Monday, November 7, 2011

Nuchem Ish Gam Zi

Raboisai, I must admit… I am doing Teshuva because I am coming to the realization that “Nuchem” is talking shtusim and fabrications.

There is no Znis, there is no Molestations, There is no Incest, There is no pedophiles and there is no problem in our community.

What is this guy talking about? All the stories he says is fabricated and he is dreaming. Our community is sheltered, our community is pure and our community does not even know of such things.

There is good news and bad news. First the Bad: There are actually people who say that with a straight face. The Good news: They know they are lying they just think they will say it long enough and someone will buy it.

A reader of mine sent me a copy of a craigslist ad that appeared online and quite honestly I must say, I was sure it’s a prank. But this is what happened.
This is what we have reached, among the hundreds of weekly Yiddish ads on CraigsList
I responded to the ad, and they responded first that I need to be voice verified to make sure I am real, so I did. I gave my number and told my wife to pick up, we both picked up the “Blocked” phone and a “Ruchy” said in a nice Yiddish voice “Vus machste” and voice verified us, so we can continue the email dialogue.
Bottom Line, She found a couple already and did not want to meet us this week, but is open for a future time….. Which of course, we will never do.

There is no doubt in my mind that this kind of behavior is a result of abuse, molestation, or rape.

NOOOO it can’t be, we don’t have this in our community.

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  1. Do they not realise that any kids they have after swapping will be mamzerim?