Monday, April 4, 2011

Breaking news – With details

Ladies and gentleman, as you recalled we posted an article last week and we removed it shortly after as we needed to serve the victims request of protection and understanding.
As we did some investigative work, we have discovered the complete story of the abuse and it’s not pretty.
Gabe (Gavriel) Webber (He is the guy that married his mistress not too long ago after his ex-wife caught him with her) was found guilty in “Family Court” of molesting a family member for a period of time when the kid was a minor.  
Despite showing up in court with strong lawyers and an All-Star legal team, he was found guilty of the charges. Furthermore, the Criminal court system is now taking up the case and will continue indicting him on the above mentioned charges.
There is still a whole “Side-Bar” to this story as the Monroe “Tznius” police were trying to protect this guy due to financial benefits.  (Stay tuned for Rabbi Nuchem’s hotline for full details)
Raboisai! It is very unfortunate that we can’t disclose more details, as we need to protect the victim and its family but Gabe the least you can do, is stop running around and saying that A Porto Rican guy did it and the school is blaming you because they don’t want  a lawsuit on their hand.
Are you for real? Is this how you’re going to defend you despicable action? This is your way of taking responsibility? Is this what the million dollar lawyers were able to come up with best? Is this “Vitriol’s” brain storm of an idea?
No one ever looked at you while you were breaking up marriages and marrying  girls you had extra marriage affairs with, but when it comes to sexually molesting minors, there is no looking away there.
Rabbi Nuchem has said numerous times on the hotlines. He will never, and never did expose someone JUST for having affairs with hookers and shiksas, but to when it comes to abusing little children, there is no letting-up!
Plenty more details on the horizon….. It has just begun

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