victim in the Belz shul on 15th Ave.  He is receiving incredible pressure AND threats to drop charges. They thretend him that they will take his kid and put him on the stand and make him crazy (They will show him pictures of  a penis and ask him where he was touched, how he was touched, wich hand was used, etc.) and try to make him all messed up. And it seems as it is working, as the father is contemplating dropping the charges.

Let me make this statement clear to both parties.

To the father of the victim, I am saying the following:

Don’t give an inch and don’t be scared.
For starters: they will NEVER EVER go to trial because no jury in the USA will let this guy walk free. They can’t afford to go to trial because he will die in prison.
Second: You owe it to your kid to stand by him! In years from now you will regret it a million times if you drop the chrges, your kid will know that you buckled under pressure and will remember that forever. It will hurt him much more in the long run, if you drop the chrges
Third: They raped your kid – Don’t let him rape YOU!  Stand up for what you believe and let the truth prevail!
Fourth: The Rabbis that advise you, could not care less about you, they strictly advise you what’s good for them not for you! Don’t make the mistake that many people did and cried over it years later! Be smart, be consistent and most of all BE A FATHER! Do for your kid right! Stand up for him! Defend him! Make sure this crime does not go in vane!
To the Rabbis – Lawyers – Community liaisons, i say the following:
There is one person ( I know the name) that told the father “We will put your kid on the stand, and it won’t be pretty”
Shame on you for saying that and shame on you for trying to protect a molester and rapist! I wonder what you would do if your 7 year old girl is anal-raped by a man? I wonder what you would do if it was your son or daughter? Where do you have the heart to threaten a father of a victim at his worst and saddest moment?
Second: There is something called in our judicial system “Intimidation” and that’s exactly what you did! You intimidated a victim, you threatened a potential witness – victim and you broke the law! I promise you and give you my word, that if this father (god forbid) drops the charges, I will personally go after you with all my might and power and bring you down.
RABOISAI!  People always tell me “Enough with Nuchem – We got the message and we know what to do”   BULL SHIT!  We are still where we were 20 years ago, we still hide, we still protect, we still white wash and we still scared of this community scumbags that control us!
Rabbi Nuchem won’t stop – He won’t close the hotlines – he won’t close the web sites and he CAN’T stop!  Until its 100% clear that we follow up with this scum and junkies, he will continue with his holy work!
To me it is mind boggling that by every single story we have to fight with the victims to continue doing what is right and put this low lives away!  WHY? How much longer? What are you waiting for?  Does ALL your kids have to be raped? Is one not enough?  Why does the secular world deserve a better Justcice system than we do? Why are our kids not allowed to walk safe streets?  Why are we so dumb? Why does every household in our community have a family member that is off the derech due to molestation? Why are we still protecting them?  SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME! PLEASE I BEG YOU! has a couple of hundred members that are wearing the “frum uniform” but don’t believe anything RL”T! What are you waiting for? What will it take to wake you up?  How many will it take to wake you up? There are members that told me, they have not taken a “Bedika” from their wives to the dayan ever! They throw it straight in the garbage and they tell the wife it’s good!
We are losing it all! AND YES, it’s all due to molestations!  hitler has not killed as many jews as the molesters AND their supporters killed in the last 30 years!  Its all due to our guilty conscious towards the molester! Why not the victim? Why not the safe streets? Why not the children? Why not stick up for a clean street?  Please someone answer me, how bad does it have to be to get your attention, please tell me!

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  1. You are 100% correct, but it is 'rabbonim' who should be reported for witness tampering, after the first Rov gets arrested and charged, I assure you not one more will try to stop anyone reporting.

    This is what needs working on, getting the Rabbonim not thr messengers they send.

    It is difficult for the parents, for they feel responsible for not protecting their kids, and that makes them feel real guilty and embarrassed.

    The parents need immediate councelling before reporting the offence, as they must be confused by everyone telling them different things.