Saturday, April 9, 2011

The danger of being “Extreme”

It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist, being extreme is very dangerous.  When someone decided on his own that he wants to take it to the next level  or as the famous saying goes “Holier than thou”, the end result will be something bad  .
When Muslims take their religion and decide to kill every Jew in sight, that’s taking it to the extreme. On the other hand when community leaders decide to hide things and cover up abuse, that’s another way of being extreme and that’s very dangerous.
Let alone when 3-4 scumbags “Kolel Yingeleit” that decide to be the boss in  Williamsburg and decide which store can be open and which  can’t be open, that is extremely dangerous for the residence of the neighborhood.
By the way, these are the same scumbags that want to push their stupid crazy ideology on you all year round. These are the same people that tell you Lipa Shmeltcer should not be listened too; your skirt is too short; Women should not talk on cell phones and they want to totally control and run your life.
Oh ! and these are the same guys that have nothing to do with their empty time and walk the streets of LEE Ave. and look at all the women and come up with new ways on how to undermine and to embarrass Jewish women and blame them for everything  bitter and wrong in their miserable lives.
So this woman Iris that has been serving our community for 10 years decided to make life easier for our wives, mothers and sisters (Since Williamsburg women as a whole, don’t drive) and opened up a store on Lee Ave. there are no pictures of women, no see-through of any kind. The windows are surrounded and covered with brown paper and it is done with the utmost respect this community ever could imagine.  (If not for these scum, 90% of us would not even know that the store is there)
However these 3-4 bums, low-lifes-womanizers are not happy! 
The chillul hashem they make is unbearable! The abuse they put on this community is destructible. Don’t fool yourself for one second that these bums have anything in mind other than self-gratification. THEY DON’T!  These are the biggest lowlifes, fakes and frauds out there. These are the fruits of our great education we instilled in them. These are guys that are bored with their empty lives and LIVE ON being abusive.
Where the hell does a woman have to go to comb her shaitel? Why not have the store in our area instead of making them take a 20 minute bus ride  out to Crown Heights?
These are the same people who would ask you not to wear a shaitel! These are the same people who declared themselves the guards of our community.
The hypocrisy is so big, and as is always the case in this community, we just follow these ass holes blindly!
Who the hell are they? Who made them for our representatives? Who asked their silly opinions?  How dare they speak for us?
I started looking into some of these guy’s past history, and it’s not so kosher! These are the guys that represent us? These are the guys who will tell us what we can wear and what we can’t? These are the guys that we follow like blind sheep?
What is wrong with us? Are we really that naïve and dumb that every idiot can just do whatever they want in this community? Are we that gullible? Are we that stupid?
Wake up people! This abuse has been going on for the longest time in every way possible, and we just follow the blind. It is so embarrassing and humiliated. What a disgrace we are that we are an absolute uncontrolled bunch and every tom-dick and harry just does to us whatever they want!
This is the same reason why our children are abused - We are abused and everything in this community is so bitterly controlled! Don’t fool yourself that it is not, because it is!  It comes back to the same problem. 2-3 guys decide they are “Mishmeres hatznius” -  2 more guys decide they will sell the windows for money  - When in essence it is  distributed by the USA Government for free – 2 more guys decided you are not allowed to carry in the Eiruv – 2 more guys decide that Lipa Shmeltser is not allowed to sing and now 2 more guys decide that this store is not allowed here.
Do you guys see the pattern? Are you guys blind or can you finally wake up and speak for yourself and not have other people dictate what and how you should live your life!


  1. When you cover stories like this.
    Or when you cover abuse in a general context I agree with you
    however. When you post people's names especially when there is an underlying divorce You Are WRONG.....!..!
    It is almost impossible for a father to prove his innocence!
    and history has shown that the innocent lost thyere kids from fabricated charges
    you should never know of

  2. By the way, this poster reads "The new store will make our community GOIYISH"

    That is the biggest joke of all The fact that hundreds of kids got abused by melamdin and teachers thats yiddish

    how sickening

  3. Please go back to your hiding. Your not an asset at all to our community by using such Volga language especially when the young kids read your cover storys. SHAME ON YOU.