Monday, December 12, 2011

My Blood is still boiling

It’s been over 24 hours since the Jewish Community in Williamsburg has sunk to an all-time Low and acted like wild un-neutered animals in the Congo.  (Yes I say The Jewish Community, as Rabbi Nuchem explained in his emergency speech last night, As long as there is not an official apology and  Kol Koreh from every Single Rabbi in Williamsburg, it is the entire Williamsburg)

Here comes the kicker: Today the politics are flowing as usual, who called the Klausenbergers who didn’t call who agrees and who does not agree, who will go pay a visit to the family and who won’t. 

Let me make this clear, it is all irrelevant. If we don’t see an official letter from the Rabbis in Williamsburg and beyond that they are coming out with all their might against these scumabgs and dirt that are responsible for this pashkevil, then its worthless

We don’t want LIP SERVICE, we want action! We don’t want a Mercy baloney half-ass apology, we want action! We don’t want a speech with a hint of reminder that we should not do things that are not nice, we want action!

We want a full-out apology we want a full out disapproval of these gangsters, we want a signature from each particular Rabbi denouncing this garbage. We DON’T want a letter from the United Community, we DON’T want a letter from the VA’AD, and we DON’T want a political announcement. WE WANT a serious and sincere letter of disengagement of the scum of Williamsburg, we want a letter denouncing the abuse that mothers with carriages are experiencing every Shabbos in this Amsterdam on USA called Williamsburg!

Why is it taking so long? Where are you all meeting in a hidden apartment planning what your next move should be?  This is an easy decision. Come out and make a stand 

Do you think for once you can show “Some” kind of leadership in this community? Do you think for once we can count on you to make a statement? Can you one time say the right thing even though you are not getting money for it?

Do you expect any Jewish man to have respect for you ever again? Do you expect any Jewish Child to get turned on by the Chinuch we are teaching them? Do you think our youth is blind and don't see straight through you? 

Never mind we are still waiting for a statement from the Kletzky death and rape. But maybe you were too emotional to say something or were you scared that your close friend will be arrested next?

Please tell me Rabbis, when is the last time you said something when we needed to hear from you? Why are you never around when we need you? Why are you only being heard when no one wants to hear you? Why do you even need a reminder that we need to hear from you guys? Isn’t this your job to lead the community? Why are you shocked when our youth goes off the Derech in mass numbers? Please tell me why should they stay in this shit? What should attract them here? 

The hypocrisy is so big and so obvious but you are nowhere to be found.

DON’T DARE TO BE MENACHEM UVEL the family, because they don’t want you there! They don’t want lip service they don’t want  a Picture in the newspapers of you, they want action!


  1. Spoken from the Heart, i agree with every word you said.

    I am a 30 something female in Williamsburg, i have not gone do a Mikvah in 5 years, because i dont beleive in anything.

    I lived in a house where my father is a very very frum man, but a crook at heart. I have seen him doing all the wrong things, but on the street he was a fake frum man.

    I could not agree anymore with you, i really really don't care if my Son goes off the derech, let him enjoy himself and let him live a free life, not like me that leaves a miserable fake life that i was forced into.

    keep up the great work

  2. Avrohom Udwin (Sydney Australia)December 17, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    Mrs Rebbezin,I have a crooked father similar to yours my sister a result became athiest as a result of our crooked community.If we were not taught ahavas hashem vyiras hashem in yiddishkeit in a positive manner surely there is no reason to believe in anything religious. Please listen to Nuchem Rosenbergs weekly talks on (951) 262 3714 he speaks the language of the victim's GOD bless Rabbi Nuchem for naming and demeaning those crooked Rabbis every week on the hotline.