Friday, November 18, 2011

L’Havdil L’Havdil

Ladies and gentleman,

Many times while I speak with people in the community, and the subject of Nuchem Rosenberg comes up, it always ends up something like this: He is right, BUT……..  He is 100% correct, BUT………  Of course he is nebech right, BUT……..

The “BUT” they are always talking is about the same thing. Why does he have to make a chilil Hashem? Why does he sound so excited when he talks about a molester? Why he is he saying names? Why? Why? Why?

The fact that I am writing this blog “off the record” and without my name attached to it, helps me a lot to get the feel of the community and the feel of many involved with community liaisons, Community leaders, and even Rabbis in the community.
I will also let you in on a little secret; I am very very close friend to one of the Rabbis that signed  the “Toilet paper cheirem” on Rabbi Nuchem. With him knowing that I write this blog we many time discuss Rabbi Nuchem and he is lost and confused just like the rest of the Rabbis that singed this Garbage Cheirem.

This is the situation:

1.       Penn State University, as you all know, arrested an assistant coach of a football team because he allegedly molested a boy. How did the University respond to that? Did they deny it? NO! Did they say No Comment? NO! Did they say it’s all lies? NO! This is what they did:

a.       They fired everyone who knew about it
b.      They went on TV to denounce the crime
c.       They launched new programs to fight pedophilia
d.      They are co-operating with the Police dept.
e.      They fired the HEAD COACH that even reported it to the management, but did not follow up and went to the Police
f.        They held on Thursday Night a program for people to ask questions

Ladies and gentleman! Penn State University is 400 times bigger, stronger and richer than Satmar, Pupa, Belz, New Square and Agudath Isreal COMBINED! They have more power to white wash, they have more money to hire the biggest lawyers, they have more strength to say NO COMMENT and yet they chose the right way of dealing with it. They decided to join the cause and make a stand against child abuse! They pulled together all their resources to say “NO” to abuse.

2.       Let’s take a look in our circles. There has been abuse in our schools for years and years. What have we done? Have we denounced the abuse? NO! Have we distanced ourselves from these pedophile scums? NO! Have we told the world we will not stand for it? NO! Have we done anything to improve our children’s lives since the Kletzky molestation and murder incident? NO! So what have we done?, This is what we have done:

a.       We have whitewashed every single story in the community
b.      We have supported every pedophile in our system
c.       We isolated every man that stands up for the children (Including Rabbi Nuchem that has worked with mesiras Nefesh for years and years)
d.      We have re-hired the Teachers once their statue of limitations ran out
e.      We have been quiet and DONE NOTHING

So let’s take a look, where would you want your 10-year-old boy to be if god forbids he gets molested, in Penn State University or in Belz cheider?

Who would you want to handle the teacher that molested your child, Satmar Yeshiva or Penn State University?

Why do our kids not deserve the same treatment as the average GOY on the streets? Why is there not ONE Rabbi with guts to say we have done wrong with rabbi Nuchem and it’s not right. Don’t get me wrong, in private they all say it, but in public there is not ONE man with BALLS to do it.

These are the Rabbis that we have to respect? These are the Rabbis that teach us how to raise our Children? These are the leaders that we have to look up to? These are the people that we trust our regulations with? These are the people that tell us you can eat kosher chicken, and we have to trust?

Are we that gullible to just follow the blind leading the blind?  

Rabbi Nuchem has been talking about this crime for years and years and years and years. Nobody listened to him, nobody paid attention so he opened a Hot-Line to get his point across. History is proving him right every single day. Actions are proving that he indeed is on the right side of history while the Rabbunim are on the wrong side.

As a father and mother of a child, assume for one second that Rabbi Nuchem has been dead for 4 years, you would not even know that there is such a thing as molestation! You would not hear anything This would be 1965 all over again where little kids are being raped every single day without any accountability. Is this what you want for your child? Is this the kind of Yeshiva you want?

Can someone please remind me when the last time you heard from ANY rabbi about this terrible and vicious problem? I hear every day about the internet, about the Cell Phones, about the Tznius issues, about the long shaitels about the bugs in the water. All the “important” issues are on the agenda but pedophilia not a word!

You tell me now. Who are the chosen people Williamsburg kids or Penn State kids? Who Is GOD proud of, The president of Belzer cheider or the President of Penn State?  

Now another point!

People always ask me, why is Rabbi Nuchem so happy when he announces a tragedy in the community? He sings, he laughs he says “Victory” Why is he enjoying it.

Let’s break it down. Rabbi Nuchem has been fighting this plague forever. He has been isolated for simply talking the truth; he has been ostracized for strictly sticking up for YOUR children.

When someone finds out that their child was molested in our community, do you know who he calls first? Let me tell you, NONE OTHER TAN RABBI NUCHEM. Do you know why he calls rabbi Nuchem? Because he wants action and that’s the only place he is going to get it!

So every time a story gets exposed (And recently it has been a daily and weekly happening) Rabbi Nuchem has another point to proof his mission. He is not happy with the story, he is happy with the progress of getting rid of this terrible abuse problem and he is glad to see that all the work he puts in FOR NO COST is paying off.

So don’t confuse the two issues. I have personally seen rabbi Nuchem cry out loud on his voice when he got a phone call from another broken mother. I have seen him drive down 14 hours just to meet activist and drive back 14 hours. I have seen him counseling parents for weeks upon weeks for no charge.

How dare you question his motives? He has gotten nothing for his hard work but isolation, abuse and headaches. Why is he doing it? Because he has the guts to stand up for the kids while it seems NO ONE ELSE has it

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