Friday, July 8, 2011

New Square drama .............

New Square arson victim Mr. Rothenberg is B”H back in Freewald and able to pray and give his Shiur for the elderly and sick people in the old-age home.

New Square has been off the map for the last 2 weeks due to the incident in Belz (these three brother-in-laws Satmar / Belz / New Square are taking chances to see who can make a bigger chillul hashem) but we will not let this story be gone. We will keep it on the front burner and make sure that the perpetrators and criminal Twersky gang pay the price.

Now in the following video you can watch the attempted-killer going to court and you can hear the quote of his lawyer “ He did not attempt to harm anyone” and “The reabbi had nothing to do with it”

Oh and I forgot to add “I own the Brooklyn Bridge” and “I have a tree in my backyard that grows live salmon fish”

Just for the record: the gang has STILL NOT YET apologized for all the terror and attempted murders they did, instead they hired a mouth-piece and lets him make the same two statements every day.

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  1. The CEO of Enron didnt have so many lawyers by his court case. i wonder who is paying the bills for these high-priced lawyers?

    can you say Twerskey?