Friday, April 22, 2011

Rabbi Lebowitz – Rabbi Rosenberg – Rabbi Lebowitz

During these 1st days of Yom Tov, you heard people all over the community saying. Hey Nuchem – Lebowitz is out or Rabbi Rosenberg – You are next, and some similar brilliant statements.
Let’s get the record straight for a second and then let’s review the typical response of our people.
For the record: Lebowitz was sentenced to 32 years for one reason and one reason only He was a convicted molester AND he showed no remorse. That’s the end of the story for that.
Now, why were we finally to get a man like this in to the court systems after years of whitewashing in the community? This is where Holy Rabbi Rosenberg comes into the picture. We did it due to the diligence and amazing work that Rabbi Rosenberg has been preaching the last couple of years, we did it due to the bravery of rabbi Rosenberg and the uninterrupted holy mission that the Rabbi took upon himself and all those were a contributing factor to the end result.
Jerry Brauner is 10x the molester that Lebowits was and he got only 3 years, because of the fact he showed remorse in the court system (no one can vouch that it was from the heart – but at least he put up a face for the Judge). Many others got the same type of sentencing due to the same reason that Brauner did, they asked for forgiveness and showed remorse. On the other hand Mr. Webberman seems to think that Lebowitz’ way of doing business will suit him better, that’s his prerogative and it’s a roulette game he is willing to take.
However all these cases have one thing in common. Victims came forward and contacted the DA and the molesters were arrested. So before you start pointing fingers and feeling good about yourself, step back, relax and know who the evil is here, it’s strictly on the molesters and abusers.
Just for clarification, Rabbi kelners accusation is strictly that -“Accusation” - and there are still many facts that I know, that has not reached the community and the court systems. There is already heavy action within the Federal Govt on many aspects of this case that is very very “Fishy” and we’re following up with it.
But back to my original point. Lebowits and Rosenberg are totally not connected in the least! Lebowitz is a convicted molester with no sign of remorse, that’s why he got 32 years in jail. And Rabbi Rosenberg is a community activist that helps abused victims and done mix these two things up.
Lebowitz can have 200 people davsening Yom Tov byhim and it still wont change the fact that he is a molester. Remember back when he was originally sentenced, the community a s awhole said: Yes we know he is a menivel, but 32 years is way too much! That was the overall agreement by everyone who knows him. I got some news for you! Rabbi Rosenberg also thinks it’s a bit too much, however if the man has no brains to say “I am sorry”  he will feel the consequences.
As Jewish people, we hope that he wont have to be in prison for 32 years but rather be able to lead a normal life as long as the Govt. has some kind of program to watch him that he stays away from innocent youngsters.
Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner roamed the community for 35 years and has molested thousands (Not hundreds) of kids and no one ever said Boo. It’s a sickness in our community that we love abuse AND FOR THAT we thank Rabbi Nuchem for speaking up , educating us, and teaching us how to deal with this filth. But the reason these guys end up injail is one reason only- They are convicted molesters!


  1. nuchem is a looser! the holy kmarna rabbi is free from jail!!

  2. Don't blame the people for not knowing what's really going on.

    They're getting brainwashed by the lebowits talking points.

    Give them the facts & let them come to conclusions.
    stop with the nuchem talk already, we get it, nuchem is right, but that's not the point, you should focus on BML.

    1. BML is not out, he's under house arrest on a quarter of a million dollars bail.

    2. The charges haven't been dropped, he has 120 days to convince a court that he has grounds for appeal.

    3. The testimony in question were not on the charges, it was a testimony on BML's character, he didn't get any prison time for that but it was the reason why he got the maximum sentence.

    4. If his conviction is appealed he'll have another trial without the testimony in question.

  3. I am not even sure that you believe the nonsense that you write, you make very little sense and you fabricate the lies as well as your hero does. Hopefully you will have the same ending as he does.

  4. glad your back!

    ~ Sara

  5. Thanks Sara, and thanks for the great work you do as well

  6. This mega chazer is just out that anybody who doen't knnow him should know him